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1. I got quite a bit done yesterday, including finishing up three things I was a little behind on.

2. I finally caught up on the last two chapters of Tegamibachi and D.Gray-man. Um. Spoilers for both ) Gahhhh! I had two chapters of each because I'd been too busy to read when they came out last month, but now I have a whole other month to wait!

Daily Happysong:

Madonna - Revolver
I just heard this for the first time today (had downloaded it ages ago, but just now got to listening) and instantly fell in love with it. Sooooo catchy!
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D.Gray-man is back! Sort of. There was a 50 page chapter in the summer issue of Akamaru Jump, and apparently it will be serialised in Jump Square starting in the December issue (which is put out in November). Jump Square is a monthly mag, so hopefully she'll be able to keep to that schedule and there won't be any more hiatuses.

November seems like such a long wait, though! D:

Spoilers for ch. 187 )


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