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Fujita Kazuhiro "The Black Museum Springald" - 1.5/5

I bought this one-off because of the awesome cover, which looks like a worn old book, but unfortunately the actual story isn't that good. The main story is about Spring Heeled Jack, and it's interesting enough except for the part where the bad guy is drawn as really effeminate and he's upset (to the point of being murderous!) that a woman has changed the man he admired/is obsessed with. Of course he's not stated outright to be gay, but he doesn't need to be. It still comes off as homophobic, and left an unpleasant taste in my mouth. The second story (an adventure featuring the niece of the guy in the first story) is just boring. (The art was also considerably worse than the main story (whose art I did like quite a bit).)

There doesn't seem to be any translations of this, fan or pro, but you're not missing anything, really.


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