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Title: From 701 Goushitsu
Author: Fujisaki Kou
My Rating: 1/5

I used to read a lot by Fujisaki Kou and vaguely remembering her as being one of the better BL writers at the time, so I was curious what I would think of her now. She does rely really heavily on a lot of annoying BL tropes, especially physically (her semes are always really tall and muscular and older, the ukes are always short, thin, and younger, and she usually has one light-haired and one dark-haired, because God forbid the pairing both have the same color hair!), but one thing I do like about her stuff is that her ukes enjoy sex. Even if it's their first time and they're not sure about it or even think they'll hate it, they end up loving it right away, no crying and protesting.

As for this particular volume, I honestly wasn't that thrilled with the stories. There are four, focusing on two different pairs (which is her usual method, IIRC). The first two stories are about a guy who starts having sex with his brother's friend because he thinks the friend is after his brother. It turns out that the friend had a bet going that he could get this guy to sleep with him, so of course there are hurt feelings and angst and then finally they realise they both like each other and get together for real. It's a cliched plot and not one of my favorites, but over and above that, I really disliked the uke saying he could no longer get it up for anyone else because the seme had "made him this way". Ugh. Also the uke was rescued from a gangbang by the seme and then comforted with sex, which again, really cliched and not a favorite of mine.

I liked the second set of stories a little better, because while it was also a cliche, it's one I like: fuck buddies who start having feelings for each other. Unfortunately, I really didn't like the way it played out, so I still didn't enjoy it that much.

Title: Hadaka no Shougun!
Author: Fujisaki Kou
My Rating: 0.5/5

The first story is about two cousins competing to see who will take over as head of their family's ryokan. I wasn't that into the plot and one of the guys raped the other because he just lurved him so much and couldn't hold back! *eyeroll* At least the guy who got raped was angry, but of course in the end they still got together (and his anger seemed to be more about thinking the other guy just wanted him for sex rather than the fact that he'd been, you know, raped).

The second story is about a guy who puts an ad in a magazine for a sugar daddy and specifies no sex. I could totally get on board with this plot if it were written differently! I like the set up, but the execution, ugh. He thinks the guy who answers his ad is using him as a stand-in for his dead lover, because his friend saw this guy leaving flowers by their school everyday. But no, it turns out that the flowers were really for him, and this guy had a crush on him for years and never said anything. In fact, he'd been taking pictures and had a bunch of albums of stalkery photos. And of course this was presented as cute and romantic (though weird). Not only that, but he continued his stalkery ways once they were together!

I had downloaded two others that were new to me, but after reading these, I decided to skip them. My tolerance for BL is just not as high as it used to be.


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