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Title: Clover
Author: Chiya Toriko
Number of Volumes: 24
My Rating: 3.5/5

I originally started reading this because I caught a chapter in a monthly mag I picked up (not one of my usuals, so I didn't know any of the stories). The chapter I liked turned out to be a side-story about the main character's little sister, and the main story was totally different (the side story was about a high school girl in a relationship with her tutor; the main story is an office romance). But I kind of got hooked anyway, in a vague way, and kept reading it. It's enjoyable, but there's nothing out of the ordinary about it. I would recommend it to people interested in longer josei series, as there are not that many of those out there (especially as long as 24 volumes). While the main guy, Tsuge, is the sort of jerk with a heart of gold type that I'm not usually that fond of, he did grow on me (and he does eventually repent of his jerky ways, which I guess is the point for fans of this type, the big "yes, I was a dick, I love you, please don't leave me, I'll change my ways!" scene), and I really love the rest of the cast. This has loads of female characters and a big focus on female friendship, which is always a big plus for me in romances.

The first few volumes are available in scanlation, but I would be really, really surprised if such a series ever got licensed in the US.
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This is not a manga I normally post about because I don't think many people outside of Japan really know about it, but I happened to mention something from vol. 22 in a previous post and got a comment asking for a summary, are super detailed summaries (seriously, like over 1000 words each *headdesk*) for vols. 22 and 23 for anyone who might be interested.

Vol. 22 )

Vol. 23 )
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I seem to have done a lot of reading yesterday and today. Catching up on my massive backlog, yay.

Kaze no Uta wo Kike is Murakami Haruki's first novel. I'm glad I didn't read this first, because I may never have read anything else of his. It's okay, but I was just kind of bored. Apparently there are two other books (Pinball something and something with sheep in the title) that make up this trilogy (though they also stand alone? This one does, anyway), but I doubt I'll read the others. I have a couple of his later books (English translations), so I will read those, and hopefully they'll be as good as The Elephant Vanishes. Actually there were some stories in The Elephant Vanishes that were similar to this. Just really stories about nothing, and while that works okay for a short story, I don't think it works very well for a novel, even one that's only 150 pages).

Then I read vols. 10 and 11 of Evangelion. It was Evangelion. :p Apparently vol. 12 is to be the final volume. Hopefully that will be out soon. I'm curious to see if the ending is similar to the anime or movie or something else entirely.

Finally, I read vols. 18 and 19 of Chiya Toriko's Clover. There are a ton of manga called Clover, but this is not the one by Clamp. It's a ladies series about office romance. Pretty cute, but nothing spectacular. I am still enjoying it, but at the same time I'm getting to the point where I really want it to end because it feels like the author is just throwing in more obstacles to keep it going.


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