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Title: Otoko Onna Onna Otoko
Author: Abe Shuuji
My Rating: 1/5

Natsuhiko and Harumi are twins and have just started their first year of middle school. Natsuhiko is timid and shy and not very bright, and after just a few days of school, he's already been bullied so much he's threatening to quit. Harumi, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of Natsuhiko. She's smart, outgoing, brash, and she's already been suspended for fighting. If only their personalities had been switched, their mom says. Then Natsuhiko would be a perfect boy and Harumi a perfect girl. Well, that gives Harumi an idea and she cuts her hair and starts going to school as Natsuhiko, while he goes to school as Harumi.

Oh man, why do I get sucked into gender bender manga when I know they are going to be bad? It's like "genderswap" fanfic, where I know it will just enrage me with its gender stereotypes, yet I end up reading in hopes of finding a gem amidst all the crap. Well, this is definitely not a gem. The art is some of the worst I've ever seen, and not even in a charmingly bad way like, say, A Child's Child. Just in a "wow, this guy is a professional mangaka?" way, because it looks like some kid's bad anime-style fanart on DevianArt.

But I can suffer through bad art for a good story. This story, though, omg. Not only is there nothing in it that challenges the assumption that Natsuhiko and Harumi actually would be better with their personalities switched, because that's how boys and girls should be, but there is lots of skeeviness with other female characters (you can just hear the author's "Women! They're craaaazy!" or perhaps "Bitches, man"). And rape jokes. So many rape/stalker/creepy guy jokes.

And then as if all that wasn't bad enough, it just sucks on a storytelling level, too. It's a two-volume manga, and I don't know if it just got cancelled or something, but the last chapter just ends in the middle. It's not a real ending at all.


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