Jan. 5th, 2008 05:53 am
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Well, Bruce is officially hired. He goes in next Thursday and Friday for training and then starts working the week after. I'm soooooo relieved. What a great way to start off the new year. :)

I've been exercising every day, too, so that's been good. It's nice to be able to do the bike for half an hour and only get a little sweaty, even without the fan on. I thought about watching the new episode of SGA tonight while I exercised, but I didn't feel like taking the computer out there, so I just read a book instead. I'll put SGA on in a bit while I'm working.

Oh! I got an email back from that weirdo guy about the lyrics translations.

emails exchanged... )

I don't know whether he's telling the truth or not. I mean, how did some random guy just give him lyrics and money to pay me? I decided to keep the first album he requested on my queue simply because it has only a few songs on it and they look easy and I figure, hey, it's an easy update. But of course this other guy (if there is one) won't email me himself, because I've told him not to (and even if he does, I have him filtered to the trash, though maybe I should take off the filter to see if he actually does email).

I would love to just keep the money (only $10, but still), but Paypal is very "act first, never ask questions", and I don't want him complaining and then them doing something to my account. Better just to refund the money and be shut of it.

Oh, and [ profile] cocori, we got the cookies and stuff today, thanks! I've already eaten like half of them... ^_^;;
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Okay, so. You may remember my previous post about an especially obnoxious lyrics-requester. After that bit of fun, I set up a filter in gmail to send any further emails from him directly to the trash and promptly forgot about him.

A month or so ago I got an email from someone requesting an album. When I told them the wait would be almost a year, they said would I be able to do them quicker if they paid me. I said sure, and quoted the usual three for $10 price. They also requested another album at the same time. They said they'd leave most of the songs on the queue, but would pay for three. Now, at the time I was not at all suspicious, because I could see someone wanting to get some favorite songs done faster, but not wanting to pay for two whole albums. Also it never crossed my mind that this guy would pretend to be an all-new person in order to get translations from me. But. The "leave some on the queue, get three now" thing is what he had done twice before. This is important.

So with the first album this person requested, I found the lyrics myself. For the second album, they said when they requested it that lyrics for it were very hard to find and that they had them uploaded to a blog. Again, I was not suspicious at all, because many people provide me with Japanese lyrics, saving me the trouble of searching on my own.

This is the blog. It has one post, the one with the lyrics for me to download. I did not pay attention to this before, but now it seems suspicious. Also suspicious is that it is in some sort of Scandinavian language. The guy from before was Norwegian.

I took the person's word that these lyrics were from an album called Youko no Omoide by Nagayama Youko because I had no reason to doubt them. Why would they make something like that up? So I just added the album to my requests queue and went on my way.

Now tonight I am doing the songs they requested. Two from this album and one from the other. I start poking around trying to get info on this artist and album, because I need it for my site. The thing is, this album does not seem to exist. Okay, I am still not suspicious, certainly not thinking it's this guy from before. Maybe they just had the wrong album title or it was some Chinese compilation version (though it would be odd for it to have a Japanese title).

So I looked to see what other albums these songs might be on, to see if I could find one with a matching tracklist. Except these titles don't exist either. Well, now I notice something strange. The titles seem to be just part of the first line of each song in some cases. That wouldn't be too strange for one song, but for a bunch?

So I type in a bit of the lyrics to Google and...the songs? Are actually by the artist this guy had a hard-on for and wanted me to translate!

So now I am totally suspicious, because I can't think of any other situation in which someone would lie to me about the artist, title, and album, except that it's someone I banned from making requests who is trying to trick me into translating these songs anyway!

I am just floored at this guy's determination! What the fuck, man.

So I emailed him, not accusing yet, just saying um, these lyrics do not have the proper title or artist and the album title you gave me does not exist, what's going on? We'll see what he says. If anything.
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[ profile] cimorene111 says If you're calling guys gay because they cuddle and kiss their friends, wear feather boas, cry, love shoes, talk with their hands, love show tunes - even if you're saying it because you LOVE them for it, because you love that they're that gay - you're reinforcing the very cultural norms and stereotypes which they're fighting against.

She's talking about bandom here, but seeing as how it was the rampant stereotyping that made me start hating SGA fandom, I think it's applicable across the board.

And since I'm linking to a rant, here's one of my own. As you may know, I run a lyrics website. I take requests for song translations. These go on the end of the queue and are first come, first serve. There is currenly a one-year waiting list. Yeah. So I have told a few people that if they paid for me to translate their request, I'd do it sooner. It's just a token price, really, three songs for $10. But it gets me some pocket change and they can get their songs faster. Most people are happy to wait.

Recently I got this one guy who requested lyrics. He paid for three and then had some others put on the queue. After I did the first batch, I got about three or four emails from him questioning my translation of words and phrases and asking my interpretation of the song. First off, I am not in the business of interpretations. I translate the song and it's up to the reader to interpret it as they wish. But even more annoying was the questioning. I really hate when people know a few words and think that means they know better than me. If you think you know Japanese that well, translate the damn songs yourself. But you don't, right? That's why you need someone else to do it, right? So quit pestering.

Then he asked for a second batch of three. I told him I could do it, but it would probably take a couple weeks because I was in the middle of the script from hell and not having much time for my site. Well, as you know, the script took longer than I thought, so I didn't even do an update this past Sunday. He emailed me yesterday saying "the lyrics aren't up on your website yet". I emailed back and said I would try to get them done today. I then ended up sleeping for a good deal of the evening because, you know, I'd been getting 3-4 hours sleep for the past week or so, and now I woke up to another email saying "the lyrics still aren't up on your site".

So fuck that. He paid me the $10 so I'll do these lyrics, but I told him I would not do anything else for him, paid or unpaid, and took his other requests off the queue. I don't need to deal with that kind of constant harrassment. Oh yeah, and I forgot another thing. After I did the first batch of lyrics, he then had the gall to complain that I put them on my site. Apparently he thought his ten fucking dollars meant he should get them for himself and no one else could see them. Dude. I run a lyrics website. All lyrics will go on the site. You paid for my time in translating them. And it's a token payment at that. Dickwad.
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Subtitle: God, why do I do this to myself?

I got an email yesterday asking for lyrics and translations of several Ellegarden songs.

All of which were already on my site.

So I emailed back, telling him so, and suggesting he might want to actually, you know, look at the site in future before making requests (less likely to annoy me and less likely to come off looking like a moron - two birds with one stone!).

He emailed back this evening, asking for Shounan Kaze. He made it sound like an Ellegarden song. I was pretty sure I had their entire discography, but I poked around Wikipedia just in case. Sure enough, no such song. So I checked to see if it's another artist. Yep. Sure is.

So I asked him if he meant the artist, explained there was no such Ellegarden song. He emailed back saying yes, he meant the band. Could I add "their song jurenka. And some of their other songs too". The song in question is actually Junrenka, but whatever. I told him to please be more specific if he wanted other songs. He said "all their albums". Which is, admittedly, more specific, but still annoying. He also complained that it was "a long time" when I said his request wouldn't be added til November (though now that he changed his request to albums, it's been bumped up to December 31st and January 6th).

And yet despite all this, I did in fact find and bookmark the songs for two of their albums (the third, I could only find half the lyrics for, so I told him I couldn't find any lyrics for it).

Did I mention Shounan Kaze are rap?

I think I deserve an award.

(PS. I don't know why I have tags for "lyrics" and "stupid" when the lyrics posts are inevitably about stupid requesters...)

Oh, people

May. 22nd, 2007 08:34 pm
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A recent translation request, presented for your amusement. Formatting is as close to the original as I could get it.

translated these somg 4 me plz n ty

Aa! FIRST KISS and Aa! masyiume

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Okay, I typed some of this up for Ryan and figured I'd expand upon it and post it. This is probably helpful to all of three people on my flist, but whatever. Maybe you will never search for lyrics yourself, but are still curious as to the process I go through to find the lyrics people request, or maybe you're just bored.

Loooooong )


Nov. 1st, 2006 05:20 am
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Okay, man. If you have a romaji lyrics site, please, for the love of God, learn Japanese.

I went there to check something on Tokyo Jihen's Service lyrics because in order to get the lyrics on uta-net, I'd have to type in Japanese in JWPce and then c&p in the search bar, so it's easier to use a site with the name in English. But God, that site just seriously makes me ragey whenever I go there.

Okay, yes. Because Japanese does not put spaces between words and is an agglutinative language, there are many times when there are multiple ways you could split things up when writing in roman letters. However, that does not mean that there is never any right way. Splitting up a single word in the middle, for example, is just not on. You can't say that 体 is "kara da" or "ka rada" any more than you can say body is "bo dy". It just doesn't work that way. Sorry.

So I don't care how much you say in your FAQ that your unique special way of romanising is correct and no one should correct you, it's wrong.

朝飯前 is either asameshi mae or asameshimae. It is not asame shimae!!! If you are providing romanised lyrics, then the purpose of them is either for people to be able to sing along, or for them to try and translate them themselves when they can't read Japanese. In either case, they are going to be thrown off by words split up strangely. Asame shimae is pronounced differently than asameshimae. And if they tried to look up those two words in the dictionary, they'd get no results at all and make up something strange like "dying the cow's butt red" (actual mistranslation from another song).

And 超現実主義 is chougenjitsu shugi. Or you could run it all together if you like, since it is indeed run together in Japanese. However, it's a compound made up from two words: chougenjitsu and shugi. NOT chougen and jitsushugi. That's nonsense.

Oh my God, I should just stop looking, but I keep finding more and more mistakes. シュールレアリスム is shuururearisumu. How do you get shuururu arisumu from that? Not only is it misspelt, but it shows you know absolutely nothing about Japanese because the damn word is surrealism, which is clearly only one word.

Jesus. If you don't know at least basic Japanese, don't run a fucking lyrics site.
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Someone requested this song for translation and all they could find me was romaji, which was absolutely horrible. Completely gibberish. They sent the mp3 as well, and I was able to make out most of it, and make guesses for the few bits I couldn't quite hear.

What I've got now makes sense, so I'll just go with this if no one else can hear it any better, but if you can take a listen and note if anything sounds really different, especially the places I wasn't quite sure, that would be brilliant. The bits I'm unsure of are in italics.

Sayuri - Fake Moon

Through here )

And just for laughs, here's the romaji she sent me.

Dear God, this is bad... )
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Someone emailed me today asking for the lyrics to a Sailor Moon song. I was unable to find Japanese lyrics for it anywhere, so as a last resort, I looked to see if I could find romaji lyrics.

I found this. Wow. Really horrid romaji. I can tell what she means and could reconstruct it properly, but when it's that bad, I don't trust them not to have left something out completely, so I emailed the girl back and asked if she had an mp3 I could listen to.

She didn't have an mp3, but she linked me to this video on youtube. Apparently the song is from the live-action Sailor Moon. That clip kind of makes me scared of fansubs. The portion of the song that's translated is almost entirely wrong.

And yet, it's still miles better than the translation included on the site I linked to. That one is so painfully wrong, it's like that that girl with the really bad Arashi translation (which I see she's now taken down, though ahahaha, she's written a song in Japanese and it's wretched, plus wtf, she can't even romanise her own lyrics correctly? Did she just run it through babelfish to get it or what?).

I looked at the webmaster's profile and she's eighteen and has taken Japanese in high school and now is studying it in college, but she hasn't a clue. I mean, I'm not even sure where she got a lot of her translations. Obviously she has no concept of Japanese grammar and verb conjugations and such, but surely even just looking up words in the dictionary should have given better results than this.

Even though this should technically not be uploaded until Sunday's update, I've gone ahead and done so, just so you can compare. Here's the romaji and translation.

I think my favorite bits are:

"I have a little bit of bad cream to cover
your smiling face's shine"

which should be:

"I didn't really like whipped cream
But with your smile, I was able to eat it"


"You say there's no special reason
Why is the wind around you warm?"

which should be:

"There's no special reason
But for some reason I could be myself with you"

There's not a single line in that song that's translated correctly. I'm not even talking possible alternate meanings or wordings. It's just wrong, wrong, wrong. And yet she has sixty-three "translations" up on her site, complete with a long rant about people stealing and how she'll be forced to take legal action.


Jul. 13th, 2006 03:56 am
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Okay...this is possibly the weirdest and most annoying person I've ever had request lyrics.

wtf... )

So there's your daily dose of wtf.

ETA: And here's the response... the wild fang request is my younger
1st he ask me to ask u usin my mail, n then after he know the long
wait, he thought that by many wild fang request u will quicken the time
to add wild fang...i think its up to u....i think its better in really sorry 4 the inconvinence...


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