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1. I have started using Read It Later to save stuff for linkspams. I have been using Read It Later to save episode reaction posts for TV shows for ages, so I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use it for other things until just now, but it is turning out to be very handy.

2. I really love this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic. There's a giant chicken and a giant deep fryer and they're best friends and every day they hug so hard delicious fried chicken pops out! XD Don't forget to hover over the red dot for a bonus panel.

3. Also today's Penny Arcade.

4. Carla grilled some hot dogs today and I put leftover curry on mine and omg they were so good. *_*

5. Despite not getting enough sleep and having the back pains, I feel like I was pretty productive yesterday.

Daily Happysong:

Morning Musume - Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night
This is probably my all-time favorite Morning Musume song. It's just so peppy and fun.
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Here are some things. Some are happy, some are not.

1. The author of the [ profile] lgbtfest fic I talked about last night has apologised and said she is open to criticism. I plan to write something up detailing the problems eventually, but I don't feel like I can deal with it right now.

2. I did leave a short comment for another author whose fic [profile] azsapphire posted about here. The fic on its own is okay, but the header has "R for adult topics such as transgender and transsexuality" which made me D:, and the prompt is about asexuality, yet no one is asexual in the fic. I got a response back, and they have agreed to change the headers, but I don't even know what to do with the asexuality thing, because their response is basically erasing asexuals and feels like it's totally going against the spirit of the prompt. :(

3. [personal profile] musesfool is thinking of running a sort of reverse bang challenge with mixes. I think it sounds really neat! I doubt I would participate as a writer, but I might make a mix.

4. I forgot to post this in my happiness post last night, but I love this desi!Sam & Dean comic by [personal profile] glockgal.

5. [personal profile] pulchritude posted some neat pics of people celebrating 端午 (Duanwu).

6. I like this post from [personal profile] such_heights:
Why is it that when it comes to anti-oppression issues that people suddenly get grumpy about things being all over their flist? I don't complain when my reading list is full of nothing but pictures of people's cats. (Disclaimer: I love looking at pictures of people's cats, it's a hypothetical example.)

When something comes up in fandom that affects me, I am always very grateful that there are other people who can give my feelings voice where I can't. And I'm also grateful to the people who signal boost, who linkspam, who chime in their agreement that what's happening is wrong, or call out problems in the framing of the discussion. The support is directly felt and directly impacts my experience of fandom.

7. Also there were so many good posts I saw re: [community profile] hc_bingo and ablism and I was going to make a links post but then felt overwhelmed and just deleted it all. D: But I really liked this post by [personal profile] dirty_diana and this one by [personal profile] kaz, especially this: "rather than the hurt for a wheelchair using character being "I'm in a wheelchair!", the hurt being the wheelchair using character realises the venue for something they really really wanted to go to isn't accessible, or a stranger treating them as if they're five, or something like that".

I also have seen several people saying in various posts and comments that what would be really awesome is more fic about people with disabilities where they aren't some problem to fix, they just are (and of course in some fandoms this is common, if there is a canonically disabled character). And as much as I love issue fic, I have felt the same re: transfic. I love fic about coming out to oneself and to others and all that jazz, but the reason I am determined to write all transfic for [community profile] kink_bingo is that I want there to be more fics where it's not about the issues, where being trans is presented as normal to these people, not something that needs to be remarked upon.

8. I have shipped Ryan North/Joey Comeau for a long time and stuff like this is totally not helping! Canadian web comic creators is totally going to be one of my Yuletide nominations. :D

9. A few things about the recent racefail:

A. [profile] bridgetmckennit contacted the mods of SPN/J2 Big Bang suggesting that in the future they might want to make "Don't exploit tragedies and/or people of color's cultures for the background of a 'romantic' fic between two white guys" a rule, and they replied back saying "We're not going to across-the-board censor what people create."

I checked the rules post for the fest. Following is a list of ways the mods already "censor" what people can create:
1. Stories must have a minimum length of 20,000 words. There is no maximum length.
3. The central story element must focus on characters from Supernatural OR on Jared and/or Jensen.
3a. In Supernatural fics, at least one character must be a canon character (one seen on-screen). Any Supernatural pairing is allowed.
3b. In RPS, any pairing is allowed, as long as either Jared or Jensen is one of the central paired characters.
FOR EXAMPLE: Misha/Jared or Jensen/Genevieve is allowed, Misha/Genevieve is not.
ADDITIONAL: Yes, you can write a menage or "moresome" as long as Jared and/or Jensen is part of that grouping.
6. AU's are allowed. Crossovers are not.
8. Stories must be beta'd.

But they're not willing to ask people not to be racist.

Yes, I am totally judging them.

B. I really loved this post by [ profile] furiosity about how if you really don't want to have to worry about causing other people pain with your fiction, there are plenty of places in fandom that will welcome you.

C. Similarly, this post by [personal profile] muccamukk is about how saying "I'm never going to write PoC!" is such a cop-out because white authors write PoC all the time and nothing happens. Whether they write them well or crappily, the vast majority of stories do not provoke this sort of reaction. Only the most egregious do, and even then many often fly under the radar. It's not that big a risk.

10. I feel like I should have a 10th something to make it even, but I appear to have run out of tabs that I had open, so.
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1. This is a list of LGBT characters in superhero comics. Almost all of them are killed, tortured, or both. It's pretty sickening to read.

Here are some of my "favorites":
Hailed by Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada as the new example of Marvel’s open policy toward gays in their books as “the star of Marvel Team-Up.” Quesada went on to say, “We’ve had more gay and lesbian characters appearing in Marvel comics than ever before.” Marvel Team-Up #24, three weeks after Quesada’s comments, features Freedom Ring, his finger sliced off and then graphically killed with 28 spikes impaling him, including one through the groin and protruding from his anus. Series cancelled with issue #25.

In series “the Boys,” a superhero police force kills hero Blarney Cock, and upon his disembowelment, a gerbil crawls out of his anus. The Boys also blackmail gay heroes with gay sex surveillance photos. (“The Boys,” issue #6)

Sidekick to Batman-like hero Red Hawk in “Powers” superhero group “The Unity.” Admitted his crush to his mentor and was severely beaten by him, arm broken, and hospitalized. Given a check for 750K and forced to sign a confidentiality agreement to leave the group in dishonor following the incident.

Lesbian member of Marvel’s New Mutants. Raped as a girl by Thai pirates. Possessed by villain The Shadow King. Kidnapped and disfigured. Reappeared as grossly obese, too fat to move on her own.

2. 50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice is an article about Elements of Style and how it's full of mistakes. Very interesting. I've never read or had to use Elements of Style, so I had no idea.

3. This is an awesome parody of an entry on [ profile] wiscon which appears now to be deleted. But even without the original context, it's a great post.

I have a confession to make - sometimes I am uncomfortable around white people. [...] My school didn't have a single white person in it. I was always warned to be careful about US-ians, because they would try to sell you corn syrup Coca-Cola and capitalist free-market ideology and sexually promiscuous movies with dead or evil black and brown people. And when I am surrounded by large groups of them, even when they are well-meaning and friendly and nice and interested in the same books I am, I still have an irrational fear that they might colonise me.

The comments are great, too. There weren't that many when I first read it, so I've just gone back to catch up and omg, I'm dying. Especially this thread.

4. I feel like there were a bunch of other things I'd seen and wanted to link, but now I've forgotten. :-/ I can't wait for that bookmarking feature on DW! (I suppose for the time being I could save things I want to link with Read It Later, but I am so used to only using that for TV reaction posts, I never think of it. I should, though.)

5. I'm still thinking about the [community profile] dark_agenda racebending revenge challenge. I realised that my original idea won't work for the fest (though I still hope to write it eventually). It was based on [personal profile] bossymarmalade's half-Indian Watson, but since he's passing as white, it wouldn't fulfill the challenge requirement of making a difference to the story. It would be backstory and internal stuff.

So I was trying to think about what I could do instead (in my copious spare time!) and since I'm writing (going to be writing) about Ellen and Jo for [ profile] lgbtfest, I started pondering them and have tentatively settled on writing about Jo as Asian-American (I'm leaning towards Japanese-American, because it amuses me to have a name similar to Harvelle, like Harabe or something, and I don't think I could get that close with Korean or Chinese names and am not familiar enough with other Asian last names to even try). We all know about Dean's skeevy love of Asian porno mags, so how would he react to this Jo? I wanted to explore her crush on Dean and her conflicted feelings about him maybe (probably) just liking her because he has an Asian fetish. And also I think even in canon Ellen must have gotten flack for being a single woman running a bar out in the middle of nowhere, but I imagine as an Asian woman, she (and Jo) must have gotten even more whorehouse/geisha comments.
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1. This webcomic is awesome! [personal profile] iambickilometer said it was very Kate Beatonish and I agree. I have never read a webcomic that was a story rather than just stand-alone jokes, but the second comic and the cast list totally sold me.

2. But speaking of joke comics. Here are some that amused me today:

xkcd: A rolling alligator-filled wall of flame!

Wondermark: Not actually a comic today, but an awesome "Ask Gax" post, with one of my favorite characters, Gax the space lizard.

Cyanide & Happiness: LOL Shredder.

3. I don't think I have ever recced anything from in a way that wasn't "omg this is so horrible, you must read it!" but this parody of Nifty fic is actually pretty well-written* and totally hilarious.

"Got it. Well, Frat Boy, I assume you know what we are all about.
We've all suffered humiliating encounters at the hands of other men.
It helps to talk about it," said the support group leader. "It also
helps to write about your experience in a text file and upload it to
the Internet for people to read about for years to come."

"Yeah, I did that," said Closeted Jock. "It helped."

"Closeted Jock, maybe you could start the session by telling your
story," said the group leader.

"There is not much to tell," Closeted Jock said. "Only 18 chapters or
so. Basically, it all started when the coach found evidence that I was
gay. Some drawings and stories and stuff that I had in my locker."

The others shook their heads in knowing understanding.

"Yeah," Closeted Jock continued. "He threatened to blackmail me with
it, unless I did everything he said. So, I had no choice. I had to
become his sex slave."

"It was all you could do," said Basketball Captain.

*The author is a little unclear on punctuation here and there, especially regarding dialogue, and really does not understand the meaning of the word cunnilingus, but compared to most fic on Nifty, this is high quality.

If you can't tell, it's a parody of what I call "porn logic". If you've not been on my flist long, you may be unaware that a couple years ago, I translated a ton of low-budget hentai anime and visual novels. I found some old posts where I talked about the plots of some and found this gem:

After a while, he confides in his mother-in-law, who comes up with the perfect solution. You see, the problem is that he's inexperienced and lacks the self-confidence to win over his wife. So, like any good mother who only wants what's best for her daughter, she decides to teach him about sex and women to build his confidence.

You know. As you do.

Porn logic!

4. I got my kink bingo card! Feel free to offer suggestions. So far I've only got two solid ideas, and those are for ones I already had started writing.

5. Got another two drabbles done on the post-apocalyptic fic.

Daily Happysong:

Arashi - Kitto Daijoubu
So bouncy and fun!
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1. I feel like I've had some really good fanfic-reading luck lately. Sometimes I forget that I actually like fanfic. It's a lot harder for me to find stuff I really love with fic than it is with books. I know for a lot of people it's the opposite, but it is just a lot harder for me to figure out from the info fanfic headers give whether or not I'll like something. And reading stuff that's badly written or that's just not my thing makes me feel meh about the whole venture.

I was in just such a slump after my initial Holmes love. Having exhausted the first recs I found, I was reduced to poking at comms and there is no better way to make reading feel like a chore than to have to search through comms or archives hoping to find a summary that piques my interest (especially since fandom generally feels summaries are optional).

But recently I have really hit a string of awesome fics. I feel excited about fanfic! It's a nice feeling.

2. I have been listening to music as I read tonight. I have it turned up a little more than I usually do. I usually have to have it pretty low or I get distracted by love for my favorite songs and can't focus on anything. Reading is okay for having it a little louder, though. And having it louder means I am constantly overcome with how much I love these songs on my five-star playlist. Each song comes on and I am just like WOW. These songs are so awesome! I will have to turn it down in a bit here (after posting this!) so I can actually concentrate and get some work done.

3. I got this really awesome salad dressing at Trader Joe's the other day! I am too lazy to go in the kitchen (well, mainly it means taking off my headphones) and get the exact name, but it's something like spicy Asian peanut dressing. If you have a TJ's near you, you should try it out! It's really, really good.

4. [ profile] mcshep_match! I got a spot on Team Work. The team filled up in two fucking minutes. O_O I knew I had to be there right on the dot to get in, because it's gone very, very quickly in years past, but two minutes is definitely a record. I had my signup into already typed up and read to past in the comment box and I commented as soon as I saw the page (was refreshing the comm rather than waiting for it to show up on my flist) and was third. I immediately refreshed the page and there were like fifteen more people.

5. This made me laugh so hard today: How to Make Showering Awesome Again. Have some quotes:
If the mere sight of a loofah sends you into a gender-confusion-driven, psychotic rage, you need the Shower Hammer!

You no longer have to endure the fluffy, girly bullshit of loofahs. Fuck loofahs. The Shower Hammer makes you clean with violence!


If you've ever wished that your showers were more reminiscent of caged death-matches, then you might be interested in our Gladiator Genie Soap! Gladiator Genie Soap works just like regular soap, but it contains an evil spirit that will attack you mercilessly as soon as it is summoned

When you begin lathering up, the friction you create will summon the genie contained within the soap. The genie will attempt to crush you with its teeth and/or defeat you with magic. If you want to survive, you must fight the genie to the death.

Daily Happysong:

Christina Aguilera - Woohoo (feat. Nicki Minaj)
I heard this song on youtube and it was so damn catchy I actually created an iTunes Store account and paid $1.29 for it when I couldn't find a download. I tried to find it on Amazon first, because the iTunes Store interface annoys me (why can't I order from a website, Apple? What if I don't want to use iTunes itself to order shit?), but no dice. That is how much I wanted to have this song. A lot.
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There have been three more fills posted for the transfic fest!

Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women by [personal profile] dagas_isa (Dead Like Me, intersex!Daisy, layers)
For Now by [personal profile] lady_ganesh (Star Trek: FTM!Chekov. It's easier if they just think he's baby-faced)
Tolerable by anon (House MD, Wilson, she's pleased to note that House is no less intolerable)

And here's some other interesting stuff:

[personal profile] thingswithwings: things annoying me lately
Rantings about healthy as code for thin, the patronising attitude of pro authors when talking about fanfic (even in supposedly positive terms), slash fans' squeeful reactions to male actors' homophobia, and how kinky and plotty are not mutually exclusive descriptors.

[personal profile] sholio: *gets can opener, opens can of worms*
What does shipping mean to you? Also discussion about whether you characterise characters differently in different pairings.

[personal profile] damned_colonial Body image and geek gatherings... summary of results & And because I'm feeling cranky and a little snarky
The first is self-explanatory. The second has some interesting (and somewhat infuriating) discussion in comments about how "polite" wording can sometimes end up being unclear.
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1. I think there are things I was supposed to be doing last night? Instead I was reading Iron Man fanfic and looking at Sherlock Holmes fanart. In particular you need to see Holmes' Moving Castle, My Neighbor Sherlock Holmes, and My Neighbor Sherlock Holmes 2, which, as you might guess, are Holmes and Watson in various Ghibli scenarios. In one of them HOLMES IS A TOTORO. WITH FUCKING SUSPENDERS!!! I don't even. I have no words. I am dead of cute. Also you should watch this video.

2. Mint Oreos are super good. Why have I never had these before?

3. We discovered an awesome new store! It's called, I think, Farmer's Choice and is right next to the Trader Joe's we usually go to. I had seen that it was going to be coming in soon and was surprised that they would open a market right next door to TJ's, but as it turns out, it is a produce-only market, and since TJ's is not really great for produce, they're not really in competition at all. And they have really great prices! We ended up getting ten ears of corn, a whole pineapple, four large apples, and a package of dates for $7 total.

4. Since we had corn, we stopped in TJ's and got some hamburger patties and Carla grilled them up along with the corn. I made bacon and there was still some leftover guacamole in the fridge from whenever it was she made it, so I had a guacamole bacon cheeseburger. And grilled corn! Which we now have a ton of leftover, and whenever I want some I can just toss it in the toaster oven and it will taste like it just came off the grill! :D

5. It's raining! And even better, it didn't start raining while we were out running errands or while Carla was grilling. Best kind of rain, the kind that is totally not inconvenient!

Daily Happysong:

No Doubt - Don't Speak
I am really not a fan of Gwen Stefani's solo career, but I love No Doubt so much. This is still one of my all-time favorites.
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Oh hey. Here is another links post while I procrastinate on remix (I am thinking about my story! This is a crucial step!) and fail to write anything I promised to write for 3W4DW.

The transfic fest has still been pretty slow, but there have been a few fills since last time, continuing to broaden the fandoms represented (I can't wait to write up stats at the end; I think we have almost as many fandoms as we have fills, and almost all are new to the master list as well).

Act by anon (Dead Like Me, intersex!Daisy, layers)
Heartbeats by anon (Sailor Moon, Mizuno Ami, competence kink)
Racecars by anon (Sailor Moon, Haruka Tenoh (she comes across as genderqueer to me), an incident in her childhood that made her wonder if she was different than the other girls)
Untitled by [personal profile] hiddenheart (Merlin, Merlin/Gwen, more in common than they realized) [fill is Mallory canon, not Merlin the TV show]

Speaking of the end of the fest, I hope people will continue to come back to the prompts and write stuff. It needn't be as a comment, though I would ask that you leave a link to wherever you do post it. I will be making up a list of prompts (both filled and unfilled) and posting it sometime next week. I will also be posting a complete list of fills. (And if you repost to your journal or AO3 or a comm, please drop me a link so I can have a nice copy to link to on my master list!)

Other stuff that's been going down the past few days:

[personal profile] damned_colonial: Mercedes Lackey's and Jim Butcher's fanfic policies, and how Creative Commons does/doesn't work
Some authors are not being asses about fanfic, but they are failing to understand what the hell Creative Commons is and how it works.

[personal profile] mllesays: random catch-up
Interesting discussion about Lewis Carrol and his possible pedophilia. I pretty much agree with everything [personal profile] melannen says in comments.

[personal profile] noxie: Sherlock Holmes Friending Meme
What it says on the tin!

[personal profile] telesilla: More and more, as a reader, it's all about how I engage the text.
Talking about how the desire to write fic correlates with how much she likes a text.

In response to a defense of fanfic that said people who write fic "have real jobs; it's not like they're sitting there on assistance writing fanfic".

I get that the person who said that meant it in a "not everyone who writes wants writing to be their job" kind of way, but that's not the way to say it! People who are unemployed (whether on public assistance or not) can also not want writing to be their job, and that's okay, too. Making poor people justify themselves is never okay, though.

[personal profile] sabinetzin: ignorance here is less than bliss
Talking about not being suited to writing novels, among other things. I can definitely relate there.

[personal profile] the_future_modernes: On the myth of atheists being less than people of faith
About depictions of atheists in media.

[personal profile] loligo: Why I Have Not Yet Written Little Women Epistolary Femslash For My kink_bingo Phone Sex Square
This is very, very interesting! I would love this story if the author ever did write it, but I was also interested to learn that Louisa May Alcott may have been queer. I had no idea!

[personal profile] gloss: This is like Vanity Fair, by Sam Peckinpah.
Dear fandom: please stop insisting kinkmemes are magical places where you don't have to be responsible for your harmful actions.

[community profile] green_living is a new community that looks interesting.

Also there have been a bunch of interesting posts going up on [community profile] queering_holmes:

Changes in Sherlock Holmes fandom over time
Irene Adler's crossdressing and - bisexuality?
Asexual Holmes?
Queer womanhood in the late C19th
Holmes/Watson - the pairing as type or trope
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1. Ooh, I think I may be getting back on my regular sleep schedule. We'll see how that goes.

2. Guys, guys! There is a new Watsons strip on Hark! A Vagrant! This is so exciting I don't even! There are things I want to say and yet I don't want to spoil it. XD So...highlight for my favorite bits: "I need you to babysit stupid Watson." "Holmes gone!" "Gay Watson!" "Holmes!" I kind of want to make icons of the last three panels.

3. I have been exposed to a lot of truly atrocious professional badfic thanks to people on my flist who are willing to read and review things like that, but I think this may be the best yet? I mean. How can you beat "The effeminate albino pursed his thick lips in that certain way to suggest he was male, but homosexual"? I...I don't think you can?

P.S. I found it on this site about bad book covers. It was submitted by the guy who painted it! XD

Daily Happysong:

Amigo Dance (Shinee vs. Lady Gaga)
This is a mashup of Lady Gaga's Just Dance and kpop boyband Shinee's A.Mi.Go by my favorite mashup artist Masa. Both songs are awesome on their own, but they work really, really well together.
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1. Pizza for lunch! It got here about fifty minutes after they said it should arrive (an hour and twenty minutes after we ordered!), but thankfully it was still hot, so I guess they were just busy. Better than it having been sitting in the guy's car for all that time. Also Carla walked over to the gas station and although they were out of Mountain Dew Throwback and did not have the new Distortion, they did have Voltage, which is my other favorite Mountain Dew flavor, so yay! :)

2. I really want to try these Poco Dolce Bittersweet Burnt Caramel Toffee Tiles. Sadly, according to their website, they're $34 for 16 or $18 for 8, and they look to be about 1.5" square, tops. D: But! There appears to be a shop in Santa Monica that sells them, so we might take a walk up there some day and see if they sell individual squares. I would still cringe at the price, but at least I would only be spending a few dollars. Plus the shop is three miles away, in an area of town we don't often frequent, so it would be both a nice long walk and new scenery.

3. I have been listening to my five-star playlist a lot yesterday and today and just loving it. :) Yay, musics!

4. I admit I don't really understand the point of Steam, but the site has Portal for free until the 24th. I've been wanting to try Portal for a long time because it sounds really fun, but was stymied by my hatred of keyboard-controlled computer games. However, since it's free, I decided to take a chance. As expected, the controls are absolutely horrid, but I will give it a few more tries to see if I can get used to it better.

5. Norway's Eurovision contestant looks like the lovechild of Adam Lambert and John Sheppard. Freaky! (And kinda hot.) Is he their mpreg baby sent back in time from the future to save the world through europop? Only time will tell.

Daily Happysong:

Ben Folds - Annie Waits
I think Rockin' the Suburbs is one of my top favorite albums ever. And this is one of my favorite songs off it.
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This is the last week! I am going to miss this fest like mad, guys. People are posting so much awesome content on DW. I really hope there isn't a huge drop-off next Monday. XD

Hopefully I'll be posting some more content of my own later today, rather than just more link round-up stuff. *crosses fingers*

First off. Diana Gabaldon (again). She apparently deleted her three posts about the horrors of fanfic, but I found out via [personal profile] dira that she's made a new post wherein she talks about how she gave copies of her novel to the Doctor Who actor whose character her character is based on. Considering her books have this character getting graphically raped, it's pretty much the equivalent of those fans who try to give their slash or porny manips to actors. And yet she totally does not see her actions in those terms at all! D:

And speaking of people who are totally blind to their hypocrisy, according to [ profile] yuki_onna, Jasper Fforde thinks fanfic is stupid and doesn't understand the impulse. This is a man whose entire career has been built on fanfic! What on earth does he think fanfic is?

And the rest, in no particular order:

[community profile] agonyaunt is a comm for discussion of various "Dear Abby" type columns. I never read those myself, but I've so far found the discussion to be pretty interesting.

[personal profile] naraht: Classical composer RPF: the profic version
Is there really any differnce between RPF and historical fiction? Certainly cases like this don't seem any different to fanfic.

[personal profile] jonquil: Science fiction and me
Interesting post about why sci-fi doesn't do it for her anymore.

[personal profile] tinnefoil: do futanari and genderswap have a place in femslash?
There hasn't been a lot of discussion, but it's an interesting topic.

[personal profile] sanguinity: There Are Some Battles That I Do Not, Will Not, or Can Not Fight
About being closeted and judging yourself more harshly than others.

[personal profile] shewhohashope: In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night
About some really racist shit going down in DC Comics.

[personal profile] thefourthvine: Professional Writers vs. The People Who Love Their Work, Round Umpty-Snout
Why am I even linking this? Is there anyone who's not readint TFV yet? She is one of those super talented people who can write about anything and make it funny. (This is obviously about the whole fanfic debate.)

[personal profile] snarp: Diana Gabaldon is too insane to exist; maybe she doesn't?
Despite the title, it's not really about Diana Gabaldon. I think this best sums up the post:
Anyway, when I am an awesome best-selling writer who everybody loves, I think I want to have some sort of license saying, "You can write fanfic and make fanart and even sell it in small zines if you want, as long as such sales (of my work and other persons' using the same or a similar license) do not make up more than $x000 a year or x% of your income. I agree not to steal shit wholesale from you and put it in my books, but in return you agree not to sue me if I make Spoonbeam and Deathle make out and you think it's totally just like your story. If I ever bitch about your charity auction, you are allowed to hit me with one of those big foam stick things in public. You can call my publisher to make arrangements. Or call Diana Gabaldon's publisher. Just to see what happens."

[personal profile] helens78: reading a series/successor authors
How do you read series? Do you reread previous books when a new one comes out?

[personal profile] helens78: like, respect, care for (on relationships and also on main-ing vs. alt-ing)
Being monogamous does not mean believing that monogamy is The One True Way For Everyone.

[personal profile] helens78: I don't always want your reality. Sometimes I want the what if.
What it says on the tin! "What if?" is the point of fanfic. So what if it's not canon.

[personal profile] damned_colonial: War in the porn / porn in the war
Interesting post about military fandoms (including those that don't seem, at first glance, to be military, such as Sherlock Holmes).

[personal profile] damned_colonial: Real life geek gatherings and body image
An interesting poll if you go to cons.

[personal profile] hope: Scripty goodness: Fanfiction Header Builder
This is so awesome! No more typing up headers every time by hand!

[personal profile] trouble: Ignore Them And They'll Go Away
About online bullying of people who write social justice blogs.

[personal profile] bookshop: Fannish spaces, girls, and the culture of silence
Thoughts on slash fandom and how the erasure of women is connected to the silencing of women IRL. (The LJ mirror (linked in the DW post) has a lot more discussion, but beware: it also has a lot of horrid OH JOHN RINGO NO comments.)

[personal profile] bookshop: Silence, consent, rape
Good Rape Culture 101 post.

[personal profile] eleanorjane: Roleplaying and Fanfic, or why GRRM makes no sense to me
George R.R. Martin hates fanfic, but is totally down with RPGs set in his universe. [personal profile] eleanorjane explains why this makes little sense.

[personal profile] ajnabieh: Dressing Your Best Post #1: In Defense of Mom Jeans
I would argue that mom jeans represent the rejection of one of the major aspects of performing femininity in public: that women have the duty to be attractive (to me) at all points in time. [...] Except if you're a mom. If you're a mom, [...] you're already doing important social work--work that labels you as appropriately female, by the way. You don't have to be hot--you don't have to be a woman. You can just be a mom.

[personal profile] cereta: Responsibility
I believe that personal responsibility is as much about taking responsibility for how you treat others as it is about protecting yourself.

[personal profile] inkstone: And for a change of pace: A complimentary word about LJ
Discussion about how no, really, unlike the claims some people are making, not everyone assumes that going to someone's hotel room at a con is an invitation to sexytiems.

[personal profile] bravecows: Not on pro authors who hate fanfic
Talking about writers who got their start in fanfic.

[personal profile] fairestcat: Consent Challenge
"A celebration of consent in all its infinite variety."

[ profile] telophase: VERY IMPORTANT POLL
Not on DW, but I had to link it. This is a very interesting poll and discussion about how people carried their books in high school. Apparently there is a big gender divide. I had no idea. I honestly cannot remember how anyone carried books, not really even myself.

And now, writing!

The transfic fest has really, really slowed down, but I'm hoping there will still be some more fics before the end of the fest (and more prompts, too! I am totally planning on saving up interesting prompts for future writing). I hope to write at least one more myself, but I have Remix to worry about, too, argh.

There have been three new fics, though:

Once Upon a Time by [personal profile] busaikko (Harry Potter, mtf!Dudley)
This Heart's Still Solid Like a Knife by [personal profile] eisen (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Chrome Dokuro, this has nothing to do with Mukuro; this is about me)
Untitled by [personal profile] rushthatspeaks (Baccano!, Claire Stanfield, performance)

And also one piece of art! [personal profile] sqbr drew this based on that Sense and Sensibility fic.

In addition to wanting to write something for the transfic fest, I also have a partially written fic for another fest that I now don't know if I'm going to finish in time. It's one of those things where I have it written out in my head completely, but am struggling to get the words down "on paper". (Can't really talk about it because it's supposed to be anon.)

I also have another fic I want to write that is inspired by a prompt on [community profile] ladyslash, but is really not similar enough to the prompt that I feel I could leave it as a fill. Also I don't have time to do it now. But! I want to write a Community fic about Shirley.

The prompt referenced the episode where Shirley and Annie were security guards and it made me think, what if Shirley knows about buddy copy tropes? What if she reads slash? She would, of course, be one of those slash fans who thinks it's all well and good in fiction, but is immoral IRL. But what if she were using it as a way to sublimate her own attraction to women? And telling herself she likes it because it has two men, twice the hotness, so of course she's not a lesbian!

So yeah, basically I want to write a fic about Shirley coming to grips with her sexuality and what that means for her as a Christian (maybe learning to be a little less judgemental of everyone else!). I don't think I'd actually want it to be pairing fic. She and Annie were cute as buddy cops, but Annie is so young. I don't really like that pairing. And I'm not fond of Shirley/Britta, either, so it would mostly be gen with OFCs.

Any interest?
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The transfic fest has slowed down a little over the past few days. I hope it's just a mid-fest slump! I know I have several more I want to write myself, but have just been too antsy to sit down and write anything lately. :-/

Here's what's been posted since the last roundup:

From the Desk of Bubbles: Things I Will Keep on Doing as a Boy by [personal profile] dagas_isa (Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles, maybe they would take him seriously if he were a tomboy like Buttercup, but Bubbles likes being sparkly and femmey and that's not going to change now that he's IDing as male)
Her Own Life by [personal profile] ambersweet (Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, Identity)
They Tell You by [personal profile] ambersweet (X-Men, any student at the Xavier School. "Everything changes but you.")
Uncertainity Principle by [personal profile] lienne (Any fandom, any character, a character doubting their gender identity when they find themselves same-sex attracted) [Iron Man]

And there are lots of new prompts! I've recently left some Middleman and Pippi Longstocking prompts that I'd love to see filled. :D

While the fest has been slower, there has been no shortage of other stuff to link. Not all of the posts linked below are specifically for 3W4DW, but they are all interesting!

I'm sure you've heard about the whole thing with Diana Gabaldon and fanfic (funny thing is, I would have no idea who she is without fandom; I have never heard her name or seen her books outside of fandom). [personal profile] bookshop has a couple good posts about it. There's also I grew up here: a short rant by [personal profile] lightgetsin, popsicle stick houses by [personal profile] helens78, Why I write fic... by [personal profile] facetofcathy, and [personal profile] wintercreek is making a list of authors who are okay with fanfic. And here's one non-DW one that's still a good read: [ profile] sheafrotherdon's Stones. Glass Houses. News at 11.

Oh, and this is not DW, either, but you should totally read it and stay away from this author! In Book rant ahoy!, [personal profile] sholio warns us about a book called Pigs Don't Fly by Mary Brown, which includes this lovely passage:
"[Your mother] didn't want a pretty daughter to rival her, so she did the only thing she could, short of disfigurement: she fattened you up like a prize pig, so that only a pervert would prefer you. Now you are all you should be."

Mmmmmmm misogyny AND fatphobia. My favorite! And that's the hero speaking, btw.

Now back to your regularly scheduled DW roundup!

7 Fancy Schmancy Things I Ate that were Worth the Exorbitant Amount of Money I Paid for It and 7 of My Worst Cooking Failures by [personal profile] starlurker
I am really enjoying his "seven things" series. :D

Way to be elitist xkcd by [personal profile] gorgeousnerd
This comic pissed me off, too. Getting something better than what you had before is exciting, period. That includes when that something better is still "old" by technology standards.

Two By Two (But My Hands Are Not Blue) or, Integrity, Why/How, and What Does That Mean by [personal profile] recessional
This is an excellent post that does a really good job of explaining what things like "warping the story" really means and how to avoid it.

bratz dolls and appearance politics by [personal profile] cesare
Why do Bratz get so much more flack than Barbie?

Pain and the Problem of Description; or, Retching and Realism by [personal profile] rachelmanija
Having characters throw up from pain is lazy shorthand. Write better!

[personal profile] starlady Samurai Champloo & Historicity
I haven't seen Samurai Champloo and am not a huge fan of samurai anime/manga, but this was an interesting essay.

[profile] helkemaria and [personal profile] yvi have posts about schooling in Finland and Germany, respectively. I love reading about school systems in different countries.

I wrote a post on [community profile] the_comfy_chair discussing [personal profile] telesilla's fic, Living Is a Gamble, and how it puts an SGA-spin on a common trope. Come on over and join in the discussion!

On [profile] queeringholmes, [personal profile] damned_colonial wrote a review of Graham Robb's Strangers. I am still in the middle of reading this book, but agree wholeheartedly with the review.

[personal profile] dingsi's "You're So Sexy" Meme will now be allowing anon commenting, but in a way so that the anon comments are first seen and approved of by the mod rather than going straight to your inbox. That way if there's trolling, it can be dealt with before you see it.

[community profile] ladyslash is having a commentfic meme! "If it fits in a comment and it's got ladies loving each other, we want it!"

[personal profile] flummery has commentary on their Doctor Who vid to Flobots' Handlebars. I am really not a big fan of vids. They just don't hold my attention well. But I loved this vid and I love this song, so even though I'm not a Doctor Who fan or a vid fan, I really liked reading this commentary about how they made it.

And last, but not least, [personal profile] amadi is taking suggestions for starting up a community for cooking for folks with limited spoons.
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1. I finally finished going through and rating all my Ayu songs. Maybe I will get that discography post written up for today.

2. I love this xkcd.

3. [ profile] lgbtfest started posting Saturday and there are already four transfics! I have been adding them to the master list as they're posted, so they're right there at the top if you want to check them out.

4. Carla got her Mac back from the Apple Store yesterday and the DVD drive seems to be fixed, yay.

5. This was on Ugliest Tattoos, but I think it's great. XD

6. This 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Comic Book Characters post on Cracked is pretty horrific. OH COMICS NO!

Daily Happysong:

Flame - Bye My Love
Flame were a Japanese boyband who got started around the same time as Lead and w-inds. but never really got that popular. They had some pretty catchy songs, though.
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Here's what's been posted on the transfic mini* fest since the last round-up:

Midnight Heart by [personal profile] cesare (Stargate: Atlantis, mtf!Rodney/mtf!Jennifer, missed opportunities/jealousy at a partner's early transition)
Sharing by [personal profile] bluflamingo (Star Trek Reboot, ftm!McCoy & Kirk, even when the physical transition is easy, explaining it to your best friend when that best friend is Jim Kirk? Not so much)
Untitled by [personal profile] cypher (Shadow Hearts, Yuri Hyuuga, Kurando Inugami, questions.)
Untitled by [personal profile] odditycollector (Doctor Who, mtf!River Song. Prompt is under the spoilertext: They locked her up for killing a man)
Your Logic Is Flawed by [personal profile] glinda (Big Bang Theory, Penny, Leonard reacts just the way Penny thought he would - badly; it's Sheldon's reaction that's surprising)

Also, [personal profile] eisen made a totally unrelated post that happened to mention Powerpuff Girls, so I went and left this prompt:

Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles, maybe they would take him seriously if he were a tomboy like Buttercup, but Bubbles likes being sparkly and femmey and that's not going to change now that he's IDing as male

Someone's going to get on that for me, right????

*With 8 pages, 500+ comments, and 25 fics, it's hardly "mini" anymore! O_O This has exploded so beyond my wildest imaginings, guys. :DDDDD

Other stuff that's been happening in DW-land in the past couple days:

[personal profile] rilina is collecting nominations for silliest anime/manga names. There's some really great stuff in there.

[personal profile] kate has an SGA friending meme.

This post by [personal profile] scrollgirl about how various characters address John in SGA is from before 3W4DW, but I hadn't seen the really interesting discussion in comments about possible naming customs on Sateda before.

[personal profile] dingsi has a "you're so sexy" meme. Put in your name and people will comment as to why you're sexy/attractive/beautiful/amazing. Comments are screened while people put their names in, and everything will be unscreened for commenting on the 5th. No anon comments allowed.

[personal profile] mumblemutter is running Video Killed the Radio Star, a fest for fics based on music videos. I don't know how I missed seeing this earlier. Maybe I thought it was some sort of vidding fest from the title? idk. But Sing Me Spanish Techno is on the list and I may have to write a fic based on that, because yeah. I love that vid to bits.

If you like podfic, you might be interested in [personal profile] carolyn_claire's post about genre fiction podcasts.

[personal profile] busaikko wrote a really awesome John/Ronon teen runaways AU. Teyla runs a halfway house for boys!

[personal profile] eruthros talks about how kink_bingo got started.

[personal profile] eumelia has a post about "tolerance" and how damaging that can be, especially from family members.

And last, but not least, [personal profile] synecdochic posts about self-esteem.
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I got quite a lot done yesterday! And despite not getting any sleep the night before, resisted sleeping longer than a couple hours and so didn't get off my schedule.

Also this video of Maru is very cute!

Daily Happysong:

Beat Crusaders - Kibou no Wadachi
Punk cover of a Southern All Stars song. Really, really good!
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1. I did it! I did the three things on my to-do list I really wanted to get done! I wish I'd been able to do more, but at least I got those three done.

2. I had a nice night to myself. Carla had her weekly counseling appointment and went over to Alexander's afterwards for dinner & movie (I had considered going up to meet them, but just didn't feel like making the trek, plus I had so much to do) and stayed the night. I do enjoy having the house to myself once in a while. :)

3. Aliens vs Pooh is a pretty cool illustrated story.

4. I have almost gone through and rated all my Ayu albums!

Daily Happysong:

Aesop Rock - Coffee
I first heard this song in a Buffy vid and was immediately hooked.
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1. I wrote The Best Day Ever [The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon & Meemaw, 800 words] for the transfic fest as well as the other ways of saying "I love you" fest. I stayed up way late doing it, but I am so pleased with it and with having written a second fic so soon (and such a long one; I expected I would write mostly drabbles for these fests).

2. While I was writing that, [personal profile] gloss was writing a totally different Sheldon & Meemaw fic for the same prompt on the transfic meme. I love how a single prompt can inspire such different fics. This is absolutely wonderful and I love it so much.

3. I downloaded these Avatar icons and now my desktop is all Avatarised. So cute!

4. All the Wrinkled Ladies is an awesome fat-positive, aging-positive song to the tune of Beyoncé's Single Ladies. If you click on nothing else today, please click on that. (Even if you hate that song and/or Beyoncé.)

5. I discovered [community profile] a_gamer_is_me and posted about Lego games. Did you know there's a third Lego Star Wars game scheduled for October? I am so excited!

6. Carla had some Twitter friends over for dinner last night and there was all sorts of deliciousness. Calra grilled tri-tip in a Korean BBQ marinade and her friend brought carnitas and stuff. I love the Korean BBQ tri-tip so much I couldn't bear to use up any stomach room on carnitas (delicious though it may be), but I did want the fresh tortillas (warmed on the grill), queso fresco, and cilantro, so I made Korean/Mexican fusion wraps. Soooooo delicious! I had a couple more this morning for breakfast and they were just as delicious cold. But now the meat is gone. :( Though there is plenty of carnitas left.

There were also several tarts from Trader Joe's, including a rustic fruit tart topped with granola, which I'd been wanting to try for ages. It was just as delicious as I'd imagined! And because these friends weren't going straight home, they left all the leftovers with us. :D

Daily Happysong:

Golf & Mike - Mai Wang Gum Lung Ten
Thai pop! These guys are really catchy.
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1. I loved this hilarious video on how to speak Christianese. Those are totally words and phrases I grew up hearing all the time. (And by strange coincidence, the video is made by the church where my uncle used to be an assistant pastor.)

2. I had seen this linked by a bunch of people, but always with no context, so I never clicked, because the title didn't sound that interesting. But here is quote so you can see why you should click and read the whole thing:

If I come across a person who seems to completely ignore the existence of apostrophes and capital letters and types things like "im an eagle and im typing with my talons, so dont make fun of me cuz this is hard," I like to imagine that they actually are an eagle typing with their talons. It would be a hassle if you had to hop in the air and use your feet to karate-chop two keys simultaneously every time you wanted to use the shift key to make a capital letter. Also, eagles lack manual dexterity, so I can understand why they'd want to leave out apostrophes. Eagles are all about efficiency.

3. I scanned vol. 3 of Aozora Yell, which you can download here. Next up is 7 Seeds vol. 17. (Yes, all my raw scanning will be pretty random, as the whole point is this is stuff I haven't been able to find online.)

4. I went through my LJ and culled a bunch more journals and comms. I really want to try to cut down my reading there as much as possible once I no longer have a paid account. I want to cut even more comms and read them by DW feed instead, but DW's feed checker is broken (it says there is no feed even when there is one, so you're prompted to create a duplicate feed; I submitted a support request) so I'm holding off on that for now.

5. I guess my mom must have told my aunts (or at least one of them, but I can't imagine her telling one and not the other) about me and Carla, because I got a message on Facebook last night from my aunt saying "We just wanted to let you know that no matter what -- whatever you do -- we love you, accept you, and will never judge you in any way. Family is family, and life is too short."

So that makes me pretty happy. That is pretty much the sort of reaction I expected from her (though I was unsure how her husband would react). I would expect the same from my other aunt, too, but now that they have a kid, I don't know if that would change things (especially after Carla's sister's "don't ever go near our kids again" reaction).

I didn't tell my mom not to tell them, so I'm not upset with her for doing so at all. In fact, it's a weight off my shoulders, because I didn't know if I should tell them and possibly create conflict or hold off for a while. I do hope I hear something from my other aunt, though. If not, maybe I will email her myself.

Daily Happysong:

Ozaki Yutaka - Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni
I first heard this song years ago as the theme to a SMAP drama by the same name (something about them all being on a track team) and instantly fell in love with it. But that was back in the day before you could just download whatever songs you wanted off the internet, so it was years before I heard it again, and that was when I got a mix tape from a friend that happened to have that song on it. Anyway. Good song! Still my favorite by him.
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1. [personal profile] cesare wrote a great post about why Better Off Ted is an awesome show.

2. [personal profile] thefourthvine posted some hilarious "overheard on the playground" conversations.

3. I really liked this post about being a "bad trans person" and the ways in which the OP doesn't fit the accepted trans narrative.

Here's some for me:

-I have never felt suicidal because of being trans (or for any other reason).

-As a kid, I never told my mom I was a boy/wanted to be a boy.

-I played with My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake and Sylvanian Family as much as I played with Matchbox cars and Transformers and Star Wars.

There are a ton more, but I'm tired and can't think very well at the moment.

4. We got our Netflix Wii disc in the mail! Now we can stream stuff on the Wii and watch it on our TV!

5. I made splitpea soup and omg it is so delicious.

6. I updated my lyrics site for the first time in a month. -_-;;

Daily Happysong:

P'unk~en~Ciel - Feeling Fine 2007
This is L'arc~en~Ciel doing a punk self-cover of Feeling Fine, which was already one of my favorite songs by them, but omg this version is even awesomer. I love it so, so, so much.
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Um, obviously the biggest happiness is the relief at having come out to my mom. :D

But here are some other things that made me happy!

1. Lots of nice comments on my John/Ronon fic!

2. I got a comment on the Yotsuba&! fic I wrote for Yuletide a couple years ago asking if someone could translate it to Spanish! I think that's the first time anyone has ever wanted to translate one of my fics, so yay. :)

3. Cadbury mini eggs!

4. Almost caught up on Parks & Recreation. I am really liking it a lot!

5. This Dinosaur Comics is hilarious!

Daily Happysong:

Pearl Jam - Daughter
I love this song so much. I know it's not really a song about being trans, but the chorus of "don't call me daughter" being sung by a man is really powerful. (Plus Pearl Jam is just awesome in general!)


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