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1. Sundays are usually my day off, but I got asked to fill in for a cashier so I worked four hours in the morning. I would have preferred to sleep in and not work at all, but on the bright side, this means I have a half day Tuesday, too.

2. I went karaoke with Alexander in the afternoon and had a lot of fun.

3. I saw at the bookstore today that there's a new volume of Kimi ni Todoke out and was able to find it for download when I got home. I also found downloads for most of the volumes of two other shoujo series that looked interesting. And while I was looking for stuff to download, I figured I'd check and see if there were any new chapters of Silver Spoon since I last checked and there were seven more chapters!

4. I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home last night and got a salad there for dinner and it was so good! I can't even remember what all was in it, but I have to find it again. I also got some curried chicken salad and had that for breakfast and dinner today.

5. After we went karaoke, Alexander came back to the house and hung out for a while and watched me play Lego LotR for what ended up being like three hours. XD I don't usually play games in that long a sitting because I'm always conscious of having stuff I need to do, so I'll usually play a level and then turn it off. (I might do that several times a day, but still probably not add up to more than an hour total.) I don't like playing games with people (either competitively or cooperatively) but it's fun when someone's watching me play. And Alexander doesn't play games but he likes to watch, so that works out.

I finished the last of the storymode playthroughs, which meant I could now explore the overworld with ALL the characters and I basically walked all the way back from Mordor to Bree doing everything I could on the way. XD By the way, who or what do I need to break sparkling rocks and stuff?
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1. Thanks to [personal profile] omens I discovered the awesomeness that is Episode Calendar. You put in all the shows you follow and it makes a nice calendar with them. It can even send you alerts when a new episode airs if you want (though for myself, I think I'll just check the calendar). It's even got anime on there!

This is going to be so helpful for me. I have a hard enough time remembering which shows air on what nights and then you factor in all the random hiatuses and it just gets ridiculous.

2. I got a good chunk of writing done today. Switching my days off was definitely a good idea.

3. I also played more Lego LotR. :D I had another glitch that made me have to replay part of a level (my secondary character got caught in a wall and could not get out, even when I switched to that character to try to control him myself; I even tried killing him and hoping he would respawn elsewhere, but it was always that same spot). I finished the Two Towers and started on Return of the King. I'm at Eowyn vs the Witch King now.

4. I stopped at See's when I went to the post office and used the gift certificate I got for Christmas. :D
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1. I was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to make my [community profile] white_lotus idea into a story and every opening I tried went nowhere, but I think I finally hit on the right opening after much writing and deleting, so I think the rest should be easy.

2. Pretty much the only other thing did today other than write or try to write is play Lego LotR. ^_^;; But when I played the hide from Boromir stage again, it didn't lock up on me this time, yay. And then I played a few more levels and got to the point where Frodo and Sam meet up with Faramir. The swamp level SUCKS. Really no fun at all. And every time I stopped to bash some bushes or try and look around a bit, I got Gollum's "hurry up, hobbits!" over and over. :p

Speaking of which, it's interesting having a lego game with voices. I was not thrilled with the idea at first, but they are using it sparingly, and there's still plenty of lego overacting and silliness (like Boromir getting shot with an arrow, then a broom, then a banana, then a chicken!) that I don't mind the talking.
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1. Day off tomorrow!

2. I totally spaced on the [community profile] white_lotus deadline being tomorrow, but I was able to get an extension, yay!

3. I've been playing more Lego LotR and really enjoying it. Except tonight when I was playing the hide from Boromir level and got to the bit where you have to button mash to keep Sauron from seeing you and the game locked up so badly I had to just unplug it. :( (I also had a somewhat annoying incident not long before that, when I got to Lothlorien and I was approaching the map stone thingy and even though I didn't actually go in the place to make the story start, I somehow got sucked in there anyway, so I didn't get my map stone. Bah.)

4. I got caught up on One Piece! Now just Naruto and Bleach left to go.


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