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1. I slept in until about 1pm, so that was good. Unfortunately that seems to have pushed my late sleep schedule even further back, and it was already creeping further than I'd like. (Here it is 4am and I'm a bit tired but not like super sleepy, though I will at least get in bed after posting this, and see if that makes me sleepier.) However! The person who usually closes on Fridays is out tomorrow, so I have to stay till closing, which means I don't have to go in until noonish, and the same goes for Saturday and Sunday, and then I have Monday off and no morning plans, so even if my sleep schedule is terrible, I at least have the next four days in a row I can sleep in. :p

2. Carla happened to see (Japanese) curry on sale at the store today and bought some, so I made curry for dinner. It was delicious and now we have lots of leftovers as well, for easy meals.

3. I finished translating the first chapter of a new series I'm working on, and hopefully will have that ready to post within the next few days.

4. I played a bunch more Zelda tonight. Went back to the area just below the Great Plateau and picked up a couple shrines I'd missed, and that plus the one in Zora's Domain got me another upgrade. One of the shrines was by a stable I hadn't been to yet, and Hestu was there outside! So I was able to get another few inventory slots opened up, though I didn't have a ton of Korok seeds, and it seems that the fee goes up by one with each slot you add. I also found the Zora helm, and upgraded both it and the Zora armor. Now it's time to go get some shock arrows and a photo of a Lynel (and at least try to take him on, while I'm up there; I know I could just stealthily gather arrows and snap his photo and not actually kill him, but where's the fun in that).

5. Carla got some cute pictures of Jasper this morning.

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1. I posted more manga! I'm excited about that.

2. I had a ton of interviews today and I have a bunch more Friday and Saturday, so I didn't make any final decisions today, but I was really impressed with one guy and he seemed keen on the job, so I probably will hire him at least. (And he was one of the ones who answered the Craigslist ad, so that was definitely money well spent.)

3. I played some Zelda tonight and finally reached Zora's Domain! I also did like four shrines on the way, plus opened up Lanayru Tower. Oh, and killed a Hinox.

4. I get to sleep in tomorrow! The bad news is that the reason I get to sleep in is because I have to work until like 3:00am, so I'm going in around noon. But I'm still glad I get to sleep in, and also it means I won't be there for the morning delivery, which I hate.

5. Sleepy Chloe!

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1. I slept in until like eleven this morning. I don't like sleeping in that late, but I guess I needed the sleep, so that's good.

2. I didn't get as much translating done as I'd hoped, but I did get a lot of stuff done around the house, and I finished up typesetting Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni! and was able to post that.

3. I played a lot of Zelda. I had reached Hateno Village the other day and did a bunch of stuff there, so today I went back to Kakariko, talked to Impa again, and did a bunch of stuff in and around Kakariko that I missed the first time (I basically spent no time there the first time because idek, I was just impatient, I guess). Then I warped back to Dueling Peaks Tower and went down the river road that eventually leads to Kakariko and Hateno.

When I first went from the tower to Kakariko, I just powered on straight through the mountains, and while I did find one cool thing there (Hestu!) I also missed a bunch of stuff I would have found otherwise, so today I got a couple shrines, did some stuff around the stables there and got a horse, and then started following the road back to Hateno just to see what was on that route.

I like travelling on a horse in some ways because it's faster, but I'm much less likely to stop and explore while I'm on the horse, so I might go stable it after a bit.

4. Chloe and Jasper were so cutely cuddling this evening!

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1. I had some urgent stuff that needed to be done by today and I knew if I did it at work, I'd be constantly interrupted and it would take me all day to get done, so I just worked from home this morning and then went in in the afternoon.

2. Tonight after work there was a surprise going-away party for one of our long-time cashiers who's quitting, and I went for a while and hung out and it was fun. (Though between that and going out to both lunch and dinner on Wednesday, I feel like I have had my fill of socialisation for a long time.)

3. Between work and the get-together, I had a couple hours to relax and play Zelda! I got some stuff accomplished and then died a lot trying to do this sidequest of killing monsters on Hateno Beach. I need to rethink my strategy or leave it and come back later. I did finally figure out how to get rupees, though! All that junk I've been collecting along my way can be sold for money! Nice. So I bought some new clothes (I still had the shirt and trousers you get right after waking up) and refilled my arrow stash. I wish Hateno Village had a weapon shop, though, because I am out of decent weapons.

4. Cutie Chloe! Everyone loves the morning sun on this carpet.

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1. I slept in until like 10:30 this morning! Lately I don't tend to sleep in much, even on my days off, so that was nice.

2. I wanted to get a lot of translating done today, and that didn't happen, but I did get a chapter of one thing done and made some progress on another. And I posted some manga, too, which is always nice.

3. The reason I didn't get much done today is because I sat down to play a little bit of Zelda and ended up playing for like three or four hours. *headdesk* I finished the last shrine on the plateau, then made my way to Kakariko Village, which took fucking forever. Oh my god, this world is huge. HUGE. O_O I completed one other shrine on the way and tried out the one where you have to execute a series of special moves on a robot dude, and after trying and trying and not having any success, I just noped out of that one for a while. I did the sidequest with Hesta's maraccas and got my inventory expanded. I headed out towards Hateno Village, got the tower on my way (that was a pain in the ass), and then finally called it a night after getting assigned the blue fire quest.

The more I play, the more I'm liking this game, though I do miss the dungeons. Are there proper dungeons at some point? I like exploring and all the other stuff, but the dungeons are the best part of Zelda and I'll be a bit bummed if there's only the shrines.

4. This sweet little kitten!

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1. The Switch arrived this morning and before setting it up, we decided to pull out the TV cabinet and get things tidied up (and also vacuum behind it, because it never gets vacuumed back there), and now not only do we have a snazzy new gaming system, but things are also nice and tidy and looking much better over there.

2. Zelda is a lot of fun so far. I still prefer the old-school style of Zeldas to this "realistic" type, so I really hope they make another one for the 3DS, but this is still fun. I did the first two shrines and got to the ice one, but by then it was getting late so I just saved my game at the door to the shrine. I've seen other people talk about some warmer clothing, but I missed that opportunity and instead just cooked up a bunch of peppers and ate those to keep me warm through the snowy area.

3. Look at this cutie Jasper face!

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1. Alexander came over tonight and since he still hadn't seen the most recent Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we watched it again and it was so good! Again! :D Definitely one of my top favorite episodes.

2. Today was my early day at work, and while I don't think I'll ever love having to go to work at 6:30am, I do like being able to leave mid-afternoon!

3. I have the day off tomorrow and aside from going out with my mom in the morning, I have nothing planned and am just going to stay home and relax! (And hopefully get some translating done...)

4. I've got to the point in Triforce Heroes where I have quite a lot of the special suits and it does make replaying the levels a lot more fun (and a lot easier in some cases). I highly recommend the Rupee Regalia. I didn't think it would really give you that many more Rupees while wearing it, but it really, really does. Whenever you find a rupee, it's doubled, and you are way more likely to find higher denomination rupees while wearing it. So you can just go around town and cut down bushes and make like 500 rupees in one go. (Makes it easier to buy all those other outfits!)
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1. Had a nice relaxing day off.

2. We grilled this evening. Kalbi and chicken and corn! Lots of delicious leftovers. Also I made a jello no-bake cheesecake, so we have that, too.

3. I haven't been playing Minish Cap for the past week or so because I got to the point where I just had a few last things to collect before doing the final dungeon and it was sort of annoying stuff (trying to figure out which kinstone fusions I was missing, getting the figurines, finishing the cucco game, etc), but today I finally got all of that done, so I'm ready to beat the game! (Though I just decided to give up on the figurines. I have about ten left and it would require so much grinding to get the shells necessary to get them. Bleh. I might play a bit of Dark Hyrule Castle and see if I get some rupees and then leave the castle and get more figurines or something, but otherwise I might just skip it, even though I hate not getting all the heart pieces.)
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1. I did a lot of cooking today! I'm planning to have a nice Christmas Eve meal for myself, including the (hopefully delicious) Christmas cake I ordered from work, and one of the things I wanted to have was these cheesy potatoes. But I also didn't want to cook something big like that after coming home from work, so I cooked it today. And then I realised that if I wanted to take more baked goods for people on Christmas I really ought to do that today, too, so I made magic cookie bars and the potatoes and that was a lot of work but now it's done and I have lots of tasty stuff! There's not going to be that many people there on Christmas and I plan to take small squares of the magic cookie bars so there will still be like half the pan left for me. XD

2. I also played a lot of Zelda today! For my second dungeon I did the one that gives you the blue mail, so that cuts damage in half. I'm pretty sure the Hero Mode enemies do more than twice the amount of damage, so this doesn't quite put me back to "normal" but at least it means I'm not in danger of dying from just a couple hits. I also have found enough maiamais to upgrade six weapons and I've got the first sword upgrade, too. And tonight I beat the third dungeon, so just four left to go! I'm trying to do them in a different order this time, both because now I know which dungeons have which items in them and can prioritise that and also because I just wanted to make it a little different even if nothing in the game itself is actually changed.

3. I saw this awesome SNL Christmas song on Facebook:

I didn't think they could top Dick in a Box, but maybe they have?
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1. I played more of Hero Mode in A Link Between Worlds tonight and am really enjoying it! You really do have to be a lot more careful, though, especially at the beginning, because just a couple hits can kill you. I didn't die at all when I played the game in normal mode, but I've already died three or four times (including twice after renting a ton of stuff from Ravio). D: So I'm going around and getting all the heart pieces I can before tackling anything. I haven't even done the Tower of Hera or House of Gales yet, but I've gotten two full hearts. I also activated the maiamai quest right away so that I won't have to do as much backtracking (but Ravio doesn't offer to sell you stuff until after you've done two dungeons in Lorule, IIRC, so it'll be a while before I can upgrade any weapons).

2. It feels like I haven't had a Friday where I could just stay home and do nothing in a while. I don't have any plans tomorrow except maybe to go to the store or go out to dinner or something, but nothing involving other people or waking up early, so I'm excited about that. (Especially since it's almost 3am already, oops.)

3. I took the bus to work today because it was raining and when I came out of work to go home, the bus was right across the street and the light was red, so no chance of me getting it (as soon as the light turned and I was able to cross, the bus would go). So I was resigned to sitting in the cold for however long it took for another bus to come but then a rapid showed up after just a couple minutes! The rapid doesn't stop as close to my house, but it was only sprinkling by then not raining really hard, so I didn't mind a bit longer walk if it meant I didn't have to sit at the bus stop forever, especially since I had groceries with me.

4. I took my lunch to work every day this week and didn't go out to eat for dinner at all, either. Plus almost all the food I ate was stuff I already had at home rather than new stuff I bought, so I feel good about that!
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1. I have been meaning to gather more songs for my winter playlist at work but just never doing it so there is still only the six-ish hours I brought in, plus about an hour's worth that someone else brought. But tonight Irene uploaded another two and a half hours of songs she had, so now I can take those in tomorrow and continue procrastinating on finding songs myself! XD (Haha, what I really need to do is just go find a bunch of covers of classics like Nagoriyuki and Christmas Eve, because you can never have enough.)

2. I FINALLY BEAT THE OCTOROK BASEBALL MINI GAME!!!!!!!! This is so exciting, guys. I really thought that would take me a lot longer than it did, but I played it about ten more times today and finally got it!

So with my full twenty hearts and all my upgraded gear I was ready to take on Yuganon and finish the game! But I don't want it to end so I've been only playing a little bit. There is a save spot right outside Lorule Castle and the way it's set up you can easily go out again after beating different areas, so I keep just playing one area, then going out and saving and putting it down for a while. I still played a lot of it tonight, though. I might beat the game tomorrow, idk. I don't want it to end. :(

ETA: I couldn't resist! I played the rest of it after writing this! XD Spoilers ) I did start another file in hero mode, so we'll see. I've heard it's really, REALLY hard.

3. I ordered Irene's Christmas presents and the one last thing I was getting for my mom so now my Christmas shopping is all done (lol I only have two people to shop for so it's not a lot to begin with!). My mom wanted a couple books that were not available with Prime, but I'm hoping they get here by Christmas (or by the day after, since I'm not seeing her until Friday) anyway. I also got her season one of Hannibal (which is what I ordered tonight; the books I got last week), which she had been wanting to see. I can't remember if it aired at a time when they had something else going on or some other show they watched instead or what, but she couldn't watch it when it was airing.

4. Recently I've been thinking about what baked goods I want to take in to work for Christmas and I think I will do chocolate chip pumpkin muffins again, maybe the Saturday before Christmas, and then something on Christmas day as well for those of us who have to work. I was thinking maybe magic cookie bars for that, so today when I went to the store I bought all the things I would need for the muffins and magic cookie bars and then that made me want to make magic cookie bars today, so I did. (I have enough stuff for a second batch, though!) There are a lot of delicious desserts out there, but really not much can beat magic cookie bars, IMO. (I make them with butterscotch chips as well as chocolate, though, as that's how my mom always made them when I was a kid. Also no walnuts because YUCK.)

5. I didn't really do a lot today, but I slept in and had a nice relaxing day off. :D
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1. I slept in until noon! That was nice.

2. There was horrible traffic on the way to the doctor's but then I realised I didn't have to sit in traffic, I could just get off the bus and ride my bike! I wish I had thought of that earlier, but at least I thought of it eventually and saved myself some annoyance. :p (And even though I was a little late getting to my appointment, the doctor was backed up with previous patients and I still had to wait, so I would have only had to wait more if I'd been on time.)

3. The doctor only would let me up my prescription a little bit, but I guess that will have to do. I did get a refill at least.

4. I played a bit of Zelda today. Got my highest score yet on the annoying baseball mini game (76!) so I live in hope that one day I will score 100+ and get that heart piece. I also played through most of the ice dungeon and it was as awful as I thought it would be (I hate ice levels). But I think all I have left to do is beat the boss so I will probably do that tomorrow. Then I guess all I will have left is to fight Yuganon! (Though I definitely want to get that last heart piece before that!)

Not sure if I want to try Hero Mode after I beat the game. I hear it's really ridiculously hard.
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1. Another busy day at work. I'm still keeping on top of things, though. Not able to clear out my inbox each day, but at least consistently getting most of it done and not letting it pile up.

2. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (follow-up with the endocrinologist to maybe get my prescription increased) but it's not until 3pm so I can still sleep in a lot.

3. Every week there are two bento specials at my store, usually one full-sized bento and one side dish. This week's side is fried gobo and I got some to take home for dinner and it was SO GOOD.

4. There is a new Candy Crush expansion called Dreamworld! I played the first ten or so levels yesterday.

5. I played a bit more Zelda today and am down to just one last heart piece that I need. As I knew it would be, it's the stupid octorok baseball mini game. I just find it really, really hard to tell where I'm aiming. :( So far my highest score is forty-something and you need over 100 to get the heart. ;_; On the plus side, I did beat the Treacherous Tower twice and got Spoilers ) My rupees are maxed out at 9999 now, too. ^_^;; (Oh, I also threw a kazillion rupees in the fairy fountain south of Kakariko Village in Lorule to get the prize there. (And then all the rewards from the Treacherous Tower got me my rupees back in no time.)) I think there might still be one treasure hunter puzzle I haven't done yet (the dash one). Even though I don't need rupees, I will probably still do it just to have done everything.
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1. Zelda! I'm so close to the end but I don't want it to end! I finished up the Dark Palace tonight, got the rest of the maiamais, and two more heart pieces. Spoilers )

2. I get to sleep in tomorrow, yay.
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1. I slept in until 1.30! That was nice. I think I got to sleep between 2 and 3am so it was probably about 10-11 hours of sleep compared to the usual 6 or so I get on work days. (Some people can get by on six hours of sleep a night but I am really not one of them. And yet I really struggle to go to bed earlier. :-/)

2. I walked down to Pollo Loco for a late lunch. I was looking through the coupons I had and found they have a new dessert and there was a coupon to get one free if you buy $5 or more. They call it Mexican S'mores and it's a chocolate tortilla wrapped around melted chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. It was pretty tasty, but honestly if I'm going to get a dessert there I'll stick with flan. For one thing, this was huge and I was already pretty full after my burrito so I couldn't finish it all.

3. I put up my Christmas decorations. This year, like last year, I'm not really doing much. I put up the tiny tree I bought last year, which just sits on the chest out on the living room, and I put a string of lights on it (no other decorations), and a string of lights across the mantle.

Photo for those who don't follow me on instagram/tumblr/twitter/facebook )

4. I played a bit more Zelda today. Mainly I Spoilers )

5. Bob's Burgers was great as usual and I liked the Simpsons a lot tonight, too, especially the part with Skinner's mom.
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1. This morning it was 47 degrees and raining when I had to go to work, so I was very glad for my new warm sweatshirt!

2. Because of the rain, I thought maybe it wouldn't be that busy today at work, but I forgot this is our 20% off gift boxes weekend, so if anyone was kept away by the rain, the people coming for their 20% off sweets more than made up for them. It meant I didn't get as much done at my desk as I would have liked, but as always, I'm glad for business being good. I'm also glad that even though one cashier called in sick this morning, two of the people who were supposed to start later in the day were able to come in early and cover for her.

3. I found a whole new area in A Link Between Worlds that I had yet to explore! Spoilers. Also this got long. How did this get so long? I just can't stop talking about this game. )

Tomorrow I might take on another dungeon or I might just keep looking for pieces of heart and octopus babies. XD I know off the top of my head where five more pieces of heart are. There's four mini games I need to do the heart level of (a couple of them I've already won rupees, but of course there are multiple levels you need to do to get the good prizes) and one heart piece I can see on Death Mountain in Hyrule but need to go to Lorule and see if I can find the crack that will let me reach it.

4. I defaulted on Yuletide. I'm not happy about defaulting, but I did it early enough that a pinch hitter should have plenty of time, and now I am feeling so much less stressed out. It was a fandom I was happy to write and nothing wrong with the letter or prompts, but I've been struggling to try and make these vague ideas into an actual fic and it's not working. I am going to see how things go and ideally still post the fic as a treat, but this way I won't have the stress of having to do it or else.

5. Day off tomorrow, yay!
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1. I went to Costco with my mom today and ended up getting a new sweatshirt! The one I've been wearing all the time recently is really lightweight, not any different from t-shirt material, so it was great for summer but not so great now. I do have two warmer sweatshirts I could wear, but both are getting old and also they're really big (because I bought them when I was a little fatter than I am now and also at the time I was wanting something really loose) and I wanted something a bit more fitted this time. I was planning on maybe going to Target at some point, but then I saw the clothes at Costco and thought I might as well give them a look and they had something perfect! It's a lined sweatshirt so it's really cozy and comfy and I've been wearing it all day today. :D

2. I told my mom I'm working on Christmas and I had been worried that she might suggest we have Christmas dinner on another day so that I could make it, but Thanksgiving was stressful enough and Christmas is going to be worse because my aunt and uncle and cousin will be here and my uncle is one of those people who always dominates the conversation and is always talking about religion and conservative politics and I just really do not want to be around that. Plus that's three more people who would be misgendering me, so ugh. DNW. I feel like I did my duty in seeing my grandparents at Thanksgiving, so now it can go another year before I see them again. (And I feel no obligation to see my aunt at all, so.) Anyway, my mom just said it was too bad that I had to work and didn't say anything about changing plans, so I'm hugely relieved. I will go out with her the Friday after Christmas and we can exchange gifts and she can give me the cookies and Christmas money from my grandparents and that will be that. (I don't mind spending time with my mom too much because since it's one-on-one there's not as much chance for misgendering as when there are other people there and they are constantly referring to me by my name or in the third person. Plus there are actually things to talk about with my mom, whereas I have nothing to say to my grandparents and just feel awkward and bored around them.) So that's a relief.

3. As planned, I did not take on another dungeon in Zelda today, just did some exploring. I got almost 90 of the little octopus babies and have upgraded all but one of my items. I also got some more pieces of heart (including a couple from mini games). This is such a fun game, I don't want it to end! Definitely my favorite Zelda game now.

4. I stopped at the store today and they had Crispix on sale! For some reason Crispix seems to be one of those cereals that never goes on sale, no matter what store, but it was actually 2/$6 at Vons (regular price almost $5). I also got some caramelized onion Ritz. I have never seen flavored Ritz before, but suddenly they had a bunch of different ones today. I guess they are getting into the flavored cracker game, too. They all sounded good, but the caramelized onion one said it was limited time only, so I figured better get that first. (Sadly when I came home I found the cheese in the fridge had gone bad so now I have to get cheese, but I will stop at Trader Joe's on the way home from work tomorrow and see what's what.)
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1. Beat the sand dungeon tonight in Zelda and spoilers ).

I need to play some mini games, too, because I know most if not all of them give up a heart piece if you do well enough. I would much rather find heart pieces by doing puzzles on the overworld or going through caves, but I do want to get 100% so I can't avoid the mini games forever. (I'm especially dreading this stupid octorok baseball one as I've seen it done in a couple of the let's plays and it looks really fiddly.)

2. Wow, super busy day at work again today. I really did not think the holiday rush would be starting this early, but it seems it really is? It wasn't busy the whole day, but there was a big rush in the middle of the day which is really not normal (we usually get a lunch rush but this wasn't just people buying lunch). I bet this weekend is going to be really busy, and no one is scheduled for extra holiday hours yet so I will probably be rushing around doing stuff on the floor. -_- I did manage to get the bulk of my work taken care of today, though. I did all of the invoices from the past couple days except for the big beauty department delivery that comes on Thursdays (not only is it a lot of invoices but the beauty department stuff requires a lot more extra work to process them and it's always a pain in the ass).

3. Day off tomorrow!
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1. Another busy day at work today. As soon as I walked in the door, I was busy doing a million things. First off even though there were three registers open, there were long lines for all of them, which usually never happens (especially not on a weekday), so I opened up a credit-only lane and even my register ended up with a long line. And people were buying a lot of stuff, too. So that was good for sales, yay. Then as soon as I was able to get away from the register it seemed everywhere I turned a customer had a question for me. So I spent the first couple hours of work just running around on the floor, which meant I didn't have time to do anything at my desk today, because the rest of my day on Wednesday is taken up with doing the sales signs for the new week's sale, but at least I was able to get all that done, and not too much new comes in on Wednesdays, so I should be able to get through the stuff in my inbox tomorrow without much problem.

2. I got a new Graze box yesterday and there was some really good stuff in there! My last couple have been kind of disappointing, and I set it to only come once a month now, rather than every two weeks, so I haven't really been thinking about it much, but this kind of got me excited about it again! Though it's still disappointing that they keep sending so many repeats (three out of four in this box I'd had before). I wish there was a way to tell it to focus on sending me new and different stuff, but aside from marking everything I've tried as "hate", I don't see how I could do that. Like it says there are over 50 snacks I haven't tried, so it would be nice if they actually sent me some. :( (In fact, I just went to the site and sent them feedback saying it would be nice to have that option!)

3. It's finally feeling wintery! The temps are just where I like them right now, so I hope it stays in this range.

4. I didn't play a whole lot of Zelda tonight, but I did beat the dungeon I started last night and got myself over to the next dungeon. Spoilery ) I also had enough money to buy the last item from Ravio and he was very happy to be sold out. (He's such a cute character! I love him!)

5. When I came out of work today I found that someone had stolen the headlight off my bike. >:( But at least it was just a cheap one, $10 for the set of front and back lights, so it's not like I'm out a lot of money, and I just ordered that same set again off Amazon tonight, so it should be here tomorrow. I guess I'll take my light off from now on, which is a pain in the ass, but better than having to keep buying new lights.
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1. I always forget about Club Nintendo but today something happened to remind me so I went on the site and registered Pokemon X and A Link Between Worlds and also took surveys about Animal Crossing and the two Zelda NES games I'd downloaded, all of which gave me enough points to get the original Metroid for the 3DS and A Link to the Past for the Wii for free! (I wish the latter was for the Wii U, because it's kind of annoying switching between the Wii and Wii U but OH WELL. It's free, so whatever.)

2. And speaking of Zelda, I played a bit more today and got most of the way through my fourth dungeon. The one I did yesterday was a fire level and now this is a water one. At least it doesn't require a lot of swimming, plus swimming in this game is much better than swimming in some of the other Zelda games. (What I want to say is "in the 3D Zelda games, except this is 3D! Just a different kind of 3D than I mean. And the games I mean by saying 3D games are actually 2D! Gah! Why so confusing!) In this dungeon I also got Spoiler ) Anyway, I didn't finish the dungeon because I decided to take a break, but I think I did most of the stuff except fight the boss.

I love that even though you don't have dungeon items anymore in the traditional sense, since you buy the items at the shop and can use them all right from the beginning rather than finding them in chests and not getting some till later in the game, there still tends to be a focus on a certain item in each dungeon.

3. Kind of hectic day at work today. This morning about half of our biggest delivery accidentally went to San Diego instead of to our store. >_< But things settled down later and I was able to get most of the stuff in my inbox taken care of.

4. About an hour after I came home, I was sitting here watching a Link Between Worlds let's play when suddenly everything went dark! I wasn't sure at first if it was just my house or a bigger problem but looking around it seemed like the neighbors' lights were out, too. (Across the street wasn't, because they're on a different grid. Damn them! Taunting me with their lights!) Anyway, it was super frustrating not to be able to do stuff on the computer and to sit here in the dark, but at least I had my phone and my 3DS to keep my occupied (though I hadn't charged my phone at all since getting home from work, so it was getting low by the time the power came back on). I checked my power company's website and they had the outage listed, but no ETA on when it would be fixed. -_- I think it ended up being about two hours total, so could have been worse.

I finally had to throw away the clock in the living room, though. Last fall when it was time to change the clocks I found that mysteriously between the last time I had changed it and then, the button for changing the time had become permanently depressed and I could no longer change it. So I just left it how it was and remembered that it was an hour fast. It had a battery back up so even the few times I did have short outages over the past year, it still stayed on, but this time the battery must have run out, because it went out with the power and just came on blinking when the power came back on. So while I was willing to deal with a clock that was an hour fast for half the year, I have no use for a clock that just sits there blinking a totally incorrect time, so into the trash it went. I'm hardly ever in the living room, so I don't really need a clock there. It was just there because we had an extra clock (I believe it was the old alarm clock from my bedroom, so it's probably over 20 years old).

Oh, and I had a real scare when the power came back on but my computer wouldn't turn on, but I let it sit for a little longer and when I tried again it turned on just fine. Whew!


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