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I know at least ana and Ruth will need this, since they're using my modified Opal style. But anyone else, if you're having trouble with voice posts messing up your flist, you'll need to do the following (assuming you have a paid account and can change your style's code; if not then sorry, you're fucked until LJ insitutes a change).

1. Go to your layers and edit the layer you're using.

2. The easiest way to find and change the code is just to copy the entire code into Notetab or similar and do a search and replace.

3. Search for $e.text and replace it with """; $e->print_text(); """ in every instance. Then just paste the new code back in and compile.

This will correct the problem caused by the new play button in voice posts.
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[ profile] prillalar has made a bit of code that automatically lists your tags and can be put in your sidebar. I like the idea of an automatic tag list, but am not so keen on having my sidebar that long. Anyway, am putting the code here for the moment in case I decide to use it.

# Tags list
if ($p.view == "recent") {

var Tag[] mytags;
var string taglist;

$mytags = $p->visible_tag_list();

foreach var Tag t ($mytags) {
$taglist = "$taglist" + """<li><a href="$t.url">$</a></li>""";
"""<div id="tagcloud"><h3>Tagcloud</h3><ul>$taglist</ul></div>""";

Also, ana berated me earlier for not having my modified Opal style guide memoried, so now it is. And tagged with this keen layouts tag.

I keep meaning to work on that layout some more, as it has always annoyed me that Opal doesn't have a previous/next entry thing, and now I'd like for it to have a tags link as well. If only I had time to fiddle with it. Bah.
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Okay, well my new layout's pretty much finished. Aside from finishing up the banner, that is. So here are instructions if anyone else wants to install it. Unfortunately it's more complicated than the old S1 system was, because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make a layer public, whereas before all you had to do was click this nice little clicky box and tada.

For examples of how the style looks, here's mine and [ profile] telesilla's with the sidebar on the left (mine with graphic, hers without) and then [ profile] anatsuno's with the sidebar on the right.

How to install the new style. )

How to add previous customizations to your new style. )

How to add themes to your new style. )

How to add a graphic. )

ETA: How to add a search function. )


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