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1. I'm just a few pages away from being done translating Tera Girl! Even though this is only a three volume series, it was such low priority it feels like it's taken forever to finish it, so I'm excited to finally get it done. (There is an unrelated one-shot at included in the last volume, and I do also plan to translate that, so I won't technically be done with the series until that's done, but I'll be done with the main story and the unrelated one-shot can wait for a bit.)

2. We got these delicious edamame Pretz in recently at work and I just tried them today and they're so good!

3. Carla got a bunch of really cute Chloe pics yesterday.

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1. My mom called me this afternoon and said her husband was having problems with his computer, could I come over and fix it and she'd give me money off the rent if I did. Well, that's always good incentive, but especially considering we just had $1500 in car repairs, I rushed right over. :p And it was an easy fix, so I probably spent more time driving over there in lunchtime traffic than actually spent at his computer.

2. I finally got the last of the twelve memories in Zelda, and now there's another final memory to get. I played for quite a while today but I don't even know what all I did. Mostly wander around central Hyrule and kill Guardians in hopes of getting some damn ancient cores, but I killed like ten or more and only one dropped a core. I need three more cores to upgrade the last piece of my guardian armor! I also randomly found the Tingle tights even though I wasn't even looking for them. Oh, and I played some of the Trial of the Sword, but I died and then decided to do something else for a while.

3. Jasper is getting so big! He's almost nine months and he's pretty much as big as Chloe now, maybe even a little bigger.

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1. Day off tomorrow! I'm looking forward to staying home and relaxing.

2. The weather's been staying cooler after that spike earlier in the month. High seventies in the day, back down in the sixties at night. It's still pretty muggy, but I'll take this over being muggy and super hot any time.

3. I love looking up at the high shelf above my computer and seeing kitty paws sticking out. XD

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1. Got the car back this afternoon and it's running great. I think the disintigrating parts that had to be replaced were probably disintigrating for a while and its performance was suffering, but not to the point where we really noticed until it got really bad.

2. Molly and Jasper really don't spend much time together, so I was really happy to see them both on the window table together looking at a bug last night.

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1. The check engine light came on the other day and both Carla and I noticed the car was feeling a bit wonky when we were driving, so we took it across the street to get looked at's going to cost $1400. D: But, on the bright side, I hadn't gotten around to taking it in to get the bumper and stuff repaired from the accident yet, so at least we didn't just have $1000* in repairs and then this. The bumper stuff is all cosmetic (except for the fact that the trunk latch is now misaligned and hard to shut, but that just means we can't use the trunk, and we can do without a trunk for a while), so we can just keep putting that off for a while until these repairs are paid off. SIGH.

*I don't think I mentioned this, but the repairs that were supposed to be paid 50/50 by us and the other driver's insurance? Well, apparently the other driver changed their story and insists they weren't backing up, and their insurance has decided to believe them even though they had previously admitted to backing up, so now the insurance won't pay, and my insurance says the only way we can get them to is to take them to small claims court, which I do not have the time for, so we're stuck paying the full amount. We are going to see if we can get another estimate from somewhere else, though, once we do finally take it in for repairs.

One other plus is that they should be able to get it back to us tomorrow, so we won't be without the car for long.

2. I posted so much manga today. I feel very accomplished!

3. I played some more Zelda this evening. Finally got the last two shrines done, and also finished up a few more quests and did some armor upgrades. Still trying to decide if I want to do the master sword trial in this game or not.

4. Speaking of games, I got an email from Nintendo informing me that the new Pikmin game is out at the end of this month, so I pre-ordered it. I've never been that interested in Pikmin until they made it a side-scroller and then I was like, I'm there! XD

5. I love this picture of Chloe so much. (That's one of her favorite places to curl up for a nap.)

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1. My contacts started really bothering me today at work, so I went home and got my glasses. It's always nice to live super close to where I work, but it's especially great for times like this. If I lived further away, I would have just toughed it out or took out my contacts and been blurry all day. Since tomorrow's my day off, I'm going to give my eyes a rest and just wear my glasses all day at home.

2. I posted manga today and should have more to post soon. :D

3. This morning I went out to the kitchen and looked up and saw Jasper on the high shelf in the living room! He's watched Chloe and Molly jump up there so many times and clearly wanted to get up there himself but just didn't realize he could do it. Last night he jumped up on the dresser in the bedroom for the first time, too, so he's clearly getting more confident in his jumping.

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1. I actually slept in this morning, which was really nice.

2. I'm so, so glad the weather's cooled down a bit. The forecast has us holding steady at high 70s for the next ten days, so that would be nice if it stays true!

3. Jasper really loves to curl up in the computer room closet lately, and the other day I poked my head in and instead of being in his usual spot on top of a box, he was actually stretched out behind a bunch of stuff and looking so cute!

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1. It looks like maybe they're done (or mostly done) with the work they've been doing on our street. If nothing else, it's the weekend, so there will be quiet for two days, but I really hope they're done for good!

2. We had some watermelon tonight and it was pretty tasty! Not the best I've ever had or anything, but pretty good. I like that the cut watermelons we sell at work aren't higher priced than the whole ones (a lot of stores, the cut ones are way more expensive). I like being able to just buy a quarter (or sometimes half) at a time.

3. The new box we got the other day is a hit with all three kitties. (Though I haven't gotten a pic of Jasper in it yet.)

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1. We went out to lunch with my aunt today, who is in town for a few days.

2. I got in some Zelda time this evening. That new map feature is just so awesome. I would have sworn that I had completely explored everywhere, but with the tracker on, I could see that there were some huge areas I'd managed to just completely go around every time, including one which had a shrine in it. So I did that, farmed some more materials and was able to upgrade a few more armor bits, found some Koroks, got another couple quests done, and now I am that much closer to feeling like I could go beat Ganon and be satisfied with my level of completion (definitely want to get the last two shrines and the last memory; I'm not going to force myself to upgrade all the armor sets just to say I did, because at this point that's still going to require a lot of farming, and I'm probably not going to try and get every last quest done). Still not sure if I want to do the Master Sword trial this game or save it for my next game... I'm definitely going to save the new armor quests for the next game, just to have something new to do.

3. Chloe was being super cute this afternoon.

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1. They've been doing work on our street since last week and have had their super noisy machine parked right in front of our house every day, but today they moved it to the end of the street, which made it much quieter (and the house at the end is actually abandoned, so they're not bothering anyone there anyway!). So hopefully they'll keep it parked up there for however long it takes them to finish this up.

2. I went in the kitchen around ten tonight and found tons of ants swarming over the cats' dinner plates, and leading all the way back into the dining room. I was able to clean them up and seem to have gotten rid of them, but I'm really glad I found that before going to bed and not when I woke up, because I'm sure it would have been much worse.

3. Day off tomorrow! I haven't slept well the past two nights, mainly due to cat interference, so I'm really hoping I can get a good night's sleep tonight and maybe even sleep in a bit.

4. This big giant Jasper! He's getting so big!

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1. Carla bought the first season of Daria on iTunes and we started watching it tonight. I've never actually seen it before, but I like it so far.

2. Pretty hectic this morning at work, as it usually is on Tuesdays (big delivery day, plus it's the day all the salesmen make their rounds), but it calmed down later in the afternoon and I was actually able to leave at a pretty decent time.

3. Molly face.

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1. It was definitely a lot cooler today!

2. I played some more Zelda this evening and finally did the final Divine Beast. I'd been holding off on it because every time you defeat one of them, the overworld enemies level up and I didn't want them at the highest level when I still had so much exploring to do. I also did one of the new DLC sidequests and got the teleportation thingy! Not a whole lot of use for it in my current game since I'm almost done, but it will help out with one of the last shrines I need to get.

3. Look at this sweetie Jasper. It took me like five tries to get one that wasn't a squirming blur, lol.

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1. I had trouble getting to sleep last night because of the heat, but it feels a lot cooler in the house tonight, so hopefully I won't have any trouble.

2. I didn't end up getting any translation done tonight after work, but since I didn't have to go in until noon, I was able to get some done in the morning. Finished up a chapter, even. :)

3. We just finished up watching The Middleman tonight (my second time, Carla's first). It's such a good show! I really wish it could have gone on longer.

4. Look at this sweet sleepy Chloe. I love her so much!

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1. Tonight while I was eating dinner I got a call and text from two different employees telling me there was a power outage right after they closed up the store to go home. Not just out store, or even our building, but the whole area. I was really hoping it would get fixed soon, so I didn't have to go in in the middle of the night on my own to try and rescue stuff in the fridges and freezers, and thankfully the employee who texted me kept me updated, since the affected area included his house, too, and he texted me about an hour later that it was back on at his house, so I hopped in the car, swung by the store to make sure the lights were on there, too, and went home and that was the end of it! There's always a lot of power outages when it's hot, and sometimes we've had multiple bad ones in a row resulting in a lot of spoiled merchandise, so I'm really glad this was a short one and easy to deal with (no lost sales, either, since it happened after closing).

2. I have to stay till closing tomorrow, which I don't love, but since I know ahead of time I can go in later, which means a more relaxing morning. :D

3. A few years ago the electrical wiring in one wall just stopped working altogether, so the living room has been kind of dark since we can no longer put a light on that side of it. But recently Carla found a battery-powered lamp on Amazon and we got that to try it out and it's really nice! It's not as bright as a real lamp would be, but it definitely helps keep the room from being so dim.

4. Bonus: The lamp came in a box that is the perfect size for kitties. Chloe has been enjoying it a lot so far.

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1. It's hot and muggy this weekend, but at least while I'm at work there's air conditioning.

2. I had everything in the fridge to make cold noodles for dinner tonight, which was the perfect meal for this weather!

3. We had noisy street work for two days in a row (starting early in the morning, ugh) but even if they still have more to do, at least we'll get a break for the weekend.

4. Jasper!

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1. Since we're still only just halfway through the year and I'm at 39/40 of my reading goal, I went ahead and upped it again, this time to sixty. That seems doable. :)

2. I played some Zelda tonight and got down to just four shrines left. I've already watched a complete playthrough so I've seen all the shrines, but I couldn't remember which ones I was missing except for one, but looking at the map jogged my memory about one other, and then I remembere the other two on my own. They're all easy to find ones, which is good because I spent a lot of time today wandering around in the snow trying to find that stupid Hebra skeleton one. (Though after I finally did find it, at least I could complete that quest, too!)

3. I love Molly's soft, soft fur, so I'm always happy when she wants pettings. :D

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1. I wasn't feeling well today, but since I had come in at six-thirty, by the time the "not feeling well" got to the point of "I really need to go home, I'd already been there for six hours and gotten everything done that I needed to get done, so I just left a bit after noon. I'm feeling a lot better now, but still not 100% so hopefully I can just rest up tomorrow and be ready to go in Friday.

2. I posted manga! That was totally unexpected, too, since I just finished translating it last night, but the typesetter was really on top of things and got it back to me right away. :D

3. I hate all the fireworks people have been setting off lately, but Chloe was super cute hiding in the covers.

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1. It's so nice having two days off in a row! And now I have just one day of work and then another day off!

2. I have to go in at six-thirty tomorrow morning, which sucks. But I used to have to go in at that time ever Wednesday, and haven't had to do so in over a year, so compared to that once in a while isn't bad. And hopefully I should get to go home early that way, which is always nice.

3. I made delicious lemon bars tonight. A bit different than the usual sort of lemon bars, these were more cheesecakey, but not really cheesecake. Very tasty, though.

4. I finally played some of the new Zelda DLC. My plan had been to play a bunch of Zelda last Thursday and maybe finish my game so that I'd be ready to start a new game the next day when the DLC came out, but then Chloe went missing and I was in no mood to play, and then I just haven't touched it since. Well, now I couldn't resist trying out some stuff like the spiffy new map feature on my in-progress game, but I'm not sure if I want to get all the new treasures and do the trial in this game or just continue on as-is and save those for my new game. The map is really awesome, though. I was finally able to find a shrine I'd been missing since I was able to see where I hadn't been yet.

5. Jasper and Chloe were sooooo cute looking at a hummingbird this morning. It's usually hard to get good pics of the cats by the window because the sun is shining so bright, so I'm glad this turned out so nicely.

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1. We went to Shake Shack for lunch. I wish there was one closer than Century City, but at least that's closer than before, when the only option was West Hollywood.

2. I finally heard back from the insurance company with the repair estimate. With parts and labor it's going to be just about $1000, and our deductible is twice that, so we're going to have to pay it ourselves. However, because the other driver and I were both backing out and thus both at fault, their insurance will pay half my repairs. So I have to pay the full amount up front, but at least will get reimbursed for half. And honestly, $500 in repairs and my insurance not going up is a pretty good outcome all in all.

3. I finally remembered to make an optometrist appointment! Every time I get a new pair of contacts out, I notice how low I am and think I really need to make an appointment, but then I immediately forget and never remember when I'm at the computer. But now it's done and I have an appointment for next Monday.

4. I have tomorrow off, too!

6. Molly is such a sweetie cat.

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1. It's just such a huge relief to have Chloe home! Thank you for all your comments on the last post.

2. Recently we got in a new type of cold noodles at work called Morioka reimen. It's a Japanese take on a Korean cold noodle dish, which was brought to Japan in the '50s by Korean immigrants. It was on sale last week, so I bought some and made it and it was so delicious I bought a couple more packs, and we ate the last of those for dinner tonight, and I'm planning to buy some more even though it's no longer on sale.

3. Usually Tuesdays is a very busy day at work, our biggest delivery day, plus lots of salesmen coming by from various vendors. But this coming week Tuesday is 4th of July, so all the vendors are closed and won't be delivering or coming by the store, and there probably won't be huge crowds of customers, so I'm going to take the day off. :D And since Monday is my regular day off, I'll have two days off in a row!

4. Jasper recently learned that he could jump up on the bathroom counter, and not long after, realized he could jump from there to the window. (So far he hasn't yet figured out he could jump from the TV stand to the mantel and from there to the tall shelves in the living room, but that's just as well, since those high shelves are one of the few places the girls can go to get away from him. XD)


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