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1. Day off tomorrow! I'm really looking forward to sleeping in.

2. It's been getting pretty warm during the day the last few days (especially yesterday) but thankfully it's cooling down a lot at night. I don't mind a few warm days, but I really don't want full-on summer weather just yet!

3. I had to go drive all over the place this morning to pick up a special order and deliver it to the customer (we don't usually do delivery but this customer is an exception) which was a pain, but I got reimbursed for my mileage so now I have some cash.

4. I played Zelda tonight and beat Windblight Ganon! That was the easiest of the three I've fought so far.

5. Jasper just can't resist wriggling around and doing silly poses in his sleep.

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1. I made gyoza and edamame for dinner. So delicious!

2. I posted manga! And also did a little translating, so hopefully that will lead to more manga being posted within the next few days.

3. The kitties are all having a lot of fun exploring the computer room bookshelf, since all the knick knacks have been taken off and some books rearranged. Once we actually get it arranged the way we want it, there won't be much space for them to play on it at all, so it's nice to seem them enjoying it so much in this in-between stage.

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1. I have to go in to work early on Sunday, so I don't get both my weekend sleep-in days, but I can at least sleep in tomorrow as usual.

2. Although I finally got everyone else's finalised paperwork back from HR to give them their evaluations and tell them about their raises, I still haven't found out mine, as they are making store managers have an interview with the company president and mine isn't until next Tuesday. But! I realised that everyone else's is already reflected in Kronos, the timeclock management software, so I decided to sneak and see if mine was in there, too, and I'm getting a $2 raise, yay! :) It will be reflected on the current pay period which ends tomorrow and is paid next Friday.

3. I didn't play too much Zelda tonight, but I did get the next divine beast opened up and am ready to tackle that tomorrow.

4. Kitties!

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1. Welp, I somehow managed to do zero translating today despite being home, but I did vacuum and do laundry, so at least there's that.

2. I made fried rice for dinner tonight and it was so good, and there's a bunch leftover, too.

3. I finished another book! That puts me at eighteen for the year, which is three books over halfway for my goal, and the year's not even a third of the way done.

4. Today I didn't actually play Zelda that much and mostly what I did was play Eventide Island. This island is a shrine trial where you have to play with no food, no weapons, and no armor, except what you can scavenge on the island yourself. You do have your runes, but that's it. It's pretty daunting at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

5. Look at this sweet Molly wanting some pets!

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1. Everyone's been sick at work and I think I'm either coming down or fighting off what they have, which sucks. But! Things were actually not that busy today and I was able to come home an hour early.

2. Tomorrow is my day off and I plan to just relax and hopefully feel better Friday.

3. I made ramen for dinner tonight (and the other night, too) and it was so good. *_*

4. I didn't play too much Zelda tonight, but I did get to the Rito village and do a couple shrines and some stuff. I am enjoying this game so much. (And so much more than I thought I would.)

5. Just when you think this kitten can't get any sillier.

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1. A bunch of people called out today and I thought I was going to have to stay late to get things done, but I ended up getting out pretty much on time, which was nice.

2. I played a lot of Zelda tonight. I meant to play just a little, but it's always like, okay I'm going to stop when I do this thing, but then when you do that thing, you see something else, and you're like, okay when I do that thing... I think I got six shrines tonight, and opened two towers, and found about ten koroks and a stable... Tomorrow I should be at the Rito village, though I probably won't take on the next divine beast for a while yet.

3. Look at this pretty Chloe!

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1. It was sooooo nice to relax today after the hecticness of the weekend.

2. I played a bunch of Zelda today. Still mostly just wandering around and exploring, looking for shrines and koroks and other interesting stuff. I decided I'm going to deliberately go in a different direction than where the LPer I'm watching is going next, so that even though I will be spoiled for what he's doing, I can explore the other area unspoiled (so we've both done the Zoras and Gorons, and he's heading down to the Gerudos, so I'll go up to the Ritos instead). I activated the tower in central Hyrule, which has two walker guardians and two stationary ones right at the base, and I killed them all pretty easily. (The stationary ones especially. Only 500 HP!? I've done tests of strength with more powerful scouts than that.) I've farmed lots of guardian bits now, so I'll probably go back to the Akkala ancient tech lab again sometime soon and see what else I can buy. Especially since one of those guardians broke my ancient shield. ;_;

3. Carla cleared off the lower shelf of the bookcase the other day in preparation for sorting books and getting things organized. We haven't managed to do that yet, so the cats have been enjoying the shelf. Jasper has seen the girls get up there plenty of times, but today was the first time he tried it himself. And now that he got up there once, he is so much more confident and has hopped up several more times, including once where he got stuck behind some books on the uncleared out portion of the shelf and was super cute.

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1. Finally the anniversary sale weekend is over! I'm so worn out, but thankfully I have tomorrow off.

2. I have no plans on my day off except just relaxing and doing stuff at home, and I'm really looking forward to that.

3. I posted manga!

4. Molly's always coming up on my desk and demanding loves. :)

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1. Today was pretty hectic with the anniversary sale events, but everything went well, and tomorrow should be easier since we got any kinks sorted out today.

2. In Zelda news, I beat Fireblight Ganon (so easy with the Master Sword!) and freed Rudania, then explored a bit around the Death Mountain area, farming a ton of ore, and doing a couple quests. I also ventured east and found a shrine quest where I had to fight a Hinox in the dark, which was actually a lot easier than it sounds and was the easiest Hinox fight I've done. (It was also another one that I didn't see done before, so I got to do it totally unspoiled.)

3. This was actually taken a couple days ago, I think, but look at these cuties cuddling!

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1. Work today was soooo exhausting, but I think everything is ready for our weekend anniversary sale.

2. I played a bit of Zelda tonight. Mainly just upgraded my fire armor and opened up Vah Rudania, so tomorrow (assuming I have time to play after work) I will tackle the next divine beast!

3. Look at this ridiculously silly sleepy Jasper face!

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1. I got a lot of translating done today, and some housework, too.

2. I played some Zelda and actually explored an area that I hadn't seen Carla or the LP I'm watching do, which was nice. I found a bunch of koroks and treasure and a shrine there, too! Ideally I'd like to be completely unspoiled, but I also don't have time to play as much as I'd need to to stay ahead of the LP and I don't want to stop watching until I get there, plus it's such an open world that even when I was ahead of it in terms of the main quest, there was still stuff the LPer did that I hadn't, just because it's so unstructured. And then Carla is in the house playing it and sometimes I watch her, or she asks me to help with something. So I ended up spoiled a lot, so it's really nice to do some stuff completely unspoiled.

3. I woke up this morning and there was a Molly on the pile of blankets next to my bed. :)

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1. The concert was great and I will have a proper review tomorrowish.

2. Day off tomorrow! Ugh, this week has been so exhausting and the weekend will be horrible with our anniversary sale events, but at least I can relax tomorrow. (And then next week I am doing nothing in my free time. Nothing!)

3. Jasper has a perfect question mark tail in this photo.

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1. Someone who tries hard but is just not a very good worker turned in his resignation today, saving me from trying to figure out what to do with him.

2. I'm going to see the New Pornographers tomorrow! (Also this is the last of the concerts I bought tickets to, and while I've definitely enjoyed them, I'm glad this is the last! When I decided I wanted to try to go to more concerts this year, I didn't really want to do three weeks in a row, but that's just how it shook out. This is more social activity than I really want.)

3. Tonight we opened the bag of Trader Joe's jellybeans we got a week or more ago and they are so good! (Except for the surprise licorice one I accidentally ate, which was awful.)

4. New Fresh Off the Boat tonight, plus Brooklyn Nine-Nine was finally back! Both were pretty great episodes. I love that the grandma on Fresh Off the Boat has had such a larger part this season. She's so great.

5. How can a kitty be so cute!?

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1. We ran some errands this morning and I got some stuff done around the house and also finished translating two chapters of stuff, so I feel like I got a good amount of stuff done today.

2. Zelda-wise, I got the Woodland Tower and the Eldin Tower unlocked, finished a couple quests, got some more shrines, and now I have enough hearts to get the Master Sword, so I'm probably going to head for Hyrule Forest before I go visit the Gorons.

3. It's Spring Break for Santa Monica College, so the neighborhood is nice and quiet for a brief time.

4. We watch a lot of cooking and food-related youtube channels on the apple TV, and the other day we saw a Food Wishes one for Thai satay style tri-tip that sounded soooo good, so Carla made that today and it was indeed soooo good. *_* Definitely one to make again.

5. Look at this Chloe in the sun! She's been enjoying the back of my chair a lot lately.

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1. I posted manga! Somehow the month is already like a third of the way over, so I've got to hustle tomorrow and do some translating, but at least I managed to get one thing posted so far.

2. It's my day off tomorrow and I'm mostly just planning to rest. I've been really tired lately and we did a lot of stuff last week, plus being busy at work, so I'm hoping things will be a little less hectic this week. (Though I do have a concert on Wednesday and this coming weekend is our sixth anniversary event at work, so...)

3. Carla went to Target today and got me some more of the M&Ms peanut butter eggs. *_*

4. Our house is full of things we can't throw away because the cats love them. Case in point, this old desk chair, which now sits in a corner of the dining room. And it's got a comforter folded up on it that was originally just put there to wait for a turn in the washer so it could be put away for the summer. But all the cats love it so, we now just have a random old chair with a random old comforter as a permanent fixture in the dining room. Luckily we aren't using our dining room for anything other than a cat room anyway. :)

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1. The person who usually closes on weekends will finally be back after a month long vacation this week, so tomorrow is the last time I'll have to stay till closing (at least on a regular basis).

2. Look at this little Jasper guy! Such a sweetie!

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1. It was overcast today and then started raining tonight! I checked the weather and it looks like it's going to clear up again tomorrow, but I'm enjoying it for the moment.

2. I did some translation tonight and finished up another chapter of Himegoto (should have a release soon) and am inching closer to finishing up the chapter of Yasha I should have done last month.

3. The other day at Target I got some M&M peanut butter eggs and they're so good. *_* I love the regular peanut butter M&Ms, too, but these are a little larger and have more peanut butter cream inside. I wish I'd bought more, but it's probably a good thing I didn't, considering how fast these have disappeared already. :p

4. I just love it when kitties cover their face with their paws!

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1. My ticket for the New Pornographers show next week came with a free digital download of their new album, which just came out today. I just got the email less than an hour ago, so I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

2. I got quite a bit of translating done today, and ran some errands, and did some other stuff, and didn't just sit around playing Zelda.

3. I did play a lot of Zelda, though. XD Mostly just went around exploring stuff and doing some more shrines. I went and got that labyrinth shrine up above the Akkala ancient tech lab. Oh, and I also got another memory (the Spring of Power one).

4. Jasper and Chloe were cuddling sooooo cutely today!

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1. Today was Carla's birthday, so we went to Portillo's for lunch. I am not into the Italian beef thing (or French dip), because I don't like soggy bread, but they have really tasty hot dogs.

2. I have tomorrow off, too! I'm not used to having two days off in a row, so I kept thinking today was Thursday and I'd have to go to work tomorrow, but it wasn't and I won't! Also yesterday and today were really busy and I'm looking forward to having a day to just relax tomorrow.

3. I played a lot of Zelda again. I got to Akkala Tower, got a few shrines, explored a lot, and got the Akkala ancient tech lab working again. Oh, and I finally had a bunch of rupees, so I finished the Hylian Homeowner side quest.

4. Jasper cuddled with me for a while tonight! He is a hardcore cuddler (unlike Molly and Chloe) but he pretty much only wants to cuddle with Carla, so it was nice to have him cuddle with me for a bit.

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1. This morning was the yearly evaluation meeting where we have to give our pitch to the company president for the raises we want for our employees. For a couple people I wasn't able to give them as much of a raise as I'd put in, but I was able to get a raise for everyone who I felt deserved one, so I'm pretty happy about how that went.

2. Since this time we didn't have to stay at the meeting for every store's pitch, and mine was in the morning, I was able to go back to my store once I was done and do some stuff since I won't be in tomorrow. I got everything done that needed to get done, so I can take Thursday off as usual and don't have to worry about taking two days off in a row.

3. Tonight we saw Puffy (aka Puffy AmiYumi) in concert! It was a great show and I'm glad we were able to see them again. I'll have a more detailed post tomorrow.

4. I hadn't eaten at all today, so we stopped at Hodori on the way home for delicious Korean food. We got so much stuff, so now we have tons of tasty leftovers.

5. Pretty Chloe. :)


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