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I meant to post about this the other day, as I know there's at least a couple people on my flist who might be interested (or at least [ profile] worldserpent, if no one else!). The other day when typing up a comment in Japanese, I got annoyed when it refused to recognise 違かった as a word and turn it into kanji. Then I remembered, oh yeah, that's because it's not actually a proper word. And because for some reason I'm much more lax about "proper grammar" in Japanese than I am in English, instead of writing 違ってた, I just put the う back into 違う to get it to turn into kanji, then took it out again so I had 違かった. Then since I was curious to see what the Japanese had to say about it, I popped over to Google Japan, plugged it in, and lo and behold, found several threads where people were "ZOMG IT'S THE END OF CIVILISATION AS WE KNOW IT"-ing over people turning a verb into adjective (THE HORROR). I did learn that it's not just those damn kids these days who are doing it, but a large percentage of the population (especially in Tokyo/Kanto area), including folks over thirty.

What I found really interesting, though, was that some of the people railing against how horrible it was didn't actually get what was going on. They were all "how can you conjugate a verb like that!?!!?!" when it's clear that it's not a verb anymore at all, but people have just taken 違い and made it into an い-adjective, like its antonym 正しい. The people who use it that way then proceed to conjugate it perfectly grammatically for an adjective.

The first couple hits on Google are the ones I read, but it looks like a bunch more down the first page are about grammar as well (and after that, it becomes just hits where people used it in a sentence). One of them also talked about the pronunciation shifts in words like すごい->すげえ, うまい->うめえ , etc.

Oh, and one also mentioned how horrible it is that 全然 is now being used for positives. Which is funny, because IIRC I just said something was 全然オッケー the other day. XD And again, it's not that I'm unaware that it's not "proper". When I learned Japanese, we were taught that 全然 should be used only with negatives. But I've been exposed to it with positives so much that it seems natural, and for some reason it doesn't bother me the way it might in English.


Dec. 12th, 2005 01:06 am
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Did a huge cleaning yesterday here in the computer room. There are shelves that go all along the wall from window to window above my desk and part of Bruce's. My grandpa built them about ten years ago or so. Now, at the time, I had a huge (nearly the size of a twin bed) old desk, very sturdy. So I would just climb on top of it to get stuff from the top two shelves, and to dust. But then Bruce moved in and we put that desk into the garage (I miss it so) and got two small, cheap computer desks. No way can you stand on these. So it's very hard to get to the shelves, thus I have not dusted for years (also because they were chock full of knick knacks, which puts me off dusting cause it's a pain in the ass to dust all those little things and to lift them up, etc.).

When I got all those books down a couple months ago and donated them to the library, I noticed there was this really thick layer of dust on the top shelf (other shelves weren't nearly as bad, but the top shelf, being so high up, had been literally untouched for years). Now, we had a couple stacks of books in the living room that needed to go back on these shelves (several years ago, for I forget what reason, Bruce took most of the books off the shelves and put them in the closet, where they sat until the aforementioned couple months ago; these were some of those books), but I didn't want to put them back before dusting.

So yesterday, I got out the little piano stool we have and dusted the whole top shelf, including the books, then dusted the second one and most of the bottom one as well. Found a few more books to donate to the library, played "toss/eBay/give away" with the knick knacks and stuff and managed to get rid of quite a few that way. The books are not alphabetised, but that can wait for another day. At least they're organised by height, and we now have a minimum of knick knacks, and it just all looks so tidy.

I wish I'd taken before pics, but here are afters... )

Over on the right side is still kind of messy because I didn't really straighten it up at all, but it's not too bad and it can wait. As it is, this took me several hours to do.

Oh, and I found an exercise book with essays from my Japanaese 2, 3, and 4 classes (that's term, not year, so first half of first year through end of second year).

Because I am amused, I have typed up the first essay in the book. This was from very early in my second semester of Japanese, so I'd had one eighteen-week term plus maybe a couple of this one. We hadn't learned very many kanji by this time, so it's almost all kana. I've included the corrections and the teacher's comments, and highlighted in blue the sentences she marked as ones she liked. I got an A+.

Hee )

Translation for the curious )

I was such a teacher's pet in all my Japanese classes. This teacher actually loved me so much that at the end of the term she bought me some manga. :D


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