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I'm still taking topic suggestions for the December meme, if you want me to talk about something.

[personal profile] chagrined asked me about my favorite parts of Homestuck.

Well, number one very favorite part of all time? Hands-down, John: Reunite with your loving wife and daughter. I loved the earlier "reunion" where Casey the salamander was his daughter, too, but this surpassed it in awesomeness by quite a bit.

For me the animations are not one of my favorite parts of Homestuck in general, because while some of them look very nice, I find it hard to follow what's going on. But this isn't plotty or anything, just silly, so I don't have that problem with it.

But you said parts, plural, so what else, hmm? This is actually really hard because I haven't gone back and reread and it's been a long time, so it's all kind of vague. I loved Gamzee's murder spree and the papping that brought it to an end. I loved Calliope's story and the slow reveal with Caliborn. I loved Jack fusing with Bec, and the way that affects how he interacts with Jade. I loved the mayor and can town. Pretty much anything with Terezi or Vriska.

I am not caught up on it and I think at this point maybe I will just wait until it's really for real finished and then do a reread before reading the end.
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1. I meant to do more things today than I did, as usual, but I didn't really get much done. I did some housework and made a phone call I'd been dreading and played some Lego LotR and read manga and faffed about on the internets. A pretty relaxing day off, all in all.

2. I had two episodes of Adventure Time to watch and they were both awesome! I loved "Davey" because Finn wanting to be normal was great. His job sweeping the floor! His log cabin! Also Beemo the thief! And then the next episode, which I can't remember the title of, was even better. Lemongrab! Treetrunks! Ice King! But mostly Lemongrab. Ahaha, he is really underused on this show. Spoilers )

3. I have been kind of meh on the trickster arc here on Homestuck, but I really liked today's update. Spoilers! )

4. Someone at work gave me a couple avocados the other day and today they were nice and ripe so I mashed them up and mixed them with some salsa and they were delicious! The only problem is I had only a tiny bit of chips left, so now I need to buy more chips.
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1. Wowwwwww, super massive Homestuck update tonight! I both like and dislike the game updates. On the one hand, it's fun to have something interactive, but on the other hand, I always worry about missing something. I think I did everything, though! Short spoilers )

2. I'm glad I saved my receipt after buying some stuff at work today because I was charged twice for something! Annoyed that I didn't catch it right away, but at least I don't have to make a special trip anywhere to get it refunded.
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1. Nice relaxing day off.

2. omg super awesome Homestuck update!!! spoilers )
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1. Sooooo glad I have tomorrow off. I was exhausted today from the time I woke up, despite having gotten a fairly decent night's sleep, and it didn't help that it was super slow at work today.

2. I am all caught up on Homestuck!!! spoilers!! )

3. I saw this Whose Line gif on Tumblr and was like oh man, I haven't watched that show in ages! So I downloaded ALL the episodes and now have them for watchenings. Well, all the US episodes anyway, because it has more Colin, Ryan, and Wayne, and they are my favorites, and also because the UK series seems to be harder to find.

Oh hey

Jun. 18th, 2012 01:25 am
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This is something from Homestuck, but I think it is relevant to my XMFC peeps!

ARANEA: I am used to sensing many different types of feelings.
ARANEA: It's given me a different perspective on emotions than most have.
ARANEA: For most, the feelings of others are often a mystery. So they are prone to speculation and paranoia a8out the motivations of people they meet.
ARANEA: The emotions of others can seem like such well guarded mysteries, people 8egin to 8elieve that's how their own emotions should 8e treated as well. So when someone can read their thoughts easily it feels like a violation.
ARANEA: 8ut to one accustomed to reading those thoughts, there isn't the same perception of violation or secrecy. It's more like examining other self evident facts a8out a person, like taking note of their appearance.
ARANEA: It's still hard for non-psychics to understand this though, even if you explain it to them. It can lead to some awkward relationships, unfortunately.
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1. Another nice thing about having short hair again in addition to it drying so much faster is that I don't have to use the stupid haircatcher in the shower. Ugh, I hate that thing. It's necessary to keep hair from going down the drain and making clogs, but it's just badly designed and so just a little bit of hair clogs up the haircatcher and makes water back up while you're showering. I don't take long showers, like five minutes tops, and yet I would always be up to my ankles in water at the end. Not anymore! :D :D :D

2. I found an old sleep shirt in the back of the closet! It's in great shape, not sure why it got pushed back there and forgotten, but I just washed it so it didn't smell all dusty and closety and now I could finally throw away the poor tattered shirt I had been wearing at home. ^_^;; It had a hole that started out in the elbow and eventually grew to take up most of the sleeve, which made it really kind of uncomfortable to wear. Anyway, I'm hoping to maybe find a shirt or two when I go to Walmart with Alexander for my birthday, but even if not, at least I have a shirt.

3. I'm getting so close to being caught up with Homestuck! :D Only a couple hundred more pages! Spoilery talk up through Act 5 Intermission 2 )
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Homestuck peeps, what is the general consensus (or your own personal theories) on Trolls having boobs? Because, I mean, their biology is pretty wtf anyway, but it's handwavey enough that if I don't think about it, it doesn't actively bother me. But Trolls having boobs bothers me! Why would there be boobs when they are not mammals??? This makes my head hurt! Are there any fic or meta posts that try to make it make sense? Because I am willing to be persuaded by handwavey biology if it seems plausible (and in fact, would like to be persuaded, just so it can stop making my head hurt!). I just can't seem to think up anything on my own.

(Though if I ever write fanfic or draw fanart I will just ignore that fact and use my headcanon of no boobs. Just as it seems everyone else has used their headcanon of Trolls having tentacle-crotch syndrome, despite "bone bulge" not really making sense as a word referring to tentacles.)

ETA: Since apparently this is not clear, my question is not "do trolls have boobs?" My question is, does anyone have any thoughts about making sense of Troll biology?
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1. I had a pretty nice, relaxing day off. :D I went over to my mom's to give her her birthday present (her birthday was yesterday), which was season one of Leverage, since it's not on Netflix streaming and I am really convinced she will love it. (Though the question is whether or not she can take time away from her newfound Bones obsession to watch something new. Apparently she watched all the seasons of Bones that are on Netflix and then...started over from the beginning. ^_^;;) The trip there and back is about eight miles, so that was a nice bike ride, and I stopped for dinner at McDonald's on the way home (my burger was kind of disappointing, but whatever). I also got a fair amount of stuff done from my to-do list, so yay.

2. Over the last few days I've been trying to read more Homestuck. I'm still not caught up because after the initial rush, I've just been distracted by stuff and only reading a bit here and there, which means I'm not only not getting caught up, but am falling further and further behind. >_< But today I started Act 6!

Homestuck feels, spoilery through Act 5 )

Also I really want fic based on this art. Alternatively, I will take recs for any humanstuck high school AUs starring Tavros, Gamzee, and Karkat as BFFs.

Haha wow

Apr. 18th, 2012 06:58 pm
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So, Equius! I was unimpressed with him based on the introduction convo between him and Nepeta, but now I am just like omg how ridiculously adorkable are you!? That convo between him and Gamzee! I, I'm pretty sure this is the first fandom I've ever been in that has canonical D/s between thirteen-year-old boys. XD And then him and Aradia! Hahaha!

Which is all to say, I have now encountered something that makes me want to read fic? If you have any recs for Gamzee/Equius or Aradia/Equius or anyone/Equius or just Equius and his confused and confusing ~feelings~ please to be commenting here.
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That is what makes the Homestuck characters so awesome. They all are either always adorkable or at least have some ridiculous adorkable moments. I am in the first half of Act 5 now and reading all about the trolls and I was already liking some of them just from the pesterlogs, but now it is like MY HEART OMG.

So far my favorites are Karkat, Tavros, Nepeti, and Terezi, but I haven't met everybody yet and some others may grow on me more the more I see them. (And also already Sollux is pretty close to those four.)
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1. I managed not to default on Remix this year, woohoo! My fic still needs some finishing touches (and I better not forget to add a summary before things go live! Though amazingly enough I thought of a title (and remix subtitle) with no problem, before I even finished the fic, which happens absolutely never), but I feel accomplished.

2. I just finished act four of Homestuck and I love EVERYONE. Every single character. Even the bad guys and the minor characters are just delightful. (One of my favorite parts so far has been the Mayor's adventures. His little city! Eating the chalk! The mayo(r) sash that he refuses to take off!) Also the Con Air "reunion" at the end of act 4 and CG's reaction to it omg. I love John's enthusiasm for bad movies and his utter lack of shame about it. I mean, I also love Dave's ironic irony and all, but John! His glee at giving the babies the bunnies! (Also the whole bit a while back where he basically kidnapped one of those salamanders, named "her" Casey and kept "her" in his catpchalogue. How many times will he re-enact this scene? I don't know, but I think I could happily watch him do it again and again.) Also I love the story so much!

So far not feeling any desire to read or write fanfic, but that might change.


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