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1. I seem to have past the phase of really wanting a soda. Now I don't even think about it, so that's good. Not really missing the caffeine, either. I'm not going to cut it out completely (for example, I'm going out to lunch with my mom this Friday and will probably have a soda then), but going to really limit it to an occasional thing when I go out to eat.

2. We sell fresh baked goods from several local bakeries at my work and the one that we get all our fresh mochi & Japanese sweets from had some trouble and is out of commission indefinitely, so we're going to be getting stuff from Fugetsu-do now! Their stuff is way better than the other two we were carrying, and customers are always asking if we have their stuff, so I think it will sell well. The owner came today to talk with my manager and he brought lots of samples for us. I had a bunch of their peanut butter mochi and chocolate mochi, among other things, and I think I will have to buy a package of the pb ones when we officially start selling them. They're so good. *_* The mochi itself is strawberry flavored, so it's sort of like a peanut butter & jelly taste. (The chocolate one is also really good, with chocolate filling, not just chocolate flavored mochi.)

3. Speaking of snacks, I got my next Graze box in the mail today, so it's a good thing I finally tackled that backlog of photos.

One from my 5th box, plus the last of the old ones )
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1. Had a nice lazy day off. I wish it hadn't been so much on the lazy side, but idk, I was just lacking motivation to do anything until this evening when I finally perked up and got some stuff done. I hate when that happens, but oh well.

2. I fell behind with my Graze reviews because I often eat them at work and it's more of a pain to do it from there and then I forget when I get home. So I had a bunch of photos but needed to write reviews. Then it got to be so many that I didn't want to spam them (since I post them to tumblr, too). But today I just wrote up a few and tried to space out posting them throughout the day, so I got about half of them done. :) (Which is good as I have a new box coming soon.)

The ones I posted today! )
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1. I'm going to have to work Friday evening, which I'm not thrilled about, but at least it's in the evening so I can still sleep in, and since I have to cut hours elsewhere in order to be able to work Friday, I am not going in until two tomorrow, so I can sleep in then, too. :D (In fact, while I will set my alarm for one just in case, I will almost certainly be able to wake up without the alarm, which is always nice. I hate being jerked out of sleep like I was this morning.)

2. Tried another new Graze snack today. :) Summer berry compote )

3. I had french toast for dinner, and not just any french toast, but raisin bread french toast. So good!

4. I finally finished watching Madoka Magica. It was pretty good! It's not my favorite thing ever (the first half especially was kind of boring, and if I hadn't known vague spoilery stuff about it that made me want to keep going, I would probably have dropped it), but I enjoyed it. Mostly I'm glad to have watched it because it's one of those things that everyone seems to always be talking about and referencing and now I know what they're talking about!
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1. I got my third Graze box in the mail today! Which reminds me, I posted these reviews on instagram and tumblr but completely forgot to post them over here, so have some snack reviews:

Three snacks under the cut! )

2. I remembered to start my new book club book! I posted about this round's book over on tumblr and will probably talk more about it here in my Wednesday Reading post.

3. I started watching Shingeki no Kyojin and am really enjoying it so far (though not as much as Hataraku Maou-sama, which is the awesomest). I will probably read the manga, too, at some point.
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1. Irene arrived last night and Alexander was able to pick her up from the airport, which was nice. (Less nice: standing around in the airport waiting for half an hour because while her plane got in early, there was no place for it to go, so they had to sit on the plane until the scheduled arrival time before getting off.)

2. I have three days off in a row! I'm pretty excited about that. Saturday and Sunday are going to be pretty busy, but tomorrow we're just relaxing and running a couple errands.

3. I got my Zipcar card in the mail today and reserved a car for Tuesday so we can go ALL the places. :D

4. I tried the first snack from my second Graze box yesterday (and then forgot to post it). cranberry and honey nut granola )

5. I have a Wii U! :D I haven't played it yet because we just set it up tonight and it had to go through a very lengthy software update and now I'm tired, but I'm excited to play Mario tomorrow. The compilation disc that came with the system looks fun, too. It's a bunch of little arcade type games but all Nintendo themed (with Mario, Link, etc).
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1. I got all the drawers done for my bed today and it is now complete! Photo! )

2. I had my last snack from my first Graze box (new one should be coming this week sometime).

honeycomb crunch )

Honeycomb crunch is a mix of raisins, almonds, and chocolate covered honeycomb. I am a big fan of nuts, honeycomb, and trail mix in general so I knew I’d love it before I even tried it and was not disappointed.
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1. Got a call today to schedule my bed delivery and they said they can deliver it tomorrow! I'm very happy about that, since otherwise I would have had to work half and half on Friday and Saturday, since they are already going to be kind of short-handed this Saturday and I would need to be there at least for a couple hours in the morning. But now I don't have to worry about any of that. :) Also tomorrow night I should be sleeping on my new bed!

2. The internet was out at work today. Again. Apparently whatever they thought got fixed on Tuesday didn't actually, so this time they were going to have the faulty whatever it was completely replaced. But someone couldn't come out and do it until like 6pm, so we were without internet the whole day. And just like Monday, it was order day. Gah! But at least I had more stuff to keep me busy today than Monday, and hopefully after today's repairs it will really for real be fixed.

3. Today was my coworker's last day and she brought in spam musubi and a cake for everyone, both of which were delicious.

4. Tried another Graze snack. :) el picante )

5. Tonight's Community was so great! Definitely my favorite so far this season, and up there with the paintball episodes as one of my all-time favorites.
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1. I tried my second Graze snack today and it was just as delicious as the first! super berry detox )

2. Today was actually a GREAT day for snacks all around! We got in some new Pocky, matcha cream flavor, and they are so good! Both the coating and the cookie are matcha flavor. (Which I guess I became a fan of at some point? idk)

And then we had these Okinawan sweet potato manjus half off because the company had accidentally sent us a whole tray of them that we didn't order, and didn't charge us for them so we just kept them. But they're regularly over $4 for a three pack and the expiration date was only a week or so from when they arrived, so there were a ton leftover. Today was the last day and they were marked down to $1.98 per pack, so I bought five packs. XD They're so good, though. I had never tried them before, but when they came and we realised they were free, my manager let us all try some and I got hooked. XD The outside is really buttery and tasted pretty much like shortbread, and then there's yummy sweet potato goodness inside.
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1. Internet was still out this morning when I got to work, but thankfully came back on around eleven. I got lots of stuff done today, but because of being unable to do anything yesterday (plus instead of just checking invoices against yesterday's POs, I have to make POs for all the invoices, since yesterday they just ordered with hand-written lists), am even more behind. >_<

2. I had my first Graze snack today! summer berry flapjack )

3. And speaking of snacks, there is a new series of Triscuits made with brown rice. I got one that is brown rice with red bean (pretty sure they mean kidney beans not azuki) and it's so good! There's also one with sweet potato that I want to try.

4. My bed shipped! I was really hoping it could be delivered on Friday, since I have the day off, but apparently it's going to be Saturday, so I'll see tomorrow if I can work Friday and have Saturday off. Should be no problem, since there's not anything particular on Saturdays that I need to do.

5. I beat the last challenge stage of Zuma! Now if my itunes gift card would just get here so I could buy those Luxor games. I need more marble action!

6. It was really hot for a couple days last week but this week seems to be overcast and fairly cool. (The weekend is supposed to be hot again, but at least I can enjoy some nice weather before that.)


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