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For those times when nothing but a macro will do.

Now in icon form, too!

I've been headdesking a lot lately, as have many I know, and in the end, this is usually what it comes down to, so take. Use. I know there are a lot of you who have need of it.

And so much thanks to [ profile] telesilla for reminding me of this site when I was frustratedly googling to try and find a good picture. (You should check it out. Commentary is hilarious, as are the pics.)
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So Ruth started [ profile] muse_secrets, a comm where you can post postcards with your characters' secrets on them, and I made this one for Est!Ewan.

I'm really pleased with it. Had a bit of trouble finding bondage pics but then remembered the 70s porn Ruth posted a couple months ago and got a few good ones from there. I would have preferred something even rougher, but was too lazy and impatient to really search.
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So [ profile] mirabellawotr said in regards to a recent Harry Potter wank, "This calls for some sort of eternal, mystical, Zen facepalming, like how if Krishna ever puts his foot down the universe will come to an end. There can even be a new goddess to be its avatar - Whatthefucknu, dancing eight-armed goddess of facepalming, who holds the seven Harry Potter books in seven of her hands and a banhammer in the other; only representationally, of course, because in her literal incarnation she would need all those hands to facepalm with."

Of course that immediately sent me off to Google images, where I found this picture of Kali that I thought would do well. I grabbed pictures of the six available HP books from Amazon, and Google images again came to my rescue with a picture of a mallet to use for the banhammer.

After some careful editing, I got this... )

I'm exceedingly pleased with it.


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