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Uh, guys? What happened to my stuff that was in my house after the housing revamp? I saw something that said all my stuff had been packed into moving boxes, but I don't know where to access those. They're not in my new house, and not in any of my bags or slots or anywhere that I can see. I don't really need all those purple flowers, and I suppose I can easily buy or make all the stuff like the piggie-feeders and butterfly-milkers and stuff, but. I kind of want my stuff!

Also, I feel bad about my poor Glitch brain. I don't care that it takes me forever to learn high-level new skills, because I'm not doing anything else, and I can always donate them down if I want to, but seeing the picture of the poor sweating overtaxed brain every time I go to the skills page makes me feel bad. -_-;;; I am at 99/37 skills and have a 2062% time penalty. XD (That is what happens when you learn ALL the skills, including all the Unlearnings, which I will never use because why would I want to unlearn anything when the goal is ALL THE SKILLS. Right now I'm learning Transcendental Ratiation II, which is the last skill currently available that I need to learn.)
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1. I didn't buy anything today. I'm really happy about that! I've gotten into the bad habit of buying something pretty much every day, whether it's lunch/dinner, or a snack, or a soda, and I just really do not want to be buying stuff all the time, and I certainly don't need to. I've got plenty of food at home, even if it's not exciting or it needs to be cooked and I don't feel like it. I'm hoping to not buy anything tomorrow, too!

2. I did get a couple free sandwiches tonight. They are not great sandwiches to begin with, and I would never buy them at full price ($2.98), but the leftover ones are $1 each the next day, and I sometimes buy those, and then like tonight if I can sometimes get the two-day leftover ones that are going to be thrown away, I will certainly take them for free. :D Anyway, I ended up taking out the meat from a roast beef one and making a better sandwich with it. The reason these sandwiches are kind of sucky is that they're super plain. For example, the roast beef one has meat, a bit of lettuce, and a bit of mustard on a sub roll. That is it! So plain! I put the roast beef on some King's Hawaiian rolls, added a bit of mayo and miso onion dressing, along with some pea sprouts, and had delicious mini sandwiches. :D

3. The other day I was playing Lego HP and hit a glitchy level. It's the first level of Deathly Hallows part 2, where you are going in to the bank vaults. I tried forever to hit the five red lights and turn them green, but there's no way to aim, it just auto-aims or whatever, and I got four of them but the last one it refused to recognise, no matter how many times I went past it shooting. ;_; So I just turned it off and then was afraid to play the level again lest it give me the same problem a second time, but tonight I finally tried it and it was okay! I was able to get through! Also it's a horrible level overall. Like, every part of it kind of sucks. D: But anyway. Still a fun game!

4. Oh, and speaking of games, Glitch introduced Imagination! A lot of stuff is still in the testing phase, apparently, but you can play around with houses and stuff, and everything is all changed around. I was afraid I had lost all the stuff I had in my old house, but I was able to teleport back there and go inside, so as soon as I clear out some slots in my bags, I will pick up all my stuff. I have my still and my feeding thingers and meat collectors and milkers, plus like a million purple flowers I grew and just left on the floor because I had no room.
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1. I was so busy with Remix I forgot to say that someone bought me two months paid DW time, and a couple other people donated some points! :D Thank you!

2. There's three new areas in Glitch! I started exploring one of them tonight and also did some fox-brushing. It's fiddly at first, but once I got the hang of it, I was raking in the fur! Also I just realised that now it shows dotted lines for streets you haven't visited yet!!! So awesome!

3. I had a very restful day today, which I really needed. (I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow, especially since it's a long day, but at least I can sleep in.)

4. I ordered pizza for dinner and it was delicious. And even the thought of walking down the street to the gas station to get a soda was more than I felt up to, so I got a dessert + soda deal with it. :D

5. I actually didn't read Homestuck at all today, but I did read some manga and got caught up on Bleach and One Piece (which I was only a couple chapters behind on) and got some of my Naruto backlog read (I'm now only 7 chapters behind!). After that I just have Reborn and Bakuman to catch up with, and Bakuman ended this week, so once I finish what I have (which is like 25 chapters *headdesk*), at least that will be one less weekly series to follow.
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1. After two days of working in the morning, I can sleep in tomorrow since I don't have to work until 1.45. :D

2. I'm really enjoying this electric lapblanket I got for Christmas.

3. I read a couple Yuletide fics! I keep seeing loads of stuff recced on my flist and wanting to read, but just not having a chance. I know I don't have to read ALL the fics (or even all the ones that seem interesting to me) before reveals or anything, but I also know how I am about bookmarking stuff for later and then never getting around to reading it, so I want to try and read as much as I can while it's still "Yuletide season" and I have the reminder that these fics exist. :p

4. I got some translating stuff done today, too.

5. And of course I played some Glitch. :D :D :D I am finally getting somewhere with the tinctures and potions! Just one more of each and I will have fulfilled those quests! I also fiiiiinally was able to make tree poison and have sucked it up and poisoned some trees in order to fulfill the various plant new trees quests. (I hate how guilty it makes you feel for poisoning the trees! I wish it would just kill them outright and not draw it out. -_-) I also realised that the plant five seeds in your backyard quest does not say they have to be five different seeds, so since all I can grow in my swamp house is an egg plant, I can just grow one five times. Also I reached level 34!


Dec. 25th, 2011 01:38 am
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1. Hmm, I was hoping for more holiday-themed in-game stuff like there was for Halloween, but so far the only thing I saw was the cracker? (I need to find someone to open it with me!)

2. Ugh, I am really frustrated with the whole tincturing and potion-making situation. I want to build up these skills (and I really want the damn tree poison!), but they're making it so hard. ;_; I feel like they didn't really think these skills through well at all when they added them. I sold my house in Bortola a few days ago and have been poking at listings for swampy places, but only the most basic houses are for sale, presumably because everyone else who's playing Glitch and didn't already live in Chakra Phool, Jethimadh or Shilma Mirch also wants to move there. :-/ (And I still have the "plant trees in your backyard" quest to finish, so once I do a bunch of herb-farming in my swampy house, I will then have to sell that house and buy a house where I can plant trees... Gah!)

3. Speaking of quests, when I logged on tonight I had like six new quests all of a sudden. One of them was perhaps the easiest thing I've ever done (related to eyeballery; you just have to look around and answer a multiple choice question). Several of them are teleportation-related, which makes sense because I did learn a new level of teleportation not that long ago, but some (like the eyeballery one) are just totally random, so I'm not sure why I got hit with a whole slew of them at once tonight.

4. I have been auctioning a lot of stuff in-game. I've found that I can make quite a bit off stuff like Awesome Stews and they sell really quickly. Not that I really need money for anything at the moment, but there's probably a badge I can earn if I keep hoarding it. XD (If only the auctions were for real money... :p)

5. I still have one invite left if anyone wants to play!
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1. Day off tomorrow + payday today.

2. I made chocolate chip cookies tonight, only instead of chocolate chips, I used coconut M&Ms. *_* Also last night Irene made a super delicious spicy bean/corn/chicken soup. I've been eating it with Triscuits, because they go really well together.

3. In Glitch news, I finished learning Animal Kinship VII tonight. :D Now that I have a ton of butterfly milk and meat all the time I've been using it for donations along with gems and sparkly. I also donated a bunch of hooch tonight with good results.

I still haven't done much with tincturing or potion-making due to the lack of herbs. :-/ I did make one tincture (the purple flower one), though. I need to devote some time to wandering the ancestral homelands and see if I can get some seeds that way. I got tons of seeds the first time around, and of course I donated/auctioned/planted them all because I didn't have a use for them. And now that I want seeds, every trap I tripped gave me something else. >_<
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I am due to finish learning Soil Appreciation V tomorrow night when I get home from work and don't really have any strong feelings about what I should learn next, so I figured I'd make a poll. Feel free to vote even if you have never played Glitch and have no idea what I'm talking about. Just vote by the sound of the skill name! XD But if you do play Glitch and you have a preference, tell me what is awesome about these skills.

I am tempted to go with Gardening or Meditation since they're both just two-day skills. Tinkering is three days, Animal Kinship five, and Teleportation six. Of course for all of those I'll donate them down as far as I can, because I like doing that and have a ton of stuff to donate.

Poll #8730 Gitch skills!
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What should I learn next?

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Gardening IV
3 (10.7%)

Meditative Arts III
9 (32.1%)

Tinkering IV
3 (10.7%)

Animal Kinship VI
9 (32.1%)

Teleportation IV
4 (14.3%)


Dec. 7th, 2011 01:58 am
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1. Ughhhhhh why can't I grow herbs in my own garden? This sucks. :( Thinking of selling my house in Bortola and moving down to Schimla Mirch or somewhere. I wonder if they'll make herb vendors at some point? Because right now you can have a house down there and grow herbs and still buy all your produce at a grocery vendor, but not the other way around. I found like six purple flowers ready for harvesting in the communal gardens but just one tincture needs 23 flowers. DDD:

2. Speaking of ugh, just my luck that I never stocked up on tree poison because I never needed it before. So now I have a quest to plant three trees, but I have no tree poison! I didn't even realise you couldn't buy it anymore and was going to gardening vendors and wondering why no one had it and then thought to look it up on the wiki and saw that because you can make it with potioning now you can't buy it anymore. But...even though I learned potioning, I have no tinctures! *cries*

Of course I could buy herbs or tree poison on auctions, but I don't want to spend the money (I didn't look at herbs, but I'm sure they're super jacked up in price now; tree poison certainly was).

3. On a happy note, I reached level 30 yesterday!

4. Is the DNA thing a relatively new addition? Because I've found three DNA spots (well, four, but I was in a hurry while passing through that street, so I didn't stop to find the spot and now have to go back for it) in the space of a few days, but never came across any during my exploration phase. I mean, I hurried through a lot of streets and/or just poked my head in and then out again when I was going for completist badges, but that humming is very noticeable. (I wish ghost spots hummed, maybe then I would have found more than one ghost by now.)

5. Since hearing about the welcome wagon bag project I've wanted to do that. Basically you fill up a bag with useful stuff and give it to a low-level player. I filled one up mostly with food and was wondering if I would be able to find anyone now that the game is back in beta, but the fourth or fifth person I checked out was level four and was happy to take my bag. :D I definitely want to do that again. It's also a good way to get rid of regular bags so I can replace them with bigger bags and/or toolboxes. ^_^;;

I feel like there was something else I wanted to say but I forgot...
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1. So much Glitch-related happiness! I started exploring the new sections of Aranna last night. Is there a badge for it yet? If so, I've missed a street somewhere; will have to check and see. (I was very disappointed when I explored it before only to find there was no badge! But it seems much more finished now, so.) Also I will have finished learning Animal Kinship VI in under an hour, timed perfectly so that I can start on Remote Herdkeeping before I go to work. :) I also distilled my first batch of hootch yesterday. That's...time-consuming. I think next time I'll set my still up in my house and fill it full and just leave it while I go off and explore and/or mine.

2. The December [community profile] kink_bingo mini-challenge is to create short fanworks. I am so excited about this! I haven't written anything since June and am just feeling so unwritey lately, but the idea of doing a drabble bingo is really appealing! I am almost 100% certain I could pull that off, whereas I have zero confidence in actually being able to write a regular-bingo-length fic, much less a full line of them.

3. More packages mailed! If you paid for it, it's been mailed!

4. We got a thing in the mail yesterday advertising that Subway has $2 six-inch subs for December, so I'm going to stop on the way home from work and get a couple for dinner. (It's only for the meatball sub or cold cut sub, so not a lot of choices, but those are both good.)

5. No more bad winds since Wednesday night, and the power was on at work and things mostly cleaned up when I got in yesterday.

6. Community was hilarious last night. Wee!Shirley is my favorite! (Also she looks exactly like one of my best friends in elementary school.)

Daily Happysong:

AAA - Minna Star!
This is a cover of a High School Musical song. XD I've never seen High School Musical, either in English or Japanese, but the song is pretty catchy.
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I thought about including this on my Daily Happiness post, but really I just want to talk about Glitch in a post of its own.

Today they released new skills! I am so excited! I'm learning Distilling as we speak, and since it's such a short one, it will be finished by the time I wake up, so I can set something else to learn before I go to work. :D The question is, should it be Tincturing I or Animal Kinship VI? Tincturing is shorter and shiny and new, but I really do want to get Remote Herdkeeping, so I need to do Animal Kinship VI! (And it's fairly short itself, not even two days, plus of course I will donate it down a bunch.)

Anyway, speaking of learning skills and donating, I had a fun conversation on twitter today with [personal profile] pulchritude about our different playing styles. So how do you prefer to learn stuff? Do you donate a lot to reduce the time or just wait it out? I also like to donate because it's a good way of getting a lot of experience quickly, so for me it kills two birds with one stone.

And because I donate a lot, I can easily get rid of stuff like gems and music blocks that take up a lot of room in my bags. I also donate a lot of sparkly, since I mine so much and have more than I need for grinding (the main thing I grind for right now is shrine powder).

It's so funny, because we were also talking about having enough space for stuff, and I never feel like my bags are full these days, even though I that used to be such a big problem for me earlier on. It's not even that I've got bigger and more bags now, though that is a little bit of it. But I have really streamlined things and my style has changed.

I used to have a ton of food in my bags at all times because I needed to eat a lot and replenish my energy. But after a while, I started using the daily energy replenishment to my advantage, and that combined with the fact that I'm at a higher level and have a lot more energy to start with, and the fact that I have high cooking skills and can make meals that replenish 200 energy each, means I don't have to eat that often and just keep a small stock of these high-energy meals for when I do.

So while I always have a big stock of veggies and stuff in my bag for cooking, I don't have a lot of meals taking up space. And my main strategy is to play until I use up my energy, then go do something else until the new Glitch day dawns and refills my energy without me having to eat something. (This also works well for getting rid of stuff in my bags. I'll mine until my bags are getting full, then I'll donate and grind until I have plenty of room again, and go back to mining.)

And I carry everything in my bags with me! I tried using the cupboard at my house once, but then I kept finding that I needed things that I left there, even though I thought I wouldn't need them. So now the only thing I keep there are cubimals.

Anyway, so rambly! But I just want to talk about Glitch with people! Tell me your strategies! What are you working on right now?


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