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1. Chloe and Jasper played a lot today! Mostly chasing around the house, which is good, because Chloe is always wanting someone to chase her. And Molly came over to examine him once when he was in quiet mode (he had just been sleeping until she came in the room). She didn't get right up close, but was a couple feet away. Progress!

2. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I've gotten so spoiled by Prime that it's really annoying to order things from other websites or (as in this case) from non-Prime shippers. But since Miracle Mask is no longer being published, my choices were rather limited and the Prime shippers were all much more expensive. Anyway, I've only played a little bit so far, but am of course enjoying it.

I had to turn off 3D for it, though, as I do with most games. The problem with 3D is if you move the 3DS even a tiny bit (or move your eyes the wrong way), everything gets blurry and out of focus, and I always seem to be moving it. But in order to make things 3D, they changed the art style a bit and the graphics don't look as good (even in 3D, the characters look polygon-y). So that's a bummer. Also if there are puzzles that require 3D I guess I'll have to be turning it on and off.

3. Look at this cutie little guy! He likes to hop into my chair as soon as I get up.

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1. I actually slept in until ten this morning (and could have actually slept longer, but I had plans for brunch with my mom at 10:30). For the last several weeks, even on my days off and late days, I was still waking up around nine or earlier, and it just felt nice to actually sleep in when I had the opportunity. (I was really groggy all morning, though, so I do wish I could have slept longer!)

2. I'm nearly done with Professor Layton and the Last Specter. Just the epilogue left to do (and any missing puzzles). I really zoomed through this one! I like the addition of the multi-tap function, in addition to just regular tapping (finding even more hidden things is always a draw for me in any game) and I found most of the puzzles to be a good level for me (though there were definitely a few where I had to use all four hints). I also like the addition of Emmy as assistant. Anyway, even though I should play Paper Mario Sticker Star now, since that's the other game I got for Christmas, I've gone and ordered Miracle Mask off Amazon just now... ^_^;;

3. I got manga posted and some other manga translated. Not as much as I'd hoped because ??? I honestly have no idea what I did with my day, but apparently it wasn't that. Oh well.

4. It's supposed to rain pretty much every day for the foreseeable future. I'm really happy about all this rain, though I do hope most of it is at night when I'm not out doing stuff.

5. The cats continue to be impossibly cute. Seriously, it's like every time I find them snuggling, they're in an even cuter position than before!

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1. Very busy day at work today, with people on vacation and people out sick, but I got a lot done.

2. I'm enjoying Luigi's Mansion so much! I know I've said this before several times, but it is really a lot of fun. I enjoyed the original Luigi's Mansion for the GameCube, but it was really short, so I was worried this might be the same, but it's not only much longer, but has so many hidden things, there's going to be a lot of replay value. You can get between one and three stars on each level based on how much stuff you collect, and I've only gotten one three-star level so far.

3. I woke up this morning to find these sweeties in bed with me.

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1. It's soooooo nice to have two days off. Though between this week and last week, I am getting too used to it, lol.

2. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but at least it's in the afternoon, so I can still sleep in and relax in the morning, and hopefully get a bunch more translation done!

3. I got a good amount of translation done today. Not as much as I'd anticipated, but of course that almost never happens, so.

4. Carla made a super delicious mint chocolate cheesecake tonight.

5. On a rec from [personal profile] alias_sqbr, I downloaded The Room, a very addicting puzzle game. Definitely worth the dollar price.

6. There was some hardcore kitten cuddling going on today:

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I'm still taking topic suggestions for the December meme, if you want me to talk about something.

[personal profile] gorgeousnerd asked me to name my top five video games.

That's tough! I've been playing video games for a really long time. XD There are some games I loved so much but haven't played in decades and maybe wouldn't even like if I played them now. And there are games I loved but just don't think about so maybe I'll totally overlook something when making this list! And there's also the whole thing where I freeze up when asked to narrow down my favorite anythings or put favorites in order.

So rather than this being some sort of definitive list, where I put things in order of how much I like them, this is instead five games I have loved over the years and would not hesitate to recommend as some my top favorite games.

Oooookay, well, that ended up being like 1500 words, so cut tag time )

Well...that's five games! I feel like I also should have included something Mario, because I love Mario so much, but it's also really hard to pick a favorite Mario. If I had to pick, maybe the Galaxy series or 3D World. But I also really love all the New SMB games for going back to sidescrolling and just updating the graphics, because I really do love that.

I don't need 3D, guys! I don't need realistic-looking RPGs, either! Just give me stuff that looks like an SNES game but updated with better graphics and gameplay. XD That's all I ask!
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1. I got a nice bike ride in today, a little over six miles. So far I'm doing really well on my goal to not only get out for a walk or bike ride on my days off, but to make sure it's a longer one and not just a mile or two. I stopped at Jamba Juice while I was out, which I haven't been to in ages, so that was nice.

One thing that sometimes keeps me from going out on my days off is I feel like it will take up the whole day and I won't have time for anything else. But all three of the longer outings I've taken so far this year, including the one where I got lunch and sang karaoke for an hour while I was out, have not felt like that at all. In fact, I've gone out fairly early in the day all three times (early for me, meaning mid afternoon) and then the whole rest of the day I've been surprised by how early it is, so it's actually made me feel like I had more time.

2. I downloaded the demo for Bravely Default today finally. I've been meaning to but it seems like every time I hear about it and think "oh yeah, I should do that!" I just never actually do. I played a couple times for about an hour or so total and so far my verdict is...I'm not sure! It's fun to play a real RPG again, as I honestly can't remember the last time I played one. But I dislike that the rebuilding your village thing relies so much on Street Pass, and I don't like it when you can choose your characters' job classes (it's too much choice! Just give me a set party!). I do think I'd like to play another real RPG sometime in the near future, but I'm not sure if I want it to be this or not. I will definitely be playing some more of the demo, though. You can access it up to 30 times.

3. Speaking of games, I have now got 100% for Worlds 3 and 4 of Super Mario 3D World and am working on World 5. I have got a few levels done in World 6, but then decided to take a break and go back and get the earlier stuff I was missing.

4. Verdict on the Cinnamon & Sugar Pringles = pretty tasty! I would definitely buy another tube if they still have them next time I'm at the store.

5. I finally watched both episodes of the Community season premiere and really liked it! (Though I actually liked last season a lot, too, and couldn't tell any difference between it and the earlier seasons.) The dean was great, as usual. "It's my i-dean-tity!" XD
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[personal profile] telesilla asked what appeals to me when it comes to video games in general--what makes me like a certain franchise or type of game?

This is certainly a timely question as I have been VERY FIRED UP about video games lately (and in fact Ruth mentioned that in her comment!). this is long and more My History of Gaming than actually answering the question, oops )
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1. I am just loving all the delicious cheap persimmons I've been having lately. (Though I ate too many yesterday and my guts were really not happy with me, so I'm trying to not just completely binge on them!)

2. ZELDAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I actually didn't play as much today as I thought I would, because I kept doing this thing where I say okay, I'll play after I do something on my to-do list, and then instead of doing anything on my to-do list, I fart around on the internet. Then I look at the game and am like, man, I really want to play, but I'd better do something on my to-do list first. Lather, rinse, repeat. Anyway, I did finally play a bit (though not even to the first real dungeon), and it's so great! Obviously very much like A Link to the Past in terms of the world and gameplay and the general look and feel, but we knew that going in, and also I don't mind because A Link to the Past is still my favorite Zelda game ever.

3. I did get a bit of stuff done on my to-do list, including getting a new chapter of Yasha posted, which finishes up volume three and makes this the first time I've ever finished a volume in less than a year (sometimes it's taken me several years). I feel like this year (especially the second half) has been really great for me in terms of scanlations, and I hope that continues next year as well. I also did some housework and cooking and caught up a bit on Night Vale while doing so (I had the last two episodes I hadn't listened to yet, and managed to get through one and a half of them today).

4. I went to IHOP with my mom for lunch and they had holiday pancakes! They have never again had the super delicious gingerbread pancakes they had several years ago, much to my dismay, but they did have pumpkin and eggnog, and I got the eggnog ones today, which were pretty tasty (and also came with eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns, which I haven't had in ages and were tasty, too).

5. I finally broke out the electric lap blanket my mom got me for Christmas two years ago and it's been keeping me toasty here at my desk all evening.
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1. I got my first gym badge in Pokemon X! That battle was actually really easy. I guess wandering around the forest catching Pokemon (and incidentally levelling up my Chespin a whole bunch) paid off. :D

(Though on the down side, I once again ran into a Pikachu and was too strong for it and knocked it out before I could catch it. D:)

2. There's a promotion at work right now where you get a cute little keychain/cellphone strap if you buy four packages of Hokto brand mushrooms. We have this promotion every year, but this is the first time I've actually wanted to get one. I like the fact that they have rainbow backgrounds. XD

3. I made hayashi stew tonight. So delicious! And it was a good thing to put my mushrooms in, since I now have four packages of them. ^_^;;
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1. Nobody called in sick today at work! (One person went home early but someone else was able to stay a little longer to help cover before the next cashier came, so it wasn't too bad.)

2. All of the fossils I dug up today in Animal Crossing were duplicates, so I was able to sell them rather than give them to the museum and so I finally had enough money to pass an ordinance. (I think it's pretty ridic that the mayor has to pay 20,000 bells out of pocket to pass an ordinance, but whatever.) My villagers kept bugging me about not having passed any. I should also donate some more money to the campsite I'm trying to fund. So far I've donated like 3000 bells and the villagers have added a couple hundred. Being a mayor is costly.

3. I get to sleep in tomorrow! (Which is good, because damn it, it's 2am again already!)

4. My new glasses shipped today!

5. And best of all...Irene got a job today! It's at a grocery store the next town over from her, so not quite as convenient as her last job, but it's not too far, and while it's only part-time, the starting pay is $9 and overall it sounds like a really good place to work.
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1. I'm still annoyed that the store did not have any pumpkin yesterday, but the pumpkin cupcakes I got instead are pretty tasty.

2. It was pretty busy today at work, but I did get caught up on almost all my invoices from last week.

3. One of my coworkers liked the music I brought in so much she asked if she could give me a USB drive and copy it for her. :D

4. I'm really enjoying Animal Crossing. Today I finally paid off my first loan so I could expand...which of course cost me another 98,000 bells. *cries* But at least now I'll have a house that can hold more than like two pieces of furniture.

5. It's been really nice weather lately. Looks like we made it through September without a really bad heat spell after all. (Hope that doesn't jinx things for the last week of the month... :p)
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1. Today was a Bug Off in Animal Crossing and I got first place! At first I just kept catching nothing but monarch butterflies and grasshoppers, neither of which are worth much, even when they're really good specimens, but then I caught a couple of birdwing butterflies, one of which ended up being worth 104 points.

2. Another busy day at work. One cashier was still out sick, so it was kind of hectic in the morning, but not too bad. Sales were really good today, though.

3. [personal profile] eruthros was talking about pumpkin bread, which made me really want some, so I asked my mom to email me her recipe and I'm going to make some tomorrow, assuming there is pumpkin at the store and it's not too expensive.

recipe under the cut! )

It's nothing fancy, but she's made it every year for Christmas my whole life, so when I want pumpkin bread, that's what I want. I usually like it plain with no raisins or nuts (though just raisins is okay; it's just the walnuts that are a total DNW), but I have a lot of chocolate chips right now, so I think I might add those this time.

4. This weekend Plants vs Zombies 2 is having some sort of thing where all the gates need fewer keys to open them, so if there are gates you haven't been able to open yet due to lack of keys, this weekend might be the time to try! (The announcement did get me back to playing a bit, even though there aren't currently any gates that I had reached but not opened.)

5. Day off again tomorrow. No plans except sleeping in and seeing if I can get my hands on some pumpkin.
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1. I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, yay. I'm always excited when Wednesday comes around. :p

2. All that's in my work inbox is today's invoices for our two biggest vendors (about 20 invoices each). A fair amount of new invoices come in on Wednesdays, plus about half of my day is devoted to putting up the new sale signs, but between tomorrow and Thursday I should be able to clear my inbox out completely! And I just found out that the head cashier is going back to Korea for a little over two weeks next month and I will probably have to help out at the register a lot more with her gone, so I really want to stay on top of my inbox and not let a big backlog pile up again.

3. My neighbors were being really noisy tonight, but it's cool enough (especially at night) that I could just close my windows and not have to listen to them!

4. Plants vs Zombies 2 is really, really fun! I have basically not even played with my brand new 3DS since I got it because I downloaded this game at the same time and have become obsessed. XD After you go through the levels normally and get to end of that section, you can go back to the levels again and each one has three challenge versions that you can do to earn more stars (stars are needed to unlock the next section). So right now even though I beat the first section and have enough stars to move on, I've been going back and getting all the other stars from this section. The challenges are pretty fun!
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1. I was really, really tempted to not go out anywhere today, but I did eventually go take a walk, even if just a short one. (The month is half over and I've walked or biked every day so far, so I really don't want to break that streak!)

2. I'm really enjoying Plants vs. Zombies 2! It hasn't felt at all like it's just trying to get my money. If this model of gaming is going to continue to be popular, I hope more companies make their games like this, so as to be enjoyable games that just happen to have stuff you can buy.

3. I did kind of slack off earlier in the day, but still managed to get quite a bit of translating done tonight.

4. I made omrice for lunch, which I haven't had in a long time. It was (unsurprisingly) delicious! :D
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1. I'm on level 8 or so of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and really enjoying it. I was wary about the free-to-play aspect, but at least so far it doesn't seem like it's the sort of game that tries to force you to buy stuff, just has it as an option for those who want it (for example, you can use real money to do things like buy extra coins, buy keys to proceed through locked areas sooner than you would if you collected the keys, buy certain plants that aren't yet available to you, etc).

The theme is time travel and the first stages are in ancient Egypt, so it's all mummy-themed zombies. (I assume there will be other time periods later as well.) There's some new plants (I love the boomerang guy) and it seems like more puzzle-type levels than the first game, though it's been so long since I played that, I could be misremembering. Anyway, really fun so far!

2. And speaking of games, my 3DS arrived! At first when I got home I thought it hadn't come because I didn't see a package on the porch, but the box was small enough the mailman was able to put it between the screen door and the door (which I appreciate as it's less likely to get stolen!).

I've never actually seen a 3DS XL so I wasn't sure what to expect from the size. I had thought it might be a little larger, but it's actually quite small for being the XL version. The screen is nice and big, though not quite as big as the screen on the Wii U controller. It's going to take a while to get used to the 3D screen and having to hold it just right so it doesn't get all fuzzy.

Not only have I never played a 3D game before, I've yet to even see a 3D movie, so the whole phenomenon is new to me! Animal Crossing is not really a game that needs the 3D, so I'm curious to see if it makes jumps and stuff a lot easier to gauge in stuff like Mario and Zelda (both of which are games I plan to get in the near future, so).

Anyway, does anyone here play Animal Crossing New Leaf? I didn't really do much today, just got through the basics. I am Tora and my town is unimaginatively named Toratown.

3. A month or so ago we got in a new item at work, kimchi-flavored okazu nori. I have been vaguely interested, but just hadn't gotten around to trying it, but today Favorite Coworker bought some and gave me a piece and omg it's the best thing ever. *_* The kimchi flavor is strong and spicy, and the nori is really salty on top of that, so it's just this super delicious salty flavor. So I bought a couple packages myself and already ate one. ^_^;;
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1. We were short a cashier this morning, but I still managed to get quite a bit done at work.

2. This week I've had peaches, apricots, watermelon, and oranges, all of which have been delicious.

3. Earthbound has been released for the Wii U Virtual Console! I downloaded it tonight, but haven't played it yet (though that's probably what I'll spend a good chunk of my next day off doing).

4. After I downloaded Earthbound, I noticed there were some Nintendo Direct videos available to watch in the eshop so I clicked on one and I'm so glad I did because it turns out they're rereleasing the old NES DuckTales game for the Virtual Console (as well as for Steam, X-Box Live, and Playstation Network). There's a side-by-side comparison on youtube and the graphics look great. I'm hoping the controls have been reworked as well, because I remember them being kind of frustrating (as was often the case with NES games in general), but mostly I'm just really excited about it as I loved the original.

5. A storefront on my way to work that's been under construction for a little while finally has a sign out front and it's going to be a Chase bank. Since I opened my Chase account a couple years ago, I've done everything online (including opening the account), but it's nice to know there's going to be a convenient location if I ever do have to visit a branch.
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1. Super Luigi Bros. is really fun! It's also frustrating, because you start every level with only 100 seconds, so you can't really explore a lot and there are times when I see where the coin is, but don't have time to try multiple times to get it, so I just get what I can and then have to play the level again. (Not that playing the level again is a hardship, but still.) Due to the time limit, the levels are shorter than usual and don't have midway points, and on boss levels, you get an extra 100 seconds when you enter the boss door.

As fun as it is, though, I'm glad I was able to get the download version, which is only $20 as opposed to the $30 physical version (which also won't be out until end of August), since due to the shorter levels even though there are 80 of them, it does feel like a lot less game than the Mario version.

I would totally buy downloadable extra levels, though. Like if they made a full extra world with full length levels and you paid $5 to download or something? I'd buy it.

2. Day off tomorrow, yay. :) Looking forward to sleeping in and hope I'm not woken by a barking dog like I was this morning. (Woke me up almost an hour before my alarm and I wasn't really able to get back to sleep because it wouldn't shut up.)

3. I feel like I've made some real progress in tackling the monster mountain of invoices in my inbox this week. I got all the April invoices taken care of, and for all the vendors except the two major ones, I am completely caught up (for those two I have over a month's worth of backlog, but now that the other stuff is out of the way, I should be able to make faster progress with it).
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1. Oh man, there was a lot of cool stuff at E3 I guess? I'm (of course) especially excited about Nintendo stuffs, but the new Final Fantasy is beautiful and I'm excited for another Kingdom Hearts game, too (even though I never played much of the second one). But Nintendo!

Super Mario 3D World looks similar to Mario Galaxy in a lot of ways, but is also pretty different. You can play as not only Mario and Luigi, but also Peach (with her flutter) and Toad (who is faster). And the new power up is a cat suit!

And I had already wanted a 3DS because of the new Zelda game, but now I also really want to play Pokemon X&Y, since you can pet your Pokemon with the touch screen. *_*

2. I should have known I was too optimistic about work and being as undistracted as I was yesterday. I did manage to at least get all the April invoices done for one of the two big vendors, but I had been hoping to get them done for both.

3. Sleeping in tomorrow yay. (I really would like to get to the point where even on days when I have to be at work at 10, I'm waking up before the alarm, but that would require going to bed earlier and somehow that never seems to happen. Tomorrow I don't have to be at work until noon, but I will probably still sleep until my alarm wakes me at 11... *sigh*)
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1. We were already short-handed today and then one cashier went home sick, so we were really, really shorthanded. It ended up being a kind of slow day, though, which sucks for sales, but meant I didn't have to be constantly out at the register, so I was glad for that. :-/

2. It turns out the "free" Ace Attorney for iphone is not entirely free (I always miss those plus signs next to the purchase button). Instead you can play the first two cases for free and then buy some or all of the rest. This actually worked out okay for me, though, because I have been vaguely interested in it, but have never played anything in that genre before so I was unsure whether I would really enjoy it or not. This way I was able to try it first and see, and I played the first case tonight and did end up liking it enough to buy the whole thing. It's only $16.99 for all three games together and I still have a bunch of credit left from that itunes gift card.

3. Old Navy was having an online sale 40% off on all men's clothing, so I got some shirts and also got another sweatshirt just like the one I bought in the store a few weeks ago. (I would have liked to get another color, but they only had the green one in small, so I just got the same blue one I already have.) The shirts are baseball-style t-shirts, meaning they have the coloring of baseball shirts, but not the three-quarter length sleeves. Which, honestly I would prefer to just have baseball shirts? I hate my arms, so the more of them covered, the better, but I don't want to wear full long sleeves in the summer (or rather, it's usually too hot to do so). And I love the style of baseball shirts. But they only had these t-shirt ones. At least the sleeves are not as short as some of these t-shirts are seem to be popular right now.
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1. My mom's birthday is next week and I've been meaning to get her some books but keep not thinking about it when I'm actually at the computer. Tonight I remembered and finally ordered them, and while I was at it, got myself a new wiimote and nunchuk, since I'll be sending the old Wii ones to Irene along with the Wii (she was going to take it in her luggage, but there ended up not being room).

2. Speaking of finallys, I also finally got my new iphone stand thingy set up. I have been wanting a stand for ages because I facetime with Irene several times a week and it gets really annoying to hold the phone the whole time (and sometimes my hand hurts), so now I will just be able to set it on the table and not worry! She had bought me one and brought it with her, but since I wasn't actually calling her while she was here and plugging it in involves getting under my desk, which I didn't want to do, I hadn't set it up yet.

3. TWO people called in sick today at work, both of them scheduled for the same shift (it's not so bad if one person calls in sick in the morning and one person in the evening, but both at the same time means there is only one person left). I called the three people who weren't working today, but my hopes weren't high, so I was resigned to spending my last several hours of work on the register once we were down to one cashier, but someone did call and say they could work! (And it was the person I almost didn't call because I thought it was so unlikely she'd say yes. She's an older lady who only wants to work like 15 hours a week and so far has said no every time she's been asked to work an extra day or stay even an hour or half hour extra.) So while I did have to spend more time than usual helping at the registers today, it wasn't as much as I'd feared and I did manage to get a fair amount of work done at my desk.

4. I've been playing Super Mario World tonight and wow, it looks so old! It's weird because even though it's a newer game than SMB 1, 2, and 3, for some reason I remember those better. Maybe I played them more? I remember being super excited about SMW when it came out and reading all these magazine articles before the SNES's release. I'm sure I played it a lot when it was first released, but I guess I didn't go back and play it much later? idk. Anyway, I don't remember anything. Also having just been playing New SMB Wii U means that I get confused about what I can and can't do a lot. ^_^;; Can't butt pound blocks. Can't flutter with Yoshi. Can't wall jump. Some of these things can be deadly when you think you can do them and then you can't. :p I also feel like I have no goal when there's not the three big coins to collect. I'm like, okay, I'm just going through the level, but not doing anything. Having the goal just be "get to the end" is weird. I'm not used to that anymore.

5. New SMB Wii U is also super awesome and fun, though. It's also really short and easy? I mean, Mario games generally are pretty short, but this seems easier than the Wii one. I beat the cloud world tonight, which means there's just Bowser land left, and while there are still coins to go back and get, there's not a ton. Most were easy to get the first time through. (I know for sure I've completely finished worlds 1 and 2.)


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