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1. Today was a Bug Off in Animal Crossing and I got first place! At first I just kept catching nothing but monarch butterflies and grasshoppers, neither of which are worth much, even when they're really good specimens, but then I caught a couple of birdwing butterflies, one of which ended up being worth 104 points.

2. Another busy day at work. One cashier was still out sick, so it was kind of hectic in the morning, but not too bad. Sales were really good today, though.

3. [personal profile] eruthros was talking about pumpkin bread, which made me really want some, so I asked my mom to email me her recipe and I'm going to make some tomorrow, assuming there is pumpkin at the store and it's not too expensive.

recipe under the cut! )

It's nothing fancy, but she's made it every year for Christmas my whole life, so when I want pumpkin bread, that's what I want. I usually like it plain with no raisins or nuts (though just raisins is okay; it's just the walnuts that are a total DNW), but I have a lot of chocolate chips right now, so I think I might add those this time.

4. This weekend Plants vs Zombies 2 is having some sort of thing where all the gates need fewer keys to open them, so if there are gates you haven't been able to open yet due to lack of keys, this weekend might be the time to try! (The announcement did get me back to playing a bit, even though there aren't currently any gates that I had reached but not opened.)

5. Day off again tomorrow. No plans except sleeping in and seeing if I can get my hands on some pumpkin.
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The other day [personal profile] eruthros was asking for mac & cheese recipes and it made me remember this super delicious mac & cheese Irene made several times. It's sooooo rich and cheesy and good. *_* I haven't had it in years, but I think I may have to try and make it sometime soon.

1 tbsp Garlic, fine mince
1 tsp Butter
1 tsp Olive Oil
1/8c Heavy Cream
small handful of Parmesan and Cheddar or more, to taste
1/8 tsp Black Pepper
1c cooked Elbow Macaroni or more, to taste

Heat olive oil.
Add butter; melt.
Add garlic; brown slightly.
Add cream; heat through.
Add macaroni; toss to coat; heat through.
Add cheese; stir to melt.

This makes about one serving, but you can easily just double (or triple, etc) the amounts for more.
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1. I beat Elephant Quest a second time and have maxed out my stats as much as possible, so I guess I will stop playing it now. It's so cute and fun, though! I wish it were longer.

2. KINK BINGO!!!!! Just one more day!

3. I have been eating a lot of popcorn lately. It started with this "Hawaiian hurricane popcorn" that was on sale a few weeks back at work, which has arare and nori in it, and then Carla brought back a couple packets of microwave popcorn from her trip and I ate those, and suddenly I had a taste for popcorn! Luckily we have a popper in the cupboard, and also there was a bag of popcorn that had been sitting there for years because usually I never make popcorn. But I got it out and made some and it was tasty and actually very quick (not significantly longer than microwave popcorn) and if I keep the popper out on the counter, it doesn't seem like a huge deal to make it, so I have started doing that and having popcorn for a snack. :D

4. Speaking of corn, we had some grilled corn on the cob today, along with hot dogs and some teriyaki chicken I picked up for $1 at work yesterday. I didn't have any of the chicken yet (just wanted to cook it because yay grill + if it was marked down to $1 it needs to be cooked right away), but the corn and hot dogs were delicious. I wish there were more corn, but it was two ears for a dollar, so I only bought two (I wish I had bought some the other day when I saw it four for a dollar).

5. I made something similar to this "tofu scramble" last night and it was super yummy.

It was a bunch of garlic and green onions cooked in bacon fat, then I added two boxes of tofu, maybe six ounces or so of shredded cheese (some from a bag of sharp cheddar and the other from a bag of I don't remember what), turmeric, homemade taco seasoning (because otherwise I'd have to grind the cumin and I didn't feel like it, so I used some already ground and mixed with other stuff), and some of the adadaba spice blend. I threw in several handfuls of bean sprouts, a bunch of spinach, and six roma tomatoes, then added a bit of salt. It was so good! I have some left to take for lunch tomorrow.

Daily Happysong:

Britney Spears - Stronger
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1. Finished the translation for ch. 7 of A Child's Child, so I'll probably have that edited and ready to post next week. :)

2. Still don't have a permanent schedule at work (and won't until next month, since there are grand opening sales every weekend of April and so they want more people working the weekends), but it looks like I'm going to be working 35 hours a week, which is awesome.

3. I tried the tofu lasagna [personal profile] octette suggested and omg it was so good. Okay, here's exactly what I used:

1/2 16 oz box of lasagna
2 ~1 lb bunches of asparagus
1/2 small jar of minced garlic
1 smallish jar of pasta sauce
1 ~15 oz can of diced tomatoes
2 11.5 oz boxes of tofu
2/3 16 oz bag of shredded "Italian mix" cheese

I boiled the pasta, chopped and steamed the asparagus, mixed the tomatoes, sauce, and garlic in a bowl, pressed as much liquid as possible out of the tofu, then mixed it with a couple handfuls of shredded cheese. Then I made layers of pasta, asparagus, sauce, and cheese/tofu, and topped the whole thing with more cheese. Baked it at 350 for about half an hour (everything was already cooked, so really just had to heat the sauce/tofu/cheese and get the top nice and brown.

It turned out so good. I took some for lunch today as well.

I still have half the bag of pasta, and of course a ton more tofu, so I might make another batch. Any veg could be used ([personal profile] octette originally suggested spinach), but I already had two bunches of asparagus in the fridge, as it is asparagus season, which means the 99 Cent Store has a bunch of it.

IIRC the cheese was $3.48 and the pasta was $2.26, but everything else was from the 99 Cent Store (aside from the tofu, which was 10 cents a box at work).

4. [community profile] remix_goes_wild signups are open!

Daily Happysong:

Fanatic Crisis - Sputnik~Tabibitotachi~
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1. Lunch at Hole in the Wall Burger Joint yesterday was delicious. I had a burger on a pretzel bun and sweet potato fries. Honestly, if we ever eat there again, we will definitely be splitting both a burger and the fries, because everything was huge and we were so stuffed. (Also it's pricey, so splitting would make it much more affordable.) We got there at 11.15 or so because I wanted to beat the lunch rush. Looked like we were the first people there, and by the time we left around 11.45ish, it was starting to get busy, so we definitely made the right choice. It was very easy to get there by bus, just walked up to Santa Monica and took the #1, then afterwards walked down to Pico to catch the #7. (Would have been nicer if there hadn't been a hot spell and the sun hadn't been blazing down on us. Thankfully it's cool and overcast today.)

2. And then this morning I went to breakfast with my mom. She had a coupon for IHOP, so we went there, and I was hoping they would have the same Christmas pancakes they had last year, but no. :( I am so sad! Last year there was a choice of pumpkin, gingerbread, and I think pecan. The gingerbread were sooooo good. I had them a couple times and was really looking forward to them again. ;_; Anyway, instead I had my usual, which is their harvest grain & nut pancakes, which are super tasty.

3. So, I totally thought we did not have an iron. A long time ago we got rid of our old ironing board, and I thought we had got rid of the iron, too. The only time in my life I have ever used either was when Carla was in cooking school and we had to iron her uniform. But after that, I was like, why do we have this? And then the washing machine sprung a leak and got the ironing board all nasty, and we put it out in the yard to dry and kind of ignored it and it got even nastier, so we just threw it away. Thought I'd given away the iron after that, but turns out we still had it. So! (The point of my story! Finally!) A few weeks ago we bought some iron on patches for the crotches of two pairs of jeans that had big holes. Today I finally got around to trying it, just put a towel over the cutting board and used that in place of an ironing board. And the patches seem to be stuck on good! So yay.

4. I wrote about 200 words on my Yuletide fic last night. I already had ~700, so that brings me to just 100 words below the minimum! Also I got over the place where I had stalled before, which makes me really happy. I wasn't at all sure where to go, so I had been in avoidance mode. But I really want to get this done early, unlike every other Yuletide I've ever done ever. So my goal for tonight is to at least make the minimum and hopefully finish the fic and send it to beta (this is me, so I can't imagine it being too much longer than the minimum).

5. I got quite a bit of work done yesterday! I was on a roll! I think today I will be on a roll, too. :D

Daily Happysong:

Hamasaki Ayumi - You Were...
This is off her most recent album, but it is one of my favorite things of hers ever. Just so, so pretty.
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1. I did get a ride from my mom to the post office. :) And because for once I wasn't shipping media mail, I could use the machine and not have to stand in line (I hate that it won't let you do media mail on the machine, because most of what I send out is BookMooch stuff).

2. I made the most delicious stew tonight omg. Just made from stuff we had around the house. There was a partial bag of black lentils in the cupboard I wanted to use up, so I started with those. Measured out to about a cup and a half, so I let those cook in about four and a half cups of water.

While those were cooking, I chopped up a small onion, a little over half a largish bulb of garlic, several handfuls of baby carrots, a third or so of a large eggplant, and several stalks of celery (very limp celery that had been in the fridge for ages, but it's just fine for cooking still, even if it did look rather sad). Cooked all those in some olive oil so they got a little extra flavor, then set them aside.

I also had a can of diced tomatoes (actually diced tomatoes with sweet onions, it said on the can, but I didn't really see any onion in them and I only bought it for the tomato part anyway) I bought the other day and a can of chick peas that had been in the cupboard for ages. Opened both of those up and set them aside (drained the chick peas, but kept all the tomato juice).

Added in some pepper, salt, and spices to the lentils as they cooked. I don't know what the spices were exactly, because it was a spice mix...oh hey, found it here: adadaba spice mix from Market Spice. That stuff is awesome for so many things.

Then once the lentils were almost done, I dumped in all the other veggies and let it all simmer together for another ten, fifteen minutes or so, and omfg, seriously, this is so delicious.

Daily Happysong:

Lily Allen - Friday Night
The only song on her first album I really like, but I like it a lot!
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1. I got the living room/dining room vacuumed and dusted and tidied up for our guests coming over tomorrow.

2. I made up a bunch of sweet potatoes tonight with the mustard/garlic/herb stuff from this recipe. Well, sort of. I didn't have any dijon mustard, so I used yellow. I didn't have white wine, so I used cider. And I didn't have any chicken broth, so I left that out altogether (doesn't need it anyway). Also I used way more garlic than it calls for (even considering I was scaling up because I was using more potatoes), and didn't measure the herbs, but just tossed in whatever looked good. XD So I guess it's more "loosely based on" that recipe, but they taste delicious. :)

3. I am excited about a couple upcoming DW features in the new news post. Being able to filter entries in a comm to one user (this will be so handy when looking for posts of mine!) and being able to filter on multiple tags at once (omg I have wanted this since LJ introduced tags!). Apparently these are both new on LJ as well, though I won't have a use for the tag filtering there anymore, but I do sometimes search comms for old posts of mine there, so it's good to know I will be able to do the filter there, too.

Daily Happysong:

Yonekura Chihiro - Just Fly Away
Catchy, bouncy theme song for a rather forgettable anime (Mon Colle Knights, which I only know about because I translated it).
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1. The mp3 version of the new MCR album is on sale on Amazon for $3.99!

2. We had a really great lunch with Erin today. It was so good to see her again. I wish she could have stayed with us for a bit, too, but at least we got to see her for a little while.

3. Today was such an awesome food day. For breakfast, I had a tuna onigiri when I ran in to Mitsuwa for a couple things while picking up the car from my grandparents. For lunch, we ate at Black Angus and I had their three-cheese garlic bread steak sandwich, which was essentially slices of steak on delicious cheesey garlic bread topped with a bit of pico de gallo. For dinner I made cumin-scented sweet potato hash, lima beans & corn, and corn bread, and omg all of it was so awesome.

(Yes, this means on day three of my deciding to go mostly veggie, I ate two meals with meat (though the tuna onigiri has seriously like one bite of tuna in the middle), but I'm not giving it up 100%, just 99% of the time.)

4. Speaking of sweet potatoes, I had bought some the other day, but then today we were at Smart & Final and they were on sale for 49 cents a pound, so I bought a ton more. Mmm...sweet potatoes. I will definitely be making that recipe again (though I don't have another onion and I'm not going to the store again until after Thanksgiving weekend, so it will have to wait), plus I love these sweet potatoes even without the pork roast I originally got the recipe from.

5. We stopped at Target while we had the car and since they have this new thing where using your Target card gets 5% off all purchases, we did the last of our not-Thanksgiving shopping there (we're not cooking for Thanksgiving, but for my aunt and her husband who are coming over on Friday to visit) and bought some clothes for Carla for Christmas.

6. While we were there I saw there is a new Donkey Kong Country game for the Wii!!! I am so exited! Because Rare and Nintendo broke up, I thought there would never be another DKC and I loved those games so much! It is really tempting to get that instead of Lego Harry Potter for Christmas, argh argh argh! Decisions! I think I will still go with Lego HP, though, because I have been wanting that for longer. (Ack, going to Amazon also reminded me about Epic Mickey, which I want, too!)

7. Oh! And when I went to Mitsuwa this morning, I was hoping to find Tegamibachi 11 (no one has been uploading chapters nor has anyone scanned the vol. so I must procure it the old fashioned way :p), as well as the final two volumes of Ppoi!, which were released simultaneously. I didn't find Tegaba (boo), but they did have both vols. of Ppoi! I love this series, but I am so glad it's over. 30 volumes is way too long for one school year. XD Especially considering it ran for nineteen years. Gah!

Daily Happysong:

Pink - Whataya Want From Me?
I knew she had written this Adam Lambert song (one of my favorites), but I hadn't realised she'd recorded it, too. (Apparently it was recorded for Funhouse, but not used on the album after all.) I really like her version, too.
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1. I finally got around to reinstalling all my Peggle games and played a bit. I forgot how much I love these games. I hope they release a new bonus pack soon.

2. Carla went to the farmers' market yesterday and got me a bag of apple chips. I've gotten them from a couple different sellers before, but this was a much bigger bag for only $5. It's really hard not to just gobble them all down. They are soooooo delicious. Dried fruit is so dangerous that way. -_-

3. We went to the store last night and there were cake mixes on sale for $1, so I was going to buy one and make a cake for Carla, who'd had a bad day, but the line was super long, so she just said let's skip it, but on my way home I decided I would make her a homemade cake once she went to bed, and surprise her with it in the morning. So I did! Well, not the surprise part yet, since she's still asleep, but the cake is all ready and waiting.

She's a huge chocoholic, so I knew it had to be chocolate, but I wanted it to be not just plain chocolate, yet it also had to be something I had all the ingredients for at home, since I was making it in the middle of the night and without a car can no longer just run to the store at times like this! So I thought maybe a chocolate cinnamon cake would be yummy and I found this recipe and then just made a chocolate buttercream frosting for it. I went all fancy and did a layer cake and everything. I can't wait for her to wake up. :D

Daily Happysong:

Megamasso - Gyuunyuu (Mjolk)
I have been totally in love with their song Lips for a while, but never got around to listening to the rest of the album it's on. Well, I finally did so last night and ended up five-starring almost everything on the album, including this song. :D
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1. I have a new default icon. It's made with the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator. :D The fullsize pic is here. (I also downloaded a wallpaper of it.)

2. So I think everything went pretty okay with the doctor yesterday. I have an appointment on September 15th to go over the results of my blood tests and hopefully get my prescription.

3. While we were walking from the bus to the center, we passed a cupcake store called Frosted. They weren't open then so we decided to come back after, and we did, and I got a red velvet cupcake filled with vanilla ice cream. *_* They also had so many delicious looking flavors of regular cupcakes. They're pricey (of course), but it's not like I'm going to go there very often seeing as they're in Hollywood, so that removes the temptation. :p (I will probably stop in every once in a while when I go to the doctor, though.) We also stopped for lunch at a Greek place and had yummy lamb gyros.

4. I mailed two books today and only had to pay 30 cents thanks to the uncancelled stamps I got from those packages the other day. Woohoo!

5. We stopped in See's while at the post office and tried their new flavor of the month, black forest truffle. It's soooo good. I love that they are introducing all these new flavors, but so sad that they are all limited edition!

Daily Happysong:

The Sounds - Living in America
So catchy!
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I actually meant to include this in my daily happiness post, but forgot. Here is the recipe I used for the ice cream. It's from a Williams-Sonoma ice cream cookbook I got years ago and rarely use because I hardly ever make ice cream.

Peach ice cream )
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1. OMG IT'S A GIR CAKE!!! This would be too cute to eat, though! That's always the problem with these fancy cakes. Also fondant doesn't taste that great compared to frosting, so it looks nice, but probably isn't so great in the taste department. Still! GIR!

2. Speaking of cakes, we had a delicious chocolate cake today. Tuesday is Carla's hormoniversary (one year on hormones!), so she had people over today for grilling (burgers and Korean BBQ-esque tri-tip) and I made her favorite (also my favorite) cake.

She invited about ten people, but only four could make it, which was just as well for me. I prefer a small group. It was all people I'd already met, too, which also cuts down on the stress. And now she has gone back with Alexander to his place to hang out there tonight and go to his Genderqueer Revolution Coffeetalk thingy tomorrow morning, so I have the house to myself, which is also nice (especially after having company over)! :D

Oh, and I don't remember if I mentioned this in a previous happy post or not, but we now have a gas grill! My mom and Tom got a new one, so they gave us their old one, which Tom had found on the side of the road and fixed up. It doesn't look very nice, but it works great. They gave us an empty tank, so today we took it over to the gas station and exchanged it for a full one (you get a discount if you turn in the old tank).

Chocolate sheet cake recipe! )

Daily Happysong:

Spitz - Ajisai Doori
Really there aren't many Spitz songs I don't like, so it's hard to pick favorites. This is one of my faves off their Hachimitsu album, though.
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1. There's an Avatar friending meme on DW! Also yet another interview about Legend of Korra with the Avatar creators.

2. I really liked this Holmes/Watson block print. So pretty. *_*

3. We have been buying a lot of bananas lately, and inevitably the last couple will get too soft to eat, so I toss them in the freezer for eventual banana muffins. There are like ten or twelve up there now (a recipe usually calls for three), so I figured I'd better start making some muffins before the freezer became nothing but bananas.

Rather than go with one of my usual recipes, I decided I wanted to try banana bran muffins this time, so I bought some wheat bran the other day and googled for a recipe. I ended up going with this one, but I subtituted honey for sugar (I used about 1/4 cup honey, though next time I might use less) and put in dried cherries rather than chopped nuts (I don't like nuts in my baked goods, but I do like dried fruit, and cherries were what we had on hand).

Anyway! They turned out really good!

4. I've been getting so much stuff done the past few days! I'm very excited about that. :)

Daily Happysong:

BoA vs Lady Gaga - (Don't Call) My Name
A mashup by mas4 of BoA's My Name and Lady Gaga's Alejandro. Very catchy!
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1. Carla got her name-change papers filed! She qualified for a fee waiver, so all we had to pay was $60 to run an ad in the paper. Before you can get your name changed, you have to run an ad for four weeks announcing that you're going to change it, just in case anyone wants to challenge it. I think it's a pretty ridiculous hoop to jump through, but there's no way around it. Anyway, it would have been several hundred dollars for the court fees if not for the waiver, so yay. And she has a court date set for the beginning of September.

2. Yesterday [personal profile] telesilla mentioned that she had brownies and it made me want some, too, but we had no brownie mix and I didn't feel like making them from scratch. But I saw we did have a box of cake mix, so I googled and found this delicious recipe for making brownies with cake mix and omg they are so good!

Daily Happysong:

19 - Taisetsu na Hito (Album Version)
I liked the single version of this song, too, but I really like how the album version starts out slow and acoustic and then gets rock-y.
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1. omg I made such delicious curry tonight. We had a couple potatoes, some carrots, and an onion, so I wanted to make curry, but we had no meat except ground beef. For myself I would have no problem just making vegetable curry, but Carla likes meat with hers, so I thought, hey, I could make meatloaf curry. I've seen it at restaurants, but never had it myself because I always go for the katsu curry or just plain (or the delicious, delicious beef curry they used to have down at Mitsuwa in Little Tokyo, made with thin-sliced beef).

We didn't have any packets of meatloaf seasoning, so I googled for ideas for what to season it with and the first thing that came up was powdered onion soup, which we have several boxes of in the cupboard as it was on sale one time and we were going to make dip or something I guess. So I used one of those, and some seasoned bread crumbs that were in the cupboard and divided the mixture into little patties and they turned out really, really good! I will definitely keep this in mind when making curry in the future.

2. I had ice cream twice today. :) First was mint chip, one of my favoritest flavors, and second was Thrifty's Lemonheads flavor, which I just could not resist buying when I saw it. It's not as intense as I was expecting, but is really, really good, with bits of Lemonheads in it (in almost powdered form).

3. I saw several people post this otter swim lessons video and just couldn't be bothered to click, but then I finally did and omg it's so cute! The mommy otter is giving her babies swim lessons! *_*

4. I finally read chapter 85 of Hourou Musuko and spoilers )

Daily Happysong:

Chemistry - Aikagi
I was listening to their first album last night and remembered how much I love it.
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1. We went downtown to Strawberry Cones yesterday for lunch. :D Carla doesn't have class for most of this week (it's finals week), so we were free to do as we please. Their medium pizza is just right for two people and we got half teriyaki mochi chicken (chicken, mochi, red onion, mayo, chopped nori, teriyaki sauce, mozzarella, and romano) and half tofu nuggets (grilled tofu, mozzarrella, red onion, edamame, romano, mayo, and teriyaki sauce). They were both really good, but I liked the tofu one better and Carla liked the chicken better, so we each had three pieces of our favorite and one of the other. It was about $11 for the pizza, which is not at all bad for two people for lunch. I definitely want to go back again.

Since we were down there, we went karaoke for an hour afterwards. The karaoke place has a new system! It's still the DAM system, but now instead of using books + remote, they have these little touch-screen devices. So there are a ton more songs and stuff gets updated much more frequently because they don't have to keep printing books, they just update the info electronically. So awesome! They had two older songs they didn't have before, although they still don't have GLAY's Run, which I really, really want to sing! Also in the less awesome English system they did finally have one Adam Lambert song (Whataya Want from Me), which I sang. They need more! And the most recent songs on that system are like from January or February, ugh. :( But still! The new Japanese system is super awesome.

Then after we'd sung and weren't so full from lunch, we stopped in Beard Papa and had cream puffs. :D

2. The final chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist is out! I had heard a rumor that it would be 150 pages, but it's only 113. Still, that's a long chapter! And it was plenty long enough to wrap it up satisfyingly. spoilers )

Daily Happysong:

Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger
I loved Oasis so much back in the day. This is my very favorite song of theirs.
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1. I realised I had a manga translation I was supposed to do by the end of May and buckled down and translated all twenty pages of it last night. Huzzah! It's really not that much, but I have such trouble focusing that I'm very proud of myself for doing something that "long" in one sitting.

2. Afterwards, I made peach & blackberry crumble (photo & recipe here) with the peaches and berries my grandparents had given us. I would rather eat fresh fruit and less dessert, but no way could I have eaten all that before it went bad, even I ate nothing but peaches and berries for every meal.

It's a really simple recipe, but it ended up being annoyingly complicated for me because none of the peaches wanted to come off the pits, so I had to hack away at them. And they are very ripe, so a firm grip crushes them... >_< Also the skins did not want to come off easily. Argh! Then I found that we did not have any loose, boxed brown sugar, only piloncillo, which is hard as a fucking rock. D: So I put a little water in a pan and boiled the cones until they were soft enough to mash up. As it happens, the only butter we had was in the freezer, too, so that needed to be melted as well, so once the brown sugar was soft, I tossed the chopped up frozen butter in there, too.

Then the pan I had chosen turned out to be a bit too small. Everything fit, but it was right up to the edge, as you can see in the photo, and ended up boiling over in the oven (which we never clean, so it will be there forever).

Anyway! It is out of the oven now and smelling delicious. When it has cooled a bit, I will have some warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. :D :D :D

3. [community profile] i_fail_at_comms is a new comm! From the user info:
Have you ever worked really, really hard on a project -- only to have the challenge that you were working towards close? You are still awesome. Your work is still awesome. Come and celebrate the awesome and the fail with this deadline-challenged community.

Man, this comm is totally right for me. If it's big things I can usually make the deadline and get something posted, but the random comment challenges, or the stuff that's pick-a-prompt rather than exchanges...yeah, not so much. I have so many half-finished fics on my hard drive. Some comms and challenges are technically never over, but you still feel weird posting to them months or years after anyone stopped caring, right? Well, now you can post here! I...I imagine I will be posting there a lot, if I can ever manage to finish these things... >_>

4. June 1st! That means [community profile] kink_bingo!!!

5. I posted my writing roundup for the past three months and am so excited about how much I've been writing this year compared to the last two. I doubt this year will rival my most prolific years, 2005 and 2006, where I managed to write 40+ fics each year while at the same time co-writing a ton of stuff with [personal profile] redtexta and others. But at least I feel like I'm out of that slump to some degree.

Daily Happysong:

The Decemberists - July, July!
You can always count on The Decemberists for catchy tunes about gruesome subjects. :D
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1. I'll be cat sitting for the next week or so. Yay money. (Downside is I also have to remember to move their car on street sweeping days. Gah. I hate that. Tickets are like $60 or something if you forget...well, they were several years ago. Probably more by now.)

2. We had the most delicious cashew chicken last night.

Recipe )

3. Karaoke today. Hopefully it's not raining too hard while we're out. I love the rain, but not while we have to be running all over town by bus and on foot. D:

4. Wondermark was hilarious yesterday. Don't miss the mouseover.

Daily Happysong:

The Decemberists - O Valencia
Another decidedly unhappy song, but it's catchy and bouncy despite the subject matter and it makes me happy listening to it. I'd heard and liked this song before, but I didn't really fall in love with it until we saw them live last fall. Now it's one of my all-time favorites.
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1. I finished chapter 7 of Saint Young Men! I just need to write the notes and then I can post it. :D

2. My mom and Tom were here all day again, but this time he actually got the leak fixed. Yay, no more leak! And now I will enjoy several days of NO PEOPLE until maybe going karaoke with Alexander on Wednesday.

3. Carla came out to her cousin and it went well.

4. Slowly but surely I am catching up on Ugly Betty. I only have two episodes left to watch!

5. I made super delicious split pea soup for dinner. Here is how! )

6. [personal profile] fizzyblogic wrote me wee!ftm!Holmes fic! The rest of you can all jump on the trans!Holmes bandwagon at any time. :D :D :D
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4.3 mile walk today and I remembered to take the camera! Now I've just got to edit the photos and write everything up...

Anyway, we had a really nice walk, went down to the beach, or rather, the cliffs overlooking the beach. It was hazy today, but still pretty nice.

We stopped at the King's Head for lunch. Definitely not recommended. It's been there since the early '70s, so you'd think that must mean good food, but no, apparently not. I got their fish and chips, which was $13.95 for one piece of fish (admittedly large) and a big plate of fries. The fries were actually really good, I'll give them that. I don't even like thick fries like that very much, but they were really tasty. The fish was okay, but definitely not the best I've ever had, and over all was just really disappointing for the price. Carla got their bangers and mash lunch special. The sausages were really good, but the mashed potatoes were instant. For $9.50 they can't make some actual mashed potatoes? Really?? Even their water was bad and had a funny taste. :(

But! They have an attached shop with all sorts of imported stuff which we'd never been in before. Not only did they have a huge selection of British snacks and stuff, but they had quite a bit of Australian stuff as well, and the prices for some things seemed better than Sainsbury's. We didn't buy anything today, but we'll definitely be going back at some point.

Anyway, it was just a really nice walk.


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