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For once I have some FF offerings! But it's totally not Friday in my time zone anymore! I still have a few minutes in Hawaii, though, I think.

First is [community profile] the_comfy_chair, a new comm for discussing Stargate fic (SG-1, SGA, and SGU). It's really new, so there's nothing there yet, but there should be a discussion post up on the 26th to coincide with...

[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, which if you've somehow managed to miss it, is a big Dreamwidth celebration starting Monday. I'm running a transfic mini fest for it, which I have already opened up for prompts. (Four pages already! So exciting!)

Now for the rest I am combining linkspamming with FF. The links are to stuff that will make you want to tear your hair out, but the people posting about these things are definitely awesome and if you don't already follow them, perhaps you should!

[personal profile] dingsi posted about a good post by [ profile] sparkindarkness, which explains why LJ's Writer's Block question was so offensive. The comments are pretty horrible, though, so only read if you're feeling masochistic (I let curiosity get the best of me).

One thing that came up multiple times in comments there and which I've seen elsewhere is people saying they need to know if a partner is trans because they want to have kids. But the logic in this is just so...illogical! Because it assumes that if your partner is cis, just by virtue of being cis, there is 100% guarantee that they will be able to impregnate you or you them. And you just can't know that. Hell, most people don't even know for sure if they themselves are fertile unless they've already tried and failed or had some medical stuff where the doctor told them flat out that they were infertile. Maybe a tiny percentage of people would say, okay, I can't be with you unless we can have "biological" kids, so before we proceed with this relationship, we both have to get our fertility checked out. But that's pretty rare. That's not the norm.

Anyway, moving on. [personal profile] deepad wrote an open letter to Charles Tan in reponse to his rehashing all the tired old arguments that got brough up during racefail.

And speaking of racism, [ profile] sheafrotherdon posted about James Cameron's latest fuckery. (I didn't see a DW user on my flist posting about this other than linking to her post without much commentary, but I still wanted to link that, so have one random LJ user amongst the DWness.)

Also [personal profile] glockgal posted about Mickey Rourke being cast as Genghis Khan.

And [personal profile] ciderpress has a post about Glee and how "other Asian" isn't a funny joke, but the reality of many Asians in majority-white areas. Glee's hipster racism is "funny" because it's supposedly so out there and everyone knows no one really thinks that or acts that way anymore! Except they totally do.

[personal profile] meganbmoore has a post about Mark Millar's racism and sexism, focusing on the character of Janet Van Dyne. I don't read US comics at all, but this was a really fascinating comparison of two versions of the character. Sadly the DW version of the post only has a handful of comments, but there's lots of discussion on the LJ version.

And [personal profile] renne posted about a Salon article about how Angelina Jolie's Salt is not as feminist as it claims to be.

[personal profile] cereta has a good post about being fat and angry and in the comments there was a link to this post about how in an average day the OP saw/heard almost 1100 anti-fat comments. But, you know, if people don't take every opportunity to tell fatties how disgusting unhealthy disgusting they are, they'll never know!

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