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1. We went to see Ghostbusters this morning and it was SO AWESOME. I saw the original when it first came out and while I liked it at the time, it was never a huge favorite like it seems to have been for so many people, so while I was looking forward to the remake, I didn't think I would love it, but I really did. It was just great. I loved the characters and I laughed out loud so many times.

2. The script book for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out in a few days (on July 31st, of course) and I just went and preordered the Kindle version so I will have it the day it comes out. :D Everything I've heard about the play sounds really cool, so I'm looking forward to it a lot.

3. I had a pretty relaxing day off.

4. Molly spend pretty much the whole evening chilling on my desk.

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1. I never did get any writing done yesterday, so I have nothing to show for October, but I'm not getting hung up on it. I hope to get some writing done in November, and of course December will be Yuletide. But right now I've already written four more fics so far this year than I did in all of 2009 (and three more than I did in 2008), so I think I'm doing pretty good. I was in such a bad slump writing-wise for a couple years, but even though it's been patchy the past few months, I still feel like this year has been better.

2. This past week I watched all three of the Discworld movies (just finished Going Postal a few minutes ago). Hogfather and Colour of Magic were all right, but the problem with those is that I didn't remember much of the books (I remembered some of Hogfather as it was going on, but nothing at all of Colour of Magic). I remembered how awesome Susan is, though! And I think Hogfather may be my favorite Death book. Colour of Magic really was meh, though. I mean, it was a great story when I first read it and it got me hooked on Discworld, but so much better stuff has come since then that it felt really disappointing. Going Postal, though! Blond!Vetinari seemed very wrong, but I loved him anyway. And Moist and Adora were great. I remembered quite a bit of the story, plus Moist is my favorite character, so that one was really fun.

3. Thanks to the magic of the intertubes, I have downloaded seven more one-shot collections by Shiina Karuho, as well as her six-volume series Crazy for You. I am looking forward to reading them all.

4. I sold my light box! Very quickly, too. :D

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GLAY - Winter, Again
Such a pretty song.
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Title: Let the Right One In
Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist
Number of Pages: 472 pages
Book Number/Goal: 25/30 for 2010
My Rating: 5/5

Jacket Summary: Twelve-year-old Oskar is obsessed by the murder that's taken place in his neighborhood. Then he meets the new girl from next door. She's a bit weird, though. And she only comes out at night...

Review: Okay, that is a horrible summary (the book jacket is mostly taken up with quotes about how awesome the book is, which I hate), but the book is totally awesome. I really, really loved it. It is a vampire story and a sort-of romance, but it is about as far from Twilight as you can get.

Oskar is a fat kid who is constantly bullied at school. He keeps a wad of mattress foam called the Pissball in his underwear because he wets his pants. He's obsessed with murderers and serial killers and keeps a scrapbook with newspaper clippings about various murder cases, and he daydreams about killing his classmates with the knife he stole.

Everyone in this book is fucked up and I love it. The movie makes everything so much prettier. Not just Oskar himself, but it leaves out the fact that the guy who kills for Eli is a pedophile, and cuts out a lot of the more gory stuff that happens. I liked the movie okay, but it can't compare to the book at all.

I also really like Lindqvist's vampires. I really dislike a lot of vampire fiction, but I don't think there was any element of these vampires I didn't like. I especially loved that they were solitary and there wasn't this vampire society with sires and all that stuff.

If anyone wants my copy, let me know. I can only ship within the US.
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We saw Scott Pilgrim yesterday! Overall I liked it a lot. Spoilers )

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Beyoncé - Halo
One of my favorites by her.
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I have been wanting to see this movie for ages. It was filmed a couple years ago and has met with all sorts of setbacks, especially in the US. Current word is that it might be released October.

Well, I got tired of waiting, so when I happened across a download, I grabbed it. I may still try to see it in the theatre if it ever comes out here, because I would like to support it, but ugh. (I would also really like to read the book it's based on, but it's only available in hardback for $20 and my library doesn't have it. :( Maybe someday.)

Anyway! I am really glad I finally got a chance to see it. It's based on the true story of Steven Russell, a conman who has escaped from prison numerous times. And who happens to be gay. Also he fell in love with a fellow prisoner (the Phillip Morris of the title, natch) and this is basically the story of their surprisingly adorable romance.

I first became interested in it because Ewan McGregor plays Phillip Morris, but it would be a great movie even without him. It's funny and it's cute and it's just really nice to watch a movie that is about queer people who never once angst about being queer (in the "present day" part of the story; Steven was at one point married and closeted, but he is out before meeting Phillip) and who don't die or have bad things happen to them for being queer. Both Steven and Phillip are gay when they meet. This is no "gay for you because there are no women in prison" sort of thing. And of course bad things do happen to them, in that they're, you know, in prison, but it's because Steven is a conman and cannot stop lying and embezzling and stuff. They gay part is actually quite cheerful. It's really refreshing to see a movie like this.

I've seen people say "Why has this had so much trouble getting a distributor after the success of Brokeback Mountain?" and I do think that is part of it. This doesn't fit the expected narrative of gay guys angsting and dying and all that.

I highly recommend this movie, and if anyone wants a copy, let me know and I'll upload it.


Whip It

Mar. 14th, 2010 10:12 pm
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So we saw Whip It today and I liked it quite a bit. Very cute. But. It does not, at all, compare to the book (which I reviewed here). The book had its problems (most notably a case of blinding whiteness), but it did not have the main problem of the movie, which was the male coach.

You see, in the book, there are literally three male characters in the entire story who get more than a couple lines' mention (not even talking dialogue, just being mentioned). There is Oliver, Birdman, and Bliss's dad. That's it. Notice who's missing? Yeah, that would be Razor.

In the book, the teams don't have male coaches. They don't have coaches at all. They coach themselves. But if they had to have a coach, why not a female one? Why did it have to be a guy being the one to get them in shape and teach them how to be a team? Bleh. Also, IIRC, in the book the girls were not this Bad News Bears sort of team. Yeah, the Holy Rollers were better, but the Hurl Scouts were not this pathetic bunch who'd never won a game and never even tried. I really did not like the depiction of them in the film, and combined with the male coach, Really irked me a lot.

One good change the film made was having a black girl on the team and making Birdman latino. But at the same time, they chose the whitest actress they could get who was wasn't actually white to play Pash. :-/

And one thing that was not fail on their part, but just a disappointment to me is that they changed the whole dynamic between Bliss and the rest of the team by having the other girls all be in their mid thirties. Ages are not mentioned in the book, IIRC, but they seem to be closer to Bliss's age. (Also the minimum age to participate is eighteen, not twenty-one, which makes sense since eighteen is when you're an adult; twenty-one only has to do with drinking.)

Malice, the girl on whom Maggie Mayhem is loosely based, is in college. She's not in her thirties, and certainly not a single mom. So in the movie she's much more of a surrogate mother character for Bliss, whereas in the book, it was super slashy between Bliss and Malice, especially when Bliss moves in with her (for much longer than the day or so she seems to do in the film). And unfortunately the movie is all anyone seems interested in writing or reading fic about. Sad! I really want Bliss/Malice, and I was hoping I could at least transfer that to Bliss/Maggie, but no. It's not just the age difference (which would put me off anyway, as I'm not really into pairings where there's that big an age difference), but the whole dynamic was not what I was looking for.

I might try asking for (or offering) Derby Girl next year for Yuletide anyway, though.

Also there was nowhere near enough Drew Barrymore in this movie. :(
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I downloaded the movie version of A Child's Child (Kodomo no Kodomo) last night and watched it. It did make quite a few changes from the manga, but overall it was a good adaptation. The kids were great, too. I loved the girl they got for Haruna especially, but all the kids were really good. It made me really want to get back to the manga, argh. I need to finish up the chapter of Yasha I'm working on, though.

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Gelugugu - Anpanman no March
This is a punk cover of the Anpanman theme song. It's one of my favoritest songs ever. So bouncy and catchy!


Jun. 13th, 2009 04:04 am
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Today was the last day of my first week of reccing for [ profile] lgbtq_recs so I thought I'd post a round-up over here. I have recced all of these on my journal at some point or other, so to long-time readers they may not be anything new.

Graphic Novel: Skim by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki
Author: Ali Smith
Manga: Hourou Musuko by Shimura Takako
Movie: Imagine Me & You
Book: Luna by Julie Anne Peters
Music: The Cliks
Book: City of Night by John Rechy

I'll be doing a second week at the end of the month. :)


Jul. 19th, 2008 01:39 pm
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Urg. Shouldn't have gone this weekend. Even the morning show was packed out and we had to sit in the second row. We sat to the side, so I didn't get too dizzy (we were originally sitting in the middle and that was very, very bad), but my neck hurt from having to look up at the screen, and when you're that close, it's hard to focus on things. It made it a very long two and a half hours.

Spoilers )

We saw previews for The Watchmen, Terminator something or other, a movie about cops who kill people, and...something else. Nothing looked super exciting, but they're not exactly advertising my type of film during these summer blockbusters. I am somewhat curious about Terminator. I never saw the third one, and I haven't been watching the show, but now I feel like maybe I should.
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I had this out from Netflix for ages and ages, and then before our trip, Bruce ripped and encoded it for me so I could have it on my hard drive, but I didn't watch it then, either. But I did finally watch it tonight!

This was an interesting film. Basically it's an afternoon on Hampstead Heath, and the focus switches between a bunch of different people (mainly couples) there that day. Some of the stories were more interesting than others, but overall I enjoyed it.

More detail (spoilers, obvs) )

All of the stories felt very real. I liked that there was quite a variety in ages, that several couples were interracial (though all black/white (two black girl/white guy couples and one black guy/white girl couple with a daughter), that there was a gay couple (and lots of other gay guys in the area they were) and mention of a lesbian couple (the little girl says she wishes she had two mummies like her friend). I liked that they weren't Hollywood beautiful (this happens more often in British stuff than American) and while no one (except one guy who walks by) was terribly overweight, several people were kind of pudgy and just generally looking like ordinary people.

Definitely recommended.

Mean Creek

Mar. 26th, 2008 02:07 am
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I've had this DVD out from Netflix for...probably since December at the very least. >_< Finally got around to watching it tonight and it's really good. Wikipedia has a very spoilery summary, but basically the plot is that Rory Culkin's character gets beat up by this boy George a lot. He tells his brother and his brother and the brother's friends come up with a plan to play a prank on George, which ends up going wrong.

I really, really liked it a lot. It could so easily have been over-the-top and preachy, but it was really low key and just told the story without trying to tell you what to think. There was a lot of fucked-up-ness going around and no one was one-dimensional, no one was all good or all bad. Nothing is black and white and everyone was very real.

Oh, and I really loved the scene where Marty robs the gas station while crying. I think that's probably my favorite scene in the whole film.

It's basically exactly the sort of story I love to write myself. Highly recommended.

Random other things:

1. We got Easter candy on sale today at Target, including a bag of the new wild cherry M&Ms. They're really, really good, unlike the raspberry ones, and I used most of the bag to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies tonight, which turned out absolutely brilliant.

2. Went over to my mom's this morning to set up the computer for her. Now that Lorén isn't living with them anymore, they have the second bedroom free, so rather than buy a new laptop to replace the one that mysteriously crapped out, she can use the desk in there and have a regular desktop computer. We happened to have an old one in the closet, and another friend of theirs had a monitor she gave them (flat panel, too!), so we got her all set up and she gave us $200 off the rent for it, which I wasn't expecting. We are still woefully behind, but now we are at least $200 less behind. ^_^;;

3. I was this close to stalling out today due to lack of gas. The light had come on, but I'd left it that way for a few days because I was too lazy to get gas and thought it was okay, then I planned to get some today, but again, just didn't get to it, and when I was out with my mom taking something to donate to the thrift shop, the car actually started having these hiccups where it felt like I was taking my foot off the gas, only I WASN'T. And then the closest gas station was super full and had people all sticking out into the street and we had to drive up to Costco, which was a few blocks (with several lights, which were of course all red) and the car was doing that hiccupping the whole time, and my mom was praying and I was cursing other drivers and slow pedestrians... ^_^;; But we made it okay. I think the tank holds like 13 gallons or so and I filled up like 12.77. Eep! Note to self: DON'T DO THAT AGAIN. D:

4. We finally got everything settled with Toyota and we have the papers to transfer ownership to us, yay. So tomorrow we have to go down to the DMV and do all that. I can't believe it's taken over a month since we paid them. Gah. Also as it turns out, we did have the absolute cheapest insurance plan, so we can't lower that any further. But at least our monthly payments for the car will be cheaper. We were paying $272 a month and $6600 on the credit card will probably be at least $100 less than that per month. (I wish I could pay higher payments and get it paid off faster, but that is not happening with the current joblessness.)
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Wow, I can't believe it's almost the end of February and this is the first movie I've seen this year. Anyway, Bruce and I watched Futurama: Bender's Big Score tonight and as expected, it was hilarious. I forgot how much I love that show. I don't really have much to say about it beyond that, though. It's Futurama. If you like Futurama, you should see it.

I was very, very amused at the extras, though. There's a full-length episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, which, as one might expect, contains about twenty minutes of Hypnotoad on a white background with his hypnotising eyes (much like the animation in his wikipedia entry), interspersed with fake commercials. The commercials were pretty funny, but the best one was for a box set of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad, which contains outtakes (the Hypnotoad image upside down) and director commentary (the staff going "all hail Hypnotoad"). There was also a preview for Hypnotoad's gripping new medical drama, Diagnosis Hypnosis. Even though it was all so predictable, I laughed til it hurt every time they switched back to the Hypnotoad footage. XD

In other news, we went in to Toyota yesterday to buy our car, since the lease is up tomorrow. But after dicking around in there for ages, they said we couldn't actually pay there, and had to mail a check in. Thanks! If I'd known that beforehand I would not have waited til the last minute! But since Toyota Financial Services is in LA, too, hopefully it will arrive in time. I actually took the check to the post office yesterday and mailed it from there, so. :-/

They wouldn't go any lower on the price, either, so we ended up having to pay $6,500. >_< Apparently that's the amount of interest from the price of the car. Meh. But we really can't go carless with Bruce looking for a job, because that would limit his options and he kind of needs every possible option he can get. And any sort of trading it in for a new car would be even more expensive. So we had one of those credit card checks for 1.99% interest til November and used that. It will be cheaper payments and better than financing it through Toyota again. Also this way, since the car is ours, we can lower the insurance and save some money that way.

Oh, that reminds me. I have to pay the DMV renewal, too. ;_; At least that's only $115 and amazingly enough, the DMV makes it easy to pay online (is that allowed? I thought everything DMV-related was required by law to be a pain in the ass).

Ugh. Stupid car. Stupid debt. Stupid not having money.
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Wow, why did I put off watching this for so long? It's totally my new favorite movie. Basically, it's like the total opposite of Brokeback Mountain. Brokeback Mountain was the Big Tragic Gay Love and this is, well, pretty much your average romantic comedy (though a bit more thoughtful and less stupid than many), but with lesbians. The obstacle that keeps them from getting together is not The Gay, but the fact that one of them is married (in fact, they met at her wedding). I love BBM, don't get me wrong, but it's really a shame that this film didn't get the same amount of attention.

More with spoilers )
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Bruce and I made homemade nachos and watched Hot Fuzz last night. The nachos were delicious and the movie was hilarious. I remembered [ profile] annlarimer had been writing Hot Fuzz fic, so I went and bookmarked everything she's written. I'll have to go look for other stuff, too. I also volunteered to write it for Yuletide.

spoilers )

And then today I watched the new episode of Atlantis!

running commentary )
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We went to see The Simpsons movie this morning. Absolutely loved it. I haven't laughed out loud at a movie that much in a long time. My favorite line was definitely Spider Pig, though. "Spider Pig, Spider Pig/Does whatever a Spider Pig does/Can he swing from a web?/No, he can't: he's a pig..." *dies* Of course I've been singing that ever since.

The previews were really stupid. Mostly for other animated films or kids' films. The only one I'm even halfway interested in is The Last Legion, because it has the adorable little boy from Love Actually. He still looks exactly the same, though apparently he's seventeen now. O_o

In other news, [ profile] anthimaeria wrote Harry Potter and the Last of the Slashed-Up Canon, another story written entirely from rearranged lines of canon (this time including DH, natch). I think my favorite bit is Voldemort's roguish wink. XD

Oh yeah, and I finally broke down last week and got an InsaneJournal. If you have one, let me know, or just friend me and I'll friend you back. I'm not posting anything over there, just using it to read my flist.
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Oh wow. I absolutely loved this. I mean really, really loved. How did this not get more attention when it came out? Jude was brilliant, Juliette Binoche was brilliant, Robin Wright Penn was brilliant, the boy who played Miro, Rafi Gavron was brilliant. Oh, and Ray Winstone! ♥

I tend to like Anthony Minghella films for sure, and not just because they usually have Jude in them. I loved Truly Madly Deeply back in the day, which apparently is the only film besides this that he actually wrote, rather than adapted from a book. I think he should write more films. This story was fantastic. Wow. I kind of wish I'd had time to watch it with the commentary rather than sending it back to Netflix, but I'll almost certainly buy it eventually. I did watch his commentary on the deleted scenes, though, and that was excellent.

Spoilery gushing. )

Anyway, this is definitely very highly recced.

I think I might request fic for Yuletide, too. I'd love to see something about Miro.
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I watched two movies yesterday! *gasp*

Pirates of the Caribbean )

Music and Lyrics )

After Pirates, we went to Honey's Kettle, as it's right down the street, but...they were out of almost everything. Out of chicken strips, out of fish sticks, our of lemonade, and on top of that, their credit card machine was broken. We both ended up getting the new "hot cakes and chicken", which was three pancakes and a breast. Their pancakes are really good, but breakfast foods + chicken really made me want to go to Roscoe's. I wish there were one a bit closer than La Brea. Anyway, I did get a dozen Honey's biscuits to bring home, and those are delicious as usual, but I'm jonesing for their fish, so Bruce and I might go over next weekend (much earlier in the day, so they're not sold out, wtf).

I think I'm going to have another couple biscuits now. :D
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I realised it's quickly approaching the end of my monthly Netflix subscription and I haven't yet watched this, so I'd better do so and get another film out or I'm wasting my money. Breaking and Entering is at the top of the queue, but it still says there's a wait. :(

Anyway. If you haven't seen this film yet, you really should. I am tired and trying to stay up and not fall asleep, so I haven't anything of substance to say, but I liked it a lot. Wikipedia has a good summary. It had Elizabeth Peña as the therapist! I loved her in I Married Dora way back in the day.
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I've had this out from Netflix for a couple weeks, but Bruce wanted to watch it, too, and we keep forgetting to do so. But he's leaving Saturday, so we figured this was our last chance unless we want to have to check it out again, which, now that I don't have the Netflix plan with unlimited rentals anymore, I don't.

Anyway, so. I quite liked it. I think Ces mentioned this in her review, but the fact that she's supposed to be like, the best author evah and this is her omg masterpiece, yet what we hear of it is kind of cliched and not that great sounding doesn't really work, but. Ignoring that, it was a good story.


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