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Well, after the initial non-anon posting, anonimity was restored for the fest and those of us who saw the creators names were asked to pretend we hadn't, so I took down my "what I made" post. Here it is again if you missed it!

Our Time~A Kodomo no Jikan Fanmix~ (908 words) by faviconkyuuketsukirui
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kodomo no Jikan
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Usa Mimi, Kokonoe Rin, Aoki Daisuke, Kagami Kuro, Kokonoe Reiji
Summary: A fanmix focusing on Rin.

While I made soundtracks to a couple fics in the past, I never went all out and made covers or gave them titles or anything, so I consider this the first proper fanmix I've made. I went through my entire itunes library listening to songs and then looking up lyrics. It was really fun! Since the source is Japanese, I tried to choose mostly Japanese songs, and then of course I wanted to provide translations for them all, so while quite a few were already up on my site, I did have to translate several just for this mix.

Because AO3 doesn't allow linking to music downloads (which I hadn't ever even thought about, but I suppose makes sense from a legal standpoint), I had to use to host the mix, since AO3 does allow linking to certain streaming sites. 8tracks turned out to be really easy to use and I think having the streaming embed like that makes it look more ~professional~ or whatever.

Words I Thought I'd Never Speak (5779 words) by faviconkyuuketsukirui
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ultra Maniac
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sakura Nina/Tateishi Ayu
Characters: Sakura Nina, Tateishi Ayu
Summary: When a new law is passed allowing humans to visit the Magic Kingdom, Ayu finally gets a chance to see Nina's world.

This fic, guys! This fic was a pinch hit that I picked up because I had finished my own assignment and was like, well, I do know this fandom and if I reread the manga really quickly, I think I can manage to write something for it. And then I reread the manga with [personal profile] moontyger's request in mind and was just so inspired. I don't usually do worldbuilding stuff. I don't usually do long fics. And yet both of those things came super easily to me here. I wrote 500 words the first night, about the same the next night, and then almost 5000 the day of the deadline. >_< And I had so much fun!

I don't think this needs a lot of canon knowledge to read, honestly. [personal profile] littlebutfierce and [personal profile] snacky betaed it for me and both said they enjoyed it despite having never read the manga. (Though if you actually do want to read the manga, which is very cute, someone has scanned the official English translation and posted it here.)

This is how I described it when I posted asking for a beta: All the background info you need! )

If you like fluffy first-time femslash I think you might enjoy it?

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