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Rest Stop (I Knew You When Remix)
~1200 words :: Supernatural :: Sam, Dean :: 4/26/08
Maybe it's not fair to have this conversation now when Dean can't even get up by himself, but Sam doesn't care.

It's the easiest job they've had in months, right up until a little girl comes flying out of the kitchen, knife in hand, and practically guts Dean before Sam can pull her off him. )

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] helens78 and [ profile] telesilla for the extremely last-minute betaing. This is a remix of [ profile] merryish's Rest Stop - Near Leland, Mississippi, written for [ profile] remixredux08. Commentary for the story can be found here.
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The Buttcrack of Dawn
~200 words :: Supernatural :: Sam, Dean :: 8/28/07
"I don't think you're allowed to have coffee," Sammy says, only he's got most of a doughnut in his mouth, so Dean's mostly guessing by the tone and suspicious squint that that's what he meant.

''I am if you're gonna drag me out of bed at the buttcrack of dawn on a Saturday morning.'' )

Notes: Written for [ profile] hanncoll's request of "Dean/Sam, coffee, sunshine". I doubt my ability to write upbeat wincest, so gen has been substituted instead.


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