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Title: Another Drink
Author: [ profile] kyuuketsukirui
Fandom: Seinfeld
Pairing: George/Elaine
Length: ~1200 words
Disclaimer: Seinfeld is the creation of Jerry Seinfeld and probably some other people, none of whom are me. I make no profit.
Notes: Written for [ profile] nerdcakes for [ profile] yuletide 2005. Thanks to [ profile] helens78 for the beta and [ profile] splix for the canon check. Commentary for the fic can be found here.

It's entirely possible this is the worst party Elaine has ever been to. Any party where the bulk of the evening is spent talking to George is by definition a bad party. You never know who you might pick up at a party, but it's hard to imagine anyone being worse than George. )


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