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Well, I think I'm going to give up on [ profile] yuletide pinch hits. I appear to have the most fantastic bad luck, and every time I see something I want, someone else gets there ahead of me.

So! Instead I'll take requests. I know I have a bunch of ficlet requests I've not filled yet, but let's forget about those for the moment. These are Christmas requests!

Comment with a fandom and characters, and perhaps a bit of a prompt, and I'll write you something 100-500 words, to be posted on or before Christmas. If you want a Christmas- or winter-themed fic, that's fine, but otherwise I'll assume not.

It doesn't have to be my main fandoms (nor does it have to be slash). Anything is fine, so long as you're fairly sure I'm familiar with the source.

No limit on the number of requests I'll take, and you don't have to be on my flist or mutually friended. This offer is open to lurkers, too.

ETA: For all the comments, there are only 6 requests in there so far, so don't hesitate to ask. :)
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God, I can't believe the only thing I wrote in June was one Est. log. Happy to have written something for the Est. after such a long time, but gah, no solo fic? And I skipped out on three challenges? *cringes*

I think it's a combination of challenge burnout plus suddenly being busy with work again. I've been constantly overwhelmed, not just with work, but with fifty zillion other things that eat up all the non-work hours.

Like the Yu-Yu-Hakusho doujinshi I have to finish translating, not to mention *counts* eighteen chapters of V-Tamer. Yikes. Oh yeah, and another doujinshi with a deadine of Wednesday, but that one's easy. Actually V-Tamer is easy, too, if I could just find the time to do it. The YYH one I'm dragging my feet on because it's humor, which never translates well, and I don't know the characters, so I have to keep going to wikipedia and looking people up, and there's a lot of text per page, which always makes me go urg when I open the file.

Then there's my website, which is in danger of falling terribly behind with all those lyrics requests if I don't work on some each day (and still ended up being slightly behind this week). And there's stupid little stuff like movies from Netflix that need to be watched that I can't find the time for (and that I now see have been out for six weeks, argh), and this stack of Bleach manga that I need to finish reading so I can mail (OMG, so sorry, [ profile] umino), and I've been slacking on the exercise bike because I don't feel like I can spare an hour (the heat's not helping).


Anyway! So the point of this post was that I haven't had time for writing. Which sucks. My [ profile] lotrips_remix is coming up in less than two weeks now and I haven't even read the remixee's fics. I need to put that on my to-do list.

Also, I saw the other day that my foflist is over 150, and I had wanted, when it reached 150, to offer drabbles, but I haven't even finished the drabbles I owe people from that 25 characters meme (though I have not forgotten it! I even have a Lij one in-progress for, I think, [ profile] almostnever).

So. I am offering drabbles anyway, because I like doing them, but like, don't expect them any time soon. Or maybe they will show up soon, because I'll want to procrastinate on everything else. Who knows? :p

If you want a drabble, comment with characters/fandom/idea, and I'll take the first ten requests. Any pairing/fandom, so long as I'm familiar with it*.

*Basically this means like, RPS, Harry Potter, any Jude or Ewan film, lots of manga, rare lit, rare film, but hardly any TV fandoms. If you're not sure if I know it, ask. Though obviously my preference is for Jude/Ewan, Dom/Lij, or Sirius/Remus to fit on my ff100 and 100quills tables.

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May. 6th, 2006 09:05 pm
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Okay, so this is the new challenge I've signed up for, [ profile] wtf27. Like [ profile] fanfic100, there is no deadline. Unlike ff100, you don't even have to choose a fandom or pairing. Each fic can be something different.

001. Genderswap. 002. Transformation (animals). 003. Transformation (inanimate).
004. Wings. 005. Tentacles! 006. Mpreg.
007. High School AU. 008. Apocalypse Now. 009. Supernatural (creatures).
010. Supernatural (powers). 011. Fantasy AU (traditional). 012. Fantasy AU (urban).
013. Fuck or Die. 014. Pornstars. 015. Hookers.
016. You see, I woke up gay. 017. Trading Places. 018. Forced Union.
019. Timeshift. 020. Aliens. 021. Doppelganger.
022. Twins/Non-canon Siblings. 023. Out of Time. 024. Slaves.
025. Media Crossover. 026. Spies and Agents. 027. OMG we forgot ___.

The meanings )

Some of these I'm really going to have to think a lot on (the "woke up gay" one makes me twitchy every time I look at it, but I'm sure I'll come up with something).

So here's the thing. [ profile] telesilla is doing a thing where you can comment and pick which characters you think should be done for each prompt and I've decided to allow the same.

You can comment and claim a prompt, as well as a character or pairing you want to see. Claimable pairings are as follows:


For the LotRiPS, you are also free to throw in David Wenham at random.

If you choose "media crossover", you can suggest what it should be crossed over with, but I reserve the right to reject it if it's not a fandom I'm familiar with or think can work.

When you claim the prompt & characters, feel free to suggest other details (like if you're choosing supernatural creatures, you can say what type of creature, etc.) or settings. All of it is subject to change at my whim, though.

Oh yeah, and unlike the other ficlets, these will not be done in a timely manner. But rest assured, they will be done eventually.
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Now's your chance! Take a look at these tables here and give me a vague scenario and a prompt from the table for Jude/Ewan, Dom/Lij, or Sirius (preferably Sirius/Remus, but anything Sirius-related will work).

I know I still owe a couple drabbles from the last drabble request I did, but they'll get done eventually, as will these (though at the moment, I need to concentrate on exchange fics).


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