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Finally added the rest of my recs (nine, I think) to Links can be found there, as I'm too lazy to relink everything here. More detailed (often spoilery) reviews of each can be found here.

Five People Who Accidentally Slept with Envy by Sutlers

Fullmetal Alchemist. I love 5 Things fics and this is a great one. The Riza and Roy sections are especially good. Good writing, characterisations felt spot on.

Do You Remember the First Time? by Princess Cushla

Dom/Lij. Possibly the funniest awkward-sex fic I've ever read. One of those fics where I want to quote every line.

Slouching, Forever by Torch

Good Omens gen. Post-canon, Crowley and Aziraphale come back to check on Them. Excellent writing, as always with Torch. Creepy and cool.

For the Kingdom of Heaven by Cel

X-Men gen. Hank spends time with a teen who's one of the first to undergo the cure. Great writing, the sort of piece that really makes you think.

Phone Tig by Pi and Sal

Billy/Dom phonesex operator AU. Great characterisation, really distinctive voices, realistic sex scenes, and a feeling of being right in the characters' heads.

That's a Good Color on You by Ruth

Viggo/Bean crossdressing. Not something you normally think of with these guys, but it really works. Loved the way it was handled all around, from the setup to Sean's revelation.

Replicant by Lazy Neutrino

Horcrux!Tom Riddle gen. Brilliant little fic, so full of ideas. It left me really thinking about the possibilities.

If You've a Ready Mind by Maya

A retelling of canon up through HBP from Draco's POV, had Draco been sorted into Ravenclaw. Slightly fanon Draco, but not too bad. Great writing, does an excellent job of exploring the differences that might have arisen.

How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away from Me by Ethrosdemon

Supernatural. Amazingly excellent fic in which Sam turns into a girl and Dean realises his brotherly love isn't quite so brotherly. Very fucked up. Great writing. Not your typical sex-change fic.
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I've read a surprising number of good fics lately and my "to rec" folder has a whopping fourteen fics bookmarked. Yes, I realise to many that's nothing, but for me it's quite a lot and so I'm adding them to in small batches.

I really wish the character limit weren't so low, but more commentary on these can be found here in my reviews section.

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Jul. 19th, 2006 01:22 am
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I've been reading [ profile] lotrips_remix fics tonight and came upon one that had only one comment. I steeled myself as I clicked the link, expecting it to be really horrid, and...instead it was one of the best ones I've read so far. I am sitting here boggling that only one person has commented. Is it because it's angsty? An off pairing? Why!?

Too Much (Viggo/Elijah, angsty yay)

Go now. Read.


Jul. 15th, 2006 03:23 pm
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The remixes are posted at [ profile] lotrips_remix. I plan on at least trying most of them, but for the moment, all I've read is Observations, the remix of For a Price and its sequel, Noticing by me and [ profile] telesilla.

I admit I am a bit bummed that it's not actually one of my own fics that was remixed (it's a co-written fic with a world/plotline created by [ profile] telesilla), but the fic is really, really good, and as I've long since given up expecting anything I like in these sort of exchanges (my main reason for participating is the writing, not the receiving), that was a nice surprise.

Observations really keeps to the spirit of the universe, and the ending was just perfect. Everyone should go read it now.

New recs

Apr. 23rd, 2006 02:12 am
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I just updated with ten new recs. I figure what I'm going to try and do is update every time I get ten and then post them here as well.

They're not necessarily new fics or even newly read by me, because I'm trying to go back through old fics I've read and liked and adding them to as well. Authors, titles, and summaries below. For the links, you'll have to click through to as I couldn't be arsed to put them all in. I just c&ped everything.

LotRiPS (various pairings), Jude/Ewan, X-Files, The Faculty, and Good Omens )


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