Aug. 18th, 2006 07:16 pm
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In less ranty news, here are reposts of the Panda Bale fic I wrote in a fit of insanity last night.

Panda Potter Round Robin
Panda Bale/Harry/Draco. NC-17. ~1400 words. My parts are in blue.

Harry was so jealous of the new American transfer student, Panda Bale. Why was Panda Bale so much cooler than him? Panda Bale was even cooler than stupid Malfoy in his stupid leather trousers. Panda Bale got all the girls. Panda Bale got all the guys. Panda Bale even got the stupid squid in the lake. Panda Bale was a sex magnet and it was pissing Harry off. )

Pandas of the Caribbean Het
Will/Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Panda Bale. PG. ~100 words.

''I hate to do this to you, but I'm going to have to call off our engagement.'' )

Pandas of the Caribbean Slash
Sparrow/Norrington/Panda Bale. PG. ~100 words. Uncut because the bits I like most won't go well in a cut tag.

"It was your idea to spice up our sex life."

"Er," James said. "I was thinking more along the lines of hand-cuffs. Perhaps a blindfold and a spanking. I wasn't thinking pandas."

"Not just any panda. Panda Bale, savvy?"

"No. No, I'm afraid I don't savvy at all," James said indignantly.

The panda - Panda Bale, whatever that meant - looked rejected. How could a panda look rejected?

"Now look what you've done," Sparrow said.

Panda Bale just looked at James. "Fine," James sighed, "but just this once."
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These were all done for the meme where you comment and I either write a drabble or sketch something from random words in your interests. If you didn't participate, there's still time! You can specify drabble or sketch, or leave it up to me. I'm really enjoying this. :)


Title: Weird Muggle Things
Fandom: Harry Potter
Notes: For [ profile] sorchar. I chose "harry potter, h.p. lovecraft, and tattoos".

1 )


Title: Tragic Love
Fandom: Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean
Notes: For [ profile] wild_boys. I chose "harry potter, pirates of the caribbean, pointless angst, and raw fish".

2 )


Title: All the Time
Fandom: Dom/Lij
Notes: For [ profile] anatsuno. I chose "cigarettes, dom's painted nails, elijah, and erotic body writing". I was completely inspired by the Est. versions of Dom and Lij, and Ces and ana liked this so much, it has become Est. canon! Woot!

3 )


Title: Souvenirs
Fandom: Vampire Chronicles
Notes: For [ profile] rebness. I chose "llamas, louis, paris, and travel".

4 )


Title: Tense and Nervous and I Can't Relax
Fandom: Jude/Ewan
Notes: For [ profile] obscene_art. She had no interests listed yet, but requested Judewan. This ended up being a double drabble, and is set in the This Dangerous but Irresistible Pastime universe. Chronologically it comes after Better than the Alternative and before Kissing.

5 )


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