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You're My Best Friend (And I Love You)
~1100 words :: Huge :: Becca/Chloe :: 12/18/10 :: warning policy
Becca has had best friends and she's had crushes, but she's never had a crush on her best friend before. Not a real crush anyway, the kind where she can't stop thinking about doing all those things she's only read (and written) about.

Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] helens78 for the beta. Written for [personal profile] psocoptera for Yuletide 2010. Title from Weezer's "My Best Friend".

Becca is going to die. She is going to have a heart attack and die before she has ever kissed anyone. Before she's finished her novel. The thought of The Mists of K'oralin going unpublished is almost enough to make her cry. )


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