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This New Thing Between Us
~500 words :: Digimon :: Daisuke/Yamato :: 1/30/11 :: warning policy
Daisuke's not sure when he started thinking of Yamato as Yamato and not Takeru's brother.

Notes: Written for Porn Battle XI, to the prompt "Digimon, Daisuke/Yamato, music".

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You really, really do not need to know the fandom to read this. Seriously, it's set post-canon and pretty much everything you need to know is in the fic itself. Think of it as original fiction about a guy who just happens to have a talking pet. (Said talking pet looks like this, if you're curious.) Also you'll need to know that in Japan, Valentine's Day is a really one-sided (and heteronormative) affair, where only girls give chocolate to guys.

No Rules for This
~2000 words :: Digimon :: Daisuke/Ken :: 03/08/08
The thing about being a guy and buying chocolates on Valentine's Day is it's kind of like having a big flashing sign over your head saying "I'm gay".

There's no rules for this, or if there are, he doesn't know them. )

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] helens78 for the beta. Written for 2nd IJ Porn Battle, though like last time, I uh, fail at including anything even approaching porn.


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