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I'm good with any rating, but any sex should serve a purpose. I have a realism kink a mile wide, and no sex at all is preferable to fantasy sex. I don't have any squicks, though excessive emotion makes me uncomfortable. I place a high value on proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Oh, and don't feel like you have to make it happy just because it's a present. While I can and do enjoy happy endings, I also love angst (understated, please) and things going pear-shaped.

I think that's about it for generalities. If you want a better idea of what I like, just check out my fic, all of which can be found here. I write the sort of thing I wish were written, so it's pretty well representative of my tastes.

Now on to specifics.

I ♥ Huckabees
Albert/Brad )

Susanna Clarke - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Stephen Black/Fairy Gentleman )

Jonathan Safran Foer - Everything is Illuminated
Any of the main characters )

Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials
Balthamos/Baruch )

These are just suggestions. If you have your own ideas, those would be fine, too. :)
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Another challenge.

But, but, but! It's not something formal. And I need to write a Judewan ficlet by this weekend for [ profile] fanfic100 anyway (I have only one old fic I can still add to the list, and I want to save it for an emergency), so...

So much could be happening here. Affairs. Honeymoons. Evading the law. Ghostbusting. You name it. Write a short scene, any fandom or original fiction. Leave it in the comments or post to your LJ and leave a link. Don't overthink it. Let your scene be as impetuous as the things that are going on in this fine establishment. Put your fandom/pairing/rating in the subject line. Otherwise, there are no rules at the Pink Shell Motel!

Irresistible, yes?
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Gauging interest here... [ profile] telesilla and I were batting about the idea of a mashup ficathon, sort of along the lines of a remix, but you'd take two of an author's fics and use elements from both rather than just remixing a single fic. It would be complicated and we'd need to think more about logistics, but I'm curious as to how much interest there might be in such a thing.

We'd originally thought LotRiPS, but I'm wondering if making it multi-fandom might be better (both FPF RPF) and it would basically work like this. Each element in a story would be worth one point, and you'd have to use a certain number of points total. So if you used the story from fic A, and the characters from fic B, and the something else to be determined from B as well, then that would get you three points. So you could sort of pick and choose which elements you think would mash up best with each other. The fics wouldn't even have to be from the same fandom.

So what do you think? I'm really pretty excited about the idea myself.

[ profile] wtf27

May. 6th, 2006 09:05 pm
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Okay, so this is the new challenge I've signed up for, [ profile] wtf27. Like [ profile] fanfic100, there is no deadline. Unlike ff100, you don't even have to choose a fandom or pairing. Each fic can be something different.

001. Genderswap. 002. Transformation (animals). 003. Transformation (inanimate).
004. Wings. 005. Tentacles! 006. Mpreg.
007. High School AU. 008. Apocalypse Now. 009. Supernatural (creatures).
010. Supernatural (powers). 011. Fantasy AU (traditional). 012. Fantasy AU (urban).
013. Fuck or Die. 014. Pornstars. 015. Hookers.
016. You see, I woke up gay. 017. Trading Places. 018. Forced Union.
019. Timeshift. 020. Aliens. 021. Doppelganger.
022. Twins/Non-canon Siblings. 023. Out of Time. 024. Slaves.
025. Media Crossover. 026. Spies and Agents. 027. OMG we forgot ___.

The meanings )

Some of these I'm really going to have to think a lot on (the "woke up gay" one makes me twitchy every time I look at it, but I'm sure I'll come up with something).

So here's the thing. [ profile] telesilla is doing a thing where you can comment and pick which characters you think should be done for each prompt and I've decided to allow the same.

You can comment and claim a prompt, as well as a character or pairing you want to see. Claimable pairings are as follows:


For the LotRiPS, you are also free to throw in David Wenham at random.

If you choose "media crossover", you can suggest what it should be crossed over with, but I reserve the right to reject it if it's not a fandom I'm familiar with or think can work.

When you claim the prompt & characters, feel free to suggest other details (like if you're choosing supernatural creatures, you can say what type of creature, etc.) or settings. All of it is subject to change at my whim, though.

Oh yeah, and unlike the other ficlets, these will not be done in a timely manner. But rest assured, they will be done eventually.
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[ profile] pornish_pixies fantasy fest requests I'm considering. The one in bold is what I chose for May. Hopefully if one of the others is still left, I'll grab it for June.

mizbean -- I want to read a H/D fic where Harry is the one that submits to Draco because he’s so fucking turned on by the idea. I don’t want Harry to be a blushing virgin or a wimp either. Bondage, dirty talk, blindfolds may be included.

maddykitty -- Blaise/Draco--Blaise becomes fixated on Draco. Over a long period of time his fixation turns to obsession. It gets to the point where Draco notices and is skittish around him. Blaise ends up extremely unbalanced. Non-con. Bottom!Draco.

bookstars -- James/Sirius, James is leaving Sirius for Lily in their seventh year after a friends-with-benefits relationship that Sirius took for granted - angst and/or hate!sex, bondage & BDSM, blood play, and dubious consent all welcome. Thanks!

wizwig -- Sirius/James, rough!shower!sex at Hogwarts, dirty talk, "accidental" first time planned by Sirius // almost any kink okay except for mpreg, scat, watersports, etc.
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This is great timing. After just looking around at all the various fandom newsletters recently in an attempt to pimp [ profile] telesilla's [ profile] arcana_fic challenge, I bemoaned the fact that [ profile] metafandom doesn't promote challenges, because it would be nice to have a multifandom newsletter for that sort of thing if it's a multifandom challenge, yes?

And then today I hear about [ profile] _challenged_, which is just that. Anyone can post a notice of their challenge. Sadly, it's not got many members yet, which is why I'm pimping it, because it's a good idea and I need a place to mainline find new challenges!
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I am still having trouble starting up my MarNo fic again after breaking to do remix. Bah! *shakes fist*

Meanwhile, I've signed up for more new challenges! Like I needed them!

The first is not actually a challenge with a deadline and all that, but rather a new comm, [ profile] jukebox_fic, in which songs are posted weekly for you to use as inspiration (whether it be the lyrics, the music, a single line, etc.). It's pretty much along the lines of [ profile] contrelamontre. I don't know how often I'll be participating, but anything I do will probably be Judewan, S/R, or Dom/Lij so that I can add it to my [ profile] fanfic100 tables.

The other challenge is here. I'll probably do Judewan. It's not due til April 1st and the minimum is only 500 words, so it shouldn't be a big deal.
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[ profile] multific (Finish-a-thon): Remus/Tonks (Remus/Sirius). Due 1/28.

Finish/write another chunk of Liam/Jason for Nancy's birthday. Due 2/4.

[ profile] atomic_fiction (U2 lyrics challenge): I ♥ Huckabees. Due 3/4-11.

[ profile] remixredux. Due 3/20.

[ profile] musesfool's Multi-fandom mp3 Challenge: Fandom/pairing undecided (probably S/R). Due 6/6.
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Voyeurism challenge on [ profile] pornish_pixies. Due date is January 31st. Already got bunnies. The question is which to use...


Dec. 6th, 2005 08:19 pm
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[ profile] eightoclockshow

It's a multifandom challenge (FPS only) based around 80s movies. I do love AUs, and I could use some ideas for my Sirius/Remus table... *wibbles*
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So I signed up for this finish-a-thon, where the goal is to finish a WiP you've got sitting around. You name several, and then everyone votes on which one you should finish for the challenge.

Voting is open to anyone, so if you have any interest in reading any of these, please go vote. They'll all be written eventually, btw, this is just sort of a "what should I work on first?" type of thing.

Fandom(s): RPS (Liam Neeson/Jason Isaacs)
Description: Jason is a geeky gay guy who falls for his presumably straight neighbour. First part here.
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17

Fandom(s): Vampire Chronicles
Description: Louis and Lestat relate memories of their life at Rue Royale. Epilogue to a fic I've let languish for like three years. Previous parts can be found here.
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17 overall (this section G)

Fandom(s): Harry Potter
Description: Years after Voldie is defeated, Harry and Draco run into each other somewhere. While they're talking, Harry tries to ignore his attraction to Draco. Draco eyes Harry openly. They end up in the toilets, where Draco shoves Harry up against the wall and has his way with him. Much to his dismay, Harry finds he likes it. Afterwards, they both leave without saying a word, and from then on they purposely "run into each other" and the same thing happens each time. They never talk about it.
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17

Fandom(s): Moulin Rouge
Description: Vignette in which Toulouse rambles about his feelings for Christian.
Type: slash
Rating: PG-13? (possibly higher)

Fandom(s): Star Wars
Description: Cracktastic AU with Palpatine as a drug lord, Anakin working for him, Obi-Wan as a detective on the case and out for revenge for Qui's death. Obi/Ani.
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17

Fandom(s): RPS (Jude Law/Ewan McGregor)
Description: Jude as an architect and Ewan as a construction worker on one of his buildings.
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17

Fandom(s): The Three Investigators
Description: Pete/Bob set during Mystery of the Green Ghost.
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17

Fandom(s): Harry Potter
Description: Tonks and Remus being majorly fucked up.
Type: slash/het
Rating: NC-17
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I'd better make a post for these...

MA zine - due November 11th (no min)

[ profile] jedi__santa - due November 20th (1000 word min)

[ profile] harry_holidays - due December 1st (500 word min)

[ profile] slashababy - due December 10th (1000 word min)

[ profile] yuletide - due December 21st (1000 word min)


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