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It's Calling You (You Don't Believe)
400 words :: Bleach :: Shinji/Hiyori :: 4/26/10 :: warning policy
She's lucky, she knows. Lucky to be short, to be baby-faced. She just looks like any other scrawny, flat-chested girl.

Notes: Written for [personal profile] eisen's prompt of "Bleach, Shinji/Hiyori, feel it up my spine" for the Transfic Mini Fest.

Stupid Shinji. Stupid pill. )
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The First Thing that Comes into Your Head
~200 words :: Bleach :: Ichigo/Rukia

Notes: For [ profile] angelacaduca for the first kiss meme.
Summary: One thing Rukia can never get used to is how much Ichigo studies. He really doesn't seem like the bookworm type, but even with taking over Rukia's Shinigami duties, he still manages to make time.

There are really few things as intensely boring as watching someone else do homework. )
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Merry Christmas, [ profile] angelacaduca!

Title: Home
Length: 200 words
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.
Notes: For [ profile] angelacaduca's request of "Bleach, maybe? Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Uruhara and/or Yoruichi".
Summary: Rukia is home and things are back to normal(ish), but for some reason, it's not as great as she'd thought it would be.

She's sleeping in her own room for the first time in ages, and her futon is comfortable and familiar the way things can be only after you've been without them for a while. )


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