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The Best Day Ever
800 words :: The Big Bang Theory :: Sheldon, Meemaw :: 4/28/10 :: warning policy
Staying the night at Meemaw's house always means cereal for breakfast, even if it's not cereal day. Today is extra special because it's just Shelly and Meemaw. Erin Juarez is having a slumber party and all the girls in their class were invited, but Missy is just as happy that Shelly didn't want to go as Shelly is not to be going.

Notes: For my own prompt of "Big Bang Theory, Sheldon & Meemaw" in the Transfic Mini Fest and for the Other Ways Of Saying I Love You commentfanworks meme.

Erin and Missy and the other girls are going to Waterworld, but Shelly would rather go swimming in Meemaw's pool. Shelly does not like Waterworld's rules. They aren't fair. )


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