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I have one of those year-end writing round-up posts coming eventually, but first I wanted to ramble just a bit about my Yuletide fics, all three of which I'm hugely happy with.

You're My Best Friend (And I Love You) [Huge, Becca/Chloe]

Ramble! )

Halfway from Coal, Halfway to Diamond [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Nakatsu/OCs]

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Not an Addict (Maybe That's a Lie) [K-On!, Ritsu/Mio]

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This is commentary for my [ profile] mcshep_match fic. Read the fic sans commentary here.

The Fourteenth of Green )
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[ profile] kissing_athelas asked for commentary on Cold and I've been extremely lax in getting it done. It's been on my to-do list for ages and I just plain old suck for not getting to it. But I was tired last night and hadn't written anything, so I could either not write anything, or use my writing time to do this, which is at least to do with writing, so counts. Because I say so.

Cold. )
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[ profile] mikotokun asked for commentary on one of my older fics, Le Sang Rouge, which is a fusion (at least that seems to be the word people are using these days) of Vampire Chronicles and Moulin Rouge.

Le Sang Rouge )
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[ profile] absolutefiction requested commentary for Summer Camp, a Josh Hartnett/Elijah Wood AU. (And yes, I am totally doing these in order of shortest to longest. :p)

Summer Camp )
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[ profile] telesilla asked for commentary on this trilogy of drabbles (well, one is a double drabble) featuring Jason Isaacs and Liam Neeson in a vampire universe: Ecstasy, Whisky in Your Veins, and Addict.

Amazingly (considering all the VC fic I wrote), this is the only vampire AU I've done. Wait, no, I lie. I had a short fic where Elijah was a vampire, too.

But these fics were written for Ruth and Nancy, and Ruth and Nancy like vampires, so vampires seemed like a natural choice. :)

Ecstasy, Whisky in Your Veins, Addict )
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Eminence Front by [ profile] helens78 5/5 Recommended

[ profile] helens78 wrote me fic for Christmas, which was super yay-making because I was totally not expecting it.

And it's not just a drabble or ficlet, either. It's 4000 words of fic. I looked at my reading list, and there's only been three Judewan fics written (that I could find) this year, full stop, and together, I doubt they add up to 4000 words. I didn't count the year before, but it's probably about the same. I mean, I love short fic, yes, but there's so little Judewan to begin with, that something longer is *clutches to chest, bouncing*

It's really good, too, and set in a world similar to the one [ profile] helenish created in Take Clothes Off as Directed, which if you haven't read it, is a world where D/s is the norm, and there's a very rigid system where everyone is either dom or sub.

The fic is very well-written, although it needs a Britpick and there are a few bits that could stand to be smoothed out, but she rushed to post it for me before she went off on vacation, and will do a second edit later, so I imagine when I actually get around to adding it to my recs list, that won't even be an issue. (My, that's a long sentence...)

Anyway! Because I loved this fic so much, and I loved the commentary Ruth wrote on my own fic last month, I've decided to do a DVD-style commentary on this. :) Helens also wrote her own commentary here, which I waited until I'd done mine to read. It's funny to see how we commented on several of the same things the same way. XD

Eminence Front with commentary )
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Ruth wrote really detailed commentary on my Jude/Ewan AU, First Class. It is here and you should all go admire her thinky thoughts.

This is such an utterly brilliant an unexpected Christmas present, and I'm all asquee here.
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Read the fic sans commentary here.

Lotions Master SNAP )
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According to my to-do list, I should be writing my [ profile] pornish_pixies fic, translating lyrics, tagging on my co-writing stuff, writing a letter from SK!Ewan to SK!Sarah (about whom I have been having Thoughts and it's making me really want to get back to those two), or translating more of that Gamerz Heaven doujinshi.

But as you can see, I'm here instead, and I think I shall do some commentary on some of my recent fics.

Leave Me Shuddering for Days )

Um...huh. I meant to do snippets of commentary for a bunch of fics and ended up doing an entire fic. Oh well.

Fic sans commentary is here.


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