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Yeah...remember this story? It's okay if you don't. It was a long time ago. XD Anyway, [ profile] helens78 and I have decided to go ahead and call this abandoned, so here is what we have of chapter two.

Jude/Jonny, Jude/Ewan, ~1600 words )
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Title: Fallback Crutch
Authors: [ profile] helens78 and [ profile] kyuuketsukirui
Fandom: RPS
Pairing: Jude Law/Jonny Lee Miller, Jude Law/Ewan McGregor
Length: ~3000 words
Feedback: Any and all is welcomed and treasured, concrit included.
Disclaimer: This is absolutely, 100% not true.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] cimorene111 and [ profile] lunasv9 for the beta.
Summary: AU. Jude's straight, and he has the girlfriend to prove it, even if he is feeling more than a little dissatisfied with this latest relationship. Jonny knows when he's being used, but he can't seem to give it up.

It's like a switch. Once Jude takes the first step, it's always like this. )
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Okay, well, the epilogue is still not complete thanks to my having to work more this week than I'd anticipated. (It is coming along, though, and I fully anticipate having it posted later today/tomorrow.) So, in the meantime, here is what used to come after chapter 4. This is a second interlude that starts the Daniel/Armand subplot which I decided to drop in favor of giving the fic a proper ending. I do like it, though, quite a lot, and so I'm posting it here and it will be filed with the abandoned WiPs in my memories.

Confessions: The (Not So) Lost Interlude )
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It's no longer WiP Amnesty Day, but I didn't know this one should go up yesterday. [ profile] helens78 and I have come to the conclusion that this is never going to get done, and since we had only just got started, it's no huge loss.

Est!Bean/Ewan from mid December 2004 )
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Apparently it is. I don't have any WiPs of my own that aren't going to get finished, but here's a tag that's been sitting since November.

It started off as a sort of spin-off from an unfinished WiP of Helens's, which she posted today here. Then we (that being me, Helens, [ profile] zillah975 and [ profile] saxony) tagged it out some more here, and then it died.

So here it is, in all its glory. It's about 5KB and untitled. Unless we go with Helens's title, which was On a Bet.

Jude/Ewan/Jonny Lee Miller, PG-13 )
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The final one is a bunny all my own. Post Tale of the Body Thief. Angsty. Louis' reaction to David coming knocking on the door at Rue Royal. There are currently bits of David's POV, but I remember I wasn't sure if I would keep those or not. I also toyed with this being a much longer fic in which stuff is actually dealt with once Lestat arrives. This one I actually got quite a bit written on, nearly 6KB. Reading over it, I quite like it.

... )
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So we're to post our WiPs. The stuff that's sitting on our hard drives that we know we're never going to finish. I have a few of those. VC, all of them. So here they are in all their glory. :p Comments welcome, though no matter how much you praise me (*hint hint* :p) I'm afraid I won't be continuing them.

This first is a Marius/Armand fic that I was writing for [ profile] ladydarkrose. Not only are they not a favorite pairing of mine, but we're neither of us really into VC anymore, so... Anyway, the plot was going to be Marius and Armand on Night Island, Marius tells Armand that Bianca may still be alive and together they go searching for her. Whether or not they find her was never decided. It was going to be angsty, one-sided, Marius still in love with Armand, but Armand in love with Daniel. On their journey, Armand would come to forgive Marius. The bunny came from Don Henley's "Heart of the Matter". I really don't have much done of it at all, just the few opening paragraphs.

... )
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The second fic was from a challenge that Kimi made back on the old Rotolli board. Dude, how long ago is that? Anyway, I always meant to write it and it just kept getting pushed aside in favor of other fics. I don't even remember what Kimi's challenge was now, oh! It was to write a fic that didn't involve sex, I believe. Also she wanted Gabrielle in there somewhere. So this was to be something about Lestat being depressed from missing Gabrielle, I think. I have more done of this one, but still not terribly a lot.

... )
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Chapter one of our first Stregalli fic is done! Woot! For those who haven't been paying attention, Stregalli is a shared universe created by [ profile] telesilla. It's basically an alternate Earth where magic exists. More information can be found here. Alasdair's character profile can be found here. There's no profile up for Julius yet (*pokes Dee*) but think an early 20-something Jude Law (ha, big surprise there) lookwise.

And now, on with the show!

Title: Conjunction 1
Authors: [ profile] kyuuketsukirui and [ profile] diamona
Fandom: Stregalli
Rating: PG
Summary: Alasdair meets his new tutor.
Date: August 3rd, 1500

Chapter 1 )


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