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I saw this on friendsfriends and am just sort of O_o.

Ewan is going to be starring in a film called I Love You Phillip Morris about a guy who falls in love with his prison cell mate.

So far, so good, right?

The other guy? Jim Carrey.

Okay. Okay, wait. Jim Carrey has done good movies. He has done serious movies and stuff that wasn't like...Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber. Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine, right!? He's capable!

But the writers/producers are the guys who did Bad Santa.

Hmm. Well. I loved Bad Santa, personally, but I am frightened about what sort of movie this might be. On the one hand, Ewan usually picks good films. But on the other, Jim Carrey and Bad Santa. I don't know that I want those mixed with gay prison romance, you know?

I am fearful, yet hopeful.
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I still haven't got another batch of favorite recs written up yet, but here's a couple other songs I've recently discovered and fallen in love with.

Kirsty MacColl - England 2, Columbia 0
When I first heard this start playing, I thought for sure I wouldn't like it, but I'm glad I kept listening, because now I love it so, so, so much. And the lyrics are great, so be sure to pay attention (I love when songs actually tell a story).

The Sounds - Living in America
This I love entirely for the bouncy funness of it. I could listen to it again and again and again...and I have! XD

Also, Hamasaki Ayumi's new album, Guilty, is pretty good. I've only listened through once, but I liked what I heard.

I have also on request recently uploaded Amuro Namie's entire discography and a few Mr.Children albums.

Moving on from music, I uploaded Luxor Mega Pack for Nancy, and figure I might as well get everyone else addicted, too share. This has the original Luxor, Luxor Amun Rising, Luxor 2, Luxor 3, and Luxor Mahjong. I really don't like 2 and 3 much, but Amun Rising is awesome (as is the original, of course). I have beaten both the original and Amun Rising many times, yet I still continue to play them (or at least the last several stages of each).

I also have Happy M'Gee, an unreleased short film starring Jude Law and Ewan McGregor, which they made sometime in the mid '90s. It's very student film-ish, but! Finally a movie with them both together! XD

And moving on from downloads to links, this is seriously the best Cute Overload I've ever seen.

And this article about a '60s/'70s girlgroup called Golden Half has some of the best Engrish I've ever seen. I mean, it doesn't get much better than "this group was formed exclusively half Japanese-breed girls of a foreign country race". I'd heard of Golden Half before; I'd just never made the connection to them all being half. (You should watch the video, too. Very groovy (and pretty catchy, actually).)

Speaking of Engrish, I'm not sure I've ever linked these videos here before, but even if I have, they deserve to be linked again, because they are the most hilarious things ever. This one has a woman giving some tips on sexy phrases to say in English, one of which is "first-rate cunt lapping". Then of course there's this one, which teaches English through exercise. Next time you do aerobics, instead of counting, say "Take anything you want! Take anything you want!" so you'll be prepared if you get mugged. But this is my very favorite. Here a Japanese woman and three European women teach English words for gentials and sex acts! The best part is they clearly chose these European women thinking, hey, white chicks! White chicks can speak English! Except for the part where their accents are just as bad as the Japanese woman's. XD The word "dick" comes on screen and they all go "deek". Plus it starts off with "Let's sexy English!" and includes a very realistic encounter between a guy and a girl:

Gloria: Hi, Taro!
Taro: Hi, Gloria! What's up?
Gloria: Yeah! This is pussy!
Taro: I see... This is dick!
Gloria: Dick? Not cock?
Taro: God dammed! You can say cock, too!
Gloria: All right! This is cockpit*, isn't it?
Taro: Yeah! I want to put it in!
Gloria: Is this dick inside of pussy?
Taro: You are good at blowing job, aren't you?
Gloria: Do you wanna try?
Both: Yeah!

The final "yeah!" is actually pronounced "yay!" and they end with this yatta pose... XD You may not be able to see it if you don't have a youtube account, because even though there is absolutely no sex or anything, it's rated 18+ for the language (every copy I've seen is, so I can't just link to a different one), but seriously, get an account. It takes two seconds and your life is not complete without this video.

*They previously introduced "cockpit" as a synonym for pussy...
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Oh, hey! [livejournal.com profile] bluflamingo answered one of my prompts on [livejournal.com profile] choc_fic. It's Sheppard/Ford and it's really just the perfect fic for that pairing. It is my personal canon now! (Proper review later when I gather up some other fics for a post, but it's totally a 5/5.)


This was linked on [livejournal.com profile] metafandom today (the only post - what is everyone burned out on meta?) and the comments are fun to read. [livejournal.com profile] cereta asks what your first "fandom" was. Not the first fandom you joined for real, but what did you make up stories about as a kid.

I saw a post like this a couple years ago, too, about make-believe and playing such-and-such when you were a kid, and at the time I responded excitedly because I thought it was something different. Since then I've realised (and especially reading these comments makes it clear) that other people are talking about actual storytelling, whether in their heads or with others.

I used to play a lot of stuff, but the extent of the story was just saying "I'm this character" and then proceeding with my usual play of running around the yard or riding my bike or playing on the playground or whatever. Sometimes it involved assigning roles to others and giving a basic (like one line) storyline, but nothing more in-depth.

But it's still fun to remember the characters I liked to play. :) When I was four, I was obsessed with Johnny Gage from Emergency! I can also clearly remember standing in the way back of my backyard and fighting with my cousin Sean about which of us got to be Fred when playing Scooby-Doo (I think in the end we both were). A few years later I became obsessed with Annie (the one with Tim Curry) and would run around pretending I was Annie escaping from the orphanage. (At one time my friend wanted to be Annie, too, so again, we both were, and we'd play "lost Annies".) Annie is the only time I can remember playing a girl; I guess because there were no boy characters, but she was still really cool and who doesn't love orphans? I also loved Escape to Witch Mountain, and would sometimes pretend I was the brother from that (waaah, I can't remember his name) or sometimes come up with a very similar plot that involved being alien kids on the lam but wasn't quite Witch Mountain (again, I say, who doesn't love orphans?). When I was eight, the summer Olympics were in LA and I watched gymnastics constantly with my mom and then spent the rest of the summer doing cartwheels and summersaults and flips on the A-bar on my swingset and pretending I was Peter Vidmar.

So Emergency! is the first thing I remember playing like that, but I can't say it was my first fandom, by any stretch of the word.


In this script I'm translating, the words love juice (愛液) and meat stick (肉棒) are used. Needless to say, I changed them to something more palatable in English. XD

Also? The novelty has totally worn off. I am not even finished with the first script, and it's now just as boring as everything else. Why can't I ever get jobs for something not completely repetitive? (Well, all those films I did weren't too repetitive (though some of them so were), but that's cancelled out by the fact that I had to transcribe and translate them all by ear.)


Here is a funny article about Ewan and Colin Farrell. This picture is also amusing.


Yesterday Bruce introduced me to Left-Handed Toons (by Right-Handed People). This and this and this and this are some of my favorites. Also, we've taken to poking each other and saying laa! a lot.


I'm reading Trumpet by Jackie Kay right now and absolutely loving both the story and her prose. I see she has another novel and a book of short stories, too, yay. I shall have to check those out as well.


Sep. 10th, 2007 06:52 am
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1. This makes me want to buy a cat and a glass-top coffee table. So cool!

2. Jude has Lego Batman and Robin on his keychain. Dorktastic. ♥

3. Speaking of. Both he and Ewan are doing Shakespeare on stage next year (well, Ewan's run in Othello actually starts in November of this year). I think it's very cool they're doing theatre, but it's annoying that it's, you know, taking away from them making films I could watch.

4. I have been really tired the past week or so. Of course this coincides with me having a bunch of work to do (with a deadline!), being waaaaay behind on my lyrics site, having stuff I need to write, books out from the library, etc. etc. etc. Argh!

5. I'm down to just two more fics left to read for [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_match. Hopefully they'll both be ones to rec. Oh, and speaking of fests, [livejournal.com profile] telesilla and [livejournal.com profile] helens78 are running ficrocksthe80s, an '80s music challenge on InsaneJournal. You sign up, get an '80s song, and write a fic inspired by it. All fandoms, including RPF.
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Pics of Ewan and Colin Farrell at Venice Film Festival. In particular, I direct you to the hilarious second picture, where Colin is like, caressing Ewan's cheek and Ewan is giving him this coy look. I have no idea what's going on there, but I am amused.

I am so excited about this film, you don't even know. Match Point was one of my favorite movies of recent years and as this is a drama, I'm hoping for more of the same. Also, Ewan. I haven't seen in him anything in aaaaaages. (I have Miss Potter here, but haven't been arsed to watch it.) Speaking of Ewan's film, I really, really want to see Scenes of a Sexual Nature, but there are still no signs of it being released in the US. :(

There've been loads (and I mean literally like hundreds) of nice pics of Jude at Venice over on [livejournal.com profile] law_news, too.
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I keep meaning to post about this, but then I think, eh, everyone who cares knows, and get lazy. But then I realised that's probably not true, so.

Ewan and Charley are doing another motorcycle trip called Long Way Down. They're going from Scotland to South Africa and they already started on the trip last weekend. It's being filmed again, of course, and will be airing in the UK in September (hopefully it will air in the US as well, but since I don't have TV anyway, I'll be downloading) and it looks as if there will be another book, too.

Meanwhile, there are a couple websites, the official site and the BBC site. So far the BBC site actually has the most content. There are blogs by Ewan and Charley and a bunch of video posts, too, including a new one today from Ewan. They'll be updating throughout the trip. There's an RSS feed on LJ for the updates: [livejournal.com profile] longwaydown_log.

I'm really excited about it. I loved Long Way Round so much. :)
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But first, yesterday's Penny Arcade. I love it so.

So, SGA. I was having thoughts about Rodney, brought on by this fic of Helens'. She says in the author's notes that it's supposed to be angsty, and I can see what would make it so, if it were someone else, yet to me it's just funny because it's Rodney, so he's, well, laughable. And I realised, this is not a good thing. I like angst. I love angst. How can I write angst if I cannot take one half of my pairing seriously?

Rambling )

Anyway! I leave you with a really great Ewan interview in the Telegraph. He talks about climbing trees! And jokes about whipping it out in Miss Potter: 'I did try to. They said, "It's nice Ewan, but we don't think it quite works with this film." They tried animating it: put Peter Rabbit's face on it and it spoke to Beatrix, but they didn't think it was tasteful enough in the end.'

Ewan squee

Dec. 19th, 2006 07:09 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt has some scans of recent Ewan articles. He's so great. Stuff like this makes me want to write fic about wee, dorky Ewan:

"I was in the car and it was pouring with rain, and the wipers were going like this," he says, sweeping his arms wildly, "and my mum was driving and she told me I could quit. I couldn't believe it. And I never went back. The first thing I did was go and get my ear pierced, which was my first step into freedom, and I would walk past the school when everyone else was there eating lunch, and I'd be like"--he tilts his head to the side--"with my earring, hoping someone would see it."


Nov. 3rd, 2006 03:55 am
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There's a really neat interview with Ewan here. It's in four parts, about half an hour altogether. He talks about the influence of the theatre in his life and talks a lot about when he was a kid.

It really, really makes me want to write wee!Ewan fic. Oh so badly.


Looks like we're going to SF this weekend. Bruce wants to go to some NaNo thing with Pam (I think; I was kind of asleep this morning when he was talking about it) and hopefully I can get together with some folks on Sunday.


Got a big check from work today for the Idaten Jump stuff, yay! And the bill came for the credit card we used for the new laptop, so I can pay that off, which makes me feel good.


I spent much of yesterday and today (when not tearing my hair out over MediaWiki) sorting, listing, and photographing all the stuffed animals I'm going to sell. This is a giant chest, a large Rubbermaid container, and a cardboard box full. In other words, a lot. The majority is beanie babies and buddies, but I found there was also a large selection of Digimon plush, mostly Japanese. Oh, and all the costumed Poohs from when I was collecting those. *sigh* No wonder we have so much debt. When I think about how we used to just go out several times a week and spend money all the time on stuff like this...

But little by little, we're getting rid of it all, which means less clutter and a bit of pocket money (sadly nowhere near what we paid, especially with the beanies...ouch).

Once I get everything listed, I'm probably going to try and sell on LJ first so I don't have to pay eBay fees. If you're into that sort of thing, look out for a post in the next few days.


Although I'm finally over my Killers obsession, in that I'm actually able to listen to other music, I put the CD on in the car the other day and was just completely blown away again. For one thing, our car really does have a good sound system. Certainly miles better than computer speakers. So I could hear all these nuances that I'd missed before. I think I can honestly say I've never liked an album this much before.

At my desk, though, I've mainly been listening to Weezer lately. Bruce had a Weezer mix CD on in the car last week and it got me in the mood, so I just made up a mix of my own. It ended up being most of their discography, because there aren't too many songs I dislike or even am ambivalent about. Before that, the same thing happened with the Decemberists. We were listening in the car and I came home and made a mix and listed to that for several days straight.

Also finally tried out a few albums I'd been meaning to. Evanescence's The Open Door and Hitomi's Love Concent. I must say, I wasn't too impressed with either. Unfortunately I have no idea what other albums I'd been meaning to listen to as my iTunes library files were the one thing I forgot to transfer to the new computer. *headdesk* So now not only do I have to reimport everything, but I know there were a lot of albums on the "to listen" playlist, and worse, there was stuff to still be sorted, which means it was dropped into iTunes on the "to sort" playlist, but didn't have the tags done properly or anything, and of course I can't for the life of me remember what it was. :( I suppose I'll just have to add stuff little by little and be on the lookout for anything that looks off.

One new thing I listened to this week that I really loved was Remioromen's Flash and Gleam, a live album. Now normally I'm not terribly keen on live albums, but this was brilliant and made me want to see them live so, so badly. *sigh* Too bad they'll probably never play here. I need to fix the tags for it, as they were in Japanese, and while WinAmp now seems able to recognise that and not show me gibberish, my audioscrobbler can't handle it, and everything I listened to yesterday now shows up as question marks. Bah.

Also, when I listen to Remioromen, I have a tendency to stick to Ether, because I love that album almost as much as Sam's Town and could listen to it for hours on end (in fact, one time when we drove up to SF, I listened to it for the entire trip and much of the weekend while we were there...and I think on the way back, too...), and while I liked their other stuff, I wasn't quite as impressed. But I heard some unfamiliar songs on the live album that really wowed me, so now I've just dropped their entire discography onto WinAmp and set it on random.

Ewan video

Oct. 27th, 2006 02:16 pm
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Here is a video of Ewan talking about his role in Scenes of a Sexual Nature. I want to see this so badly.
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Watch as Ewan is asked by two little boys questions such as "Has a bird ever pooped on your head?" and "Do you wear pants?"

Ewan interviews by Little Ant and Dec
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New role for Ewan.

McGregor will play Jonathan, an accountant disconnected from life, who is reinvigorated by his new friend Wyatt (Jackman), a powerful and charismatic lawyer who introduces Jonathan to a mysterious sex club known as The List. Shortly after meeting the woman of his dreams, Jonathan becomes the number one suspect in not only the woman's disappearance and possible murder but also a 20 million dollar theft.

And one of the writers is Patrick Marber! ♥

How awesome does this film sound?


Jan. 17th, 2006 12:56 am
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Oh my God, Ewan is officially the cutest thing ever (or the cutest thing at this moment anyway). Also a huge dork, but we knew that. :D

I've put on Long Way Round extended edition whilst (ostensibly) working, and there's a new bit in episode two where he and Charley are eating Malteasers.

Charley shows him how to put your head back and blow so the Malteaser hovers above your mouth, and then you let it fall in. Ewan tries and he gets it to hover, but then it falls into the hood of his sweatshirt. He goes "Is it in my hood?" and then says, in an American accent, "Malteasers in the hood, yo! Shiiiiit."

*dies and is dead*


Oct. 19th, 2005 06:17 am
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Please, please, please let this be true!

"Jude Law is to go on a motorcycle tour of South America to escape the aftermath of his break up with Sienna Miller - and has persuaded actor pal Ewan McGregor to go along for the ride.

The 'Closer' star was inspired by McGregor's 20,000 mile bike ride with best friend Charley Boorman which was televised in hit documentary series 'Long Way Round'.
Now 32-year-old Jude wants to follow the adventures of Che Guevara, featured in last year's hit movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries'.

A source said: 'It's been an awful year for Jude and he's been thinking of a way to escape all the madness ever since he finished with Sienna for good.

'He felt that he needed some kind of sabbatical and when Ewan sent him a DVD of 'Long Way Round' the idea just grabbed him.

The insider added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: 'Like most people, he was inspired by the scenery in 'The Motorcycle Diaries' and quickly suggested to Ewan that they follow that route for a sequel.

'Ewan didn't need much persuading and agreed to join Jude with Charley for the second big adventure.'

Jude ditched Sienna Miller after the actress reportedly cheated on him with new James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

The split comes months after Law begged the 23-year-old for another chance after admitting sleeping with his children's nanny."
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I'm not sure what this is from as [livejournal.com profile] diamona just linked me the scans she found somewhere, but it's a good one. Ewan is cuteomg.

Quotes re: family:

"We've got beautiful children and a very strong marriage," he says. "It's perfect." Monogamy? "Such a relief, really. I don't have any problems with it."

and tabs:

"I've scratched cars and thrown rocks at paparazzi cars and humiliated myself."

'nawww. So cute!

Page 1
Page 2

The pics aren't the best quality, but I don't think I've seen the second one before and it's nice.
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"During a break from a morning’s filming of Scenes of a Sexual Nature, he said: "It’s so brilliantly written." He plays a man discussing with his longstanding gay partner whether to have children, a comic scene in which they discuss who would give up work."

Full article here, but there's not much more mention of Ewan. I'm thrilled to see that he's still willing to take on gay roles.
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There are scans here.

The poor boy was very cranky. *pets him* And the interviewer asked all the wrong questions, which only made him crankier. She tried to get dirt on Jude, and ends up the interview implying (well, actually stating outright) that Ewan did the bike trip in order to rethink his marriage. Good read, though. I like cranky!Ewan.
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Oh wow, the Playboy interview with Ewan was just brilliant. It covered a lot of stuff I've seen elsewhere, but in more depth. He talked a lot about his drinking problem, and how he tried just casual drinking, but couldn't do it, so he had to give up alcohol altogether. He talked about his problems at school, and wanting to do art and music and not being allowed, and his depression and unhappiness, and how that all cleared up when his mum said he could leave school and he got involved in theatre work. He talked about living with Jude and Jonny Lee, and he talked about losing his virginity at age sixteen to a random twenty-four year old woman he met in a pub. He talked about his wife and how maybe it would be glamourous if he'd slept with all his leading ladies, but he hasn't. He talked about loving work and wanting to work hard and be on time, and his annoyance with actors who think they're too good for rehearsal or can just show up late. ♥

It's a great article. All seven pages can be found here, just change the number to 2, 3a, 4, 5, 6, and 7. (ETA: I'm not the one who scanned them; I have no idea who did.)


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