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You know what I am happy for? Like, not just today but every day all the time? Text-based communication. It is so, so, so frustrating when I see people online saying that online communication is horrible and just Not Like Talking Face-to-Face and blah blah blah neurotypicalcakes*.

Here is a thing: you go on about how there is no eye contact online, or how there is no body language, and Everybody Knows that body language accounts for whateverlarge percentage of communication, amirite? But. I probably cannot read/do not notice your body language. I am not comfortable looking you in the eye.

Text also means I don't have to strain to hear you, to differentiate your voice from any surrounding noise. I don't have to guess what you might have said from context and try to fill in words when I can't quite catch stuff.

And on days like yesterday, when I didn't get enough sleep and then spent all morning running errands with my mom, which is even more stressful than just running errands alone, because I don't know what stupid shit my mom is going to say and I have to listen to her misgender Carla and call us by the wrong names, but that's just on top of the already stressfulness of going to too many crowded places and being surrounded by people (oh God, Costco was extra horrible yesterday), so that towards the end getting my words out is a huge struggle, even more than usual, and half the words come out in the wrong order and with the wrong sounds or I say the same word over and over twenty times like a broken record, unable to proceed because my mouth won't cooperate even though my brain knows what I want to say...

At times like that, I can come home and I can just type and totally bypass the fucked-up circuits that connect my brain to my mouth and make talking difficult, because thankfully the brain -> fingers connection is not fucked up, and yeah, sometimes I feel inarticulate when I'm writing, and I feel like I go around and around the point without ever saying what I mean to say, but that's different from struggling to talk at all.

So. Maybe text communication isn't so great for you, but I wish people wouldn't say it is worse than face-to-face, period, because for me it is not. It is so much better and every day I am thankful that I have this method of communication.

*This is not meant to dismiss people for whom text communication is actually more difficult (because of vision problems or difficulty typing or whatever). This is about people who bemoan text as impersonal, etc. and never stop to think that their way of interacting with the world is not everyone's and is not best for everyone.

Daily Happysong:

Mika - Grace Kelly
This is just such a fun song. I love it so much.
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Here are some things. Some are happy, some are not.

1. The author of the [ profile] lgbtfest fic I talked about last night has apologised and said she is open to criticism. I plan to write something up detailing the problems eventually, but I don't feel like I can deal with it right now.

2. I did leave a short comment for another author whose fic [profile] azsapphire posted about here. The fic on its own is okay, but the header has "R for adult topics such as transgender and transsexuality" which made me D:, and the prompt is about asexuality, yet no one is asexual in the fic. I got a response back, and they have agreed to change the headers, but I don't even know what to do with the asexuality thing, because their response is basically erasing asexuals and feels like it's totally going against the spirit of the prompt. :(

3. [personal profile] musesfool is thinking of running a sort of reverse bang challenge with mixes. I think it sounds really neat! I doubt I would participate as a writer, but I might make a mix.

4. I forgot to post this in my happiness post last night, but I love this desi!Sam & Dean comic by [personal profile] glockgal.

5. [personal profile] pulchritude posted some neat pics of people celebrating 端午 (Duanwu).

6. I like this post from [personal profile] such_heights:
Why is it that when it comes to anti-oppression issues that people suddenly get grumpy about things being all over their flist? I don't complain when my reading list is full of nothing but pictures of people's cats. (Disclaimer: I love looking at pictures of people's cats, it's a hypothetical example.)

When something comes up in fandom that affects me, I am always very grateful that there are other people who can give my feelings voice where I can't. And I'm also grateful to the people who signal boost, who linkspam, who chime in their agreement that what's happening is wrong, or call out problems in the framing of the discussion. The support is directly felt and directly impacts my experience of fandom.

7. Also there were so many good posts I saw re: [community profile] hc_bingo and ablism and I was going to make a links post but then felt overwhelmed and just deleted it all. D: But I really liked this post by [personal profile] dirty_diana and this one by [personal profile] kaz, especially this: "rather than the hurt for a wheelchair using character being "I'm in a wheelchair!", the hurt being the wheelchair using character realises the venue for something they really really wanted to go to isn't accessible, or a stranger treating them as if they're five, or something like that".

I also have seen several people saying in various posts and comments that what would be really awesome is more fic about people with disabilities where they aren't some problem to fix, they just are (and of course in some fandoms this is common, if there is a canonically disabled character). And as much as I love issue fic, I have felt the same re: transfic. I love fic about coming out to oneself and to others and all that jazz, but the reason I am determined to write all transfic for [community profile] kink_bingo is that I want there to be more fics where it's not about the issues, where being trans is presented as normal to these people, not something that needs to be remarked upon.

8. I have shipped Ryan North/Joey Comeau for a long time and stuff like this is totally not helping! Canadian web comic creators is totally going to be one of my Yuletide nominations. :D

9. A few things about the recent racefail:

A. [profile] bridgetmckennit contacted the mods of SPN/J2 Big Bang suggesting that in the future they might want to make "Don't exploit tragedies and/or people of color's cultures for the background of a 'romantic' fic between two white guys" a rule, and they replied back saying "We're not going to across-the-board censor what people create."

I checked the rules post for the fest. Following is a list of ways the mods already "censor" what people can create:
1. Stories must have a minimum length of 20,000 words. There is no maximum length.
3. The central story element must focus on characters from Supernatural OR on Jared and/or Jensen.
3a. In Supernatural fics, at least one character must be a canon character (one seen on-screen). Any Supernatural pairing is allowed.
3b. In RPS, any pairing is allowed, as long as either Jared or Jensen is one of the central paired characters.
FOR EXAMPLE: Misha/Jared or Jensen/Genevieve is allowed, Misha/Genevieve is not.
ADDITIONAL: Yes, you can write a menage or "moresome" as long as Jared and/or Jensen is part of that grouping.
6. AU's are allowed. Crossovers are not.
8. Stories must be beta'd.

But they're not willing to ask people not to be racist.

Yes, I am totally judging them.

B. I really loved this post by [ profile] furiosity about how if you really don't want to have to worry about causing other people pain with your fiction, there are plenty of places in fandom that will welcome you.

C. Similarly, this post by [personal profile] muccamukk is about how saying "I'm never going to write PoC!" is such a cop-out because white authors write PoC all the time and nothing happens. Whether they write them well or crappily, the vast majority of stories do not provoke this sort of reaction. Only the most egregious do, and even then many often fly under the radar. It's not that big a risk.

10. I feel like I should have a 10th something to make it even, but I appear to have run out of tabs that I had open, so.


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