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So I was hoping to get the 2010 Toyota Corolla again when we rented a car on Monday, because that is a really, really nice car. Unfortunately they did not have that one in, so what we got was a Dodge Caliber.

It's a nice looking car, but omg, I would never want to own one. In fact, I would never want to rent one again.

First of all, I could not see behind me on my left at all except with my mirrors. I do not like relying only on mirrors for merging, but that's pretty much what I had to do here. If I tried to look over my shoulder, all I saw was my headrest and the bars between the windows.

But the worst was the engine. At first we thought there must be something wrong with it, but according to the manual, it's not a bug, it's a feature. I can't remember what it's called, but it's some sort of technology that reduces fuel consumption by...doing something. XD (I wish I could remember what it said!) Anyway, the manual goes on to say that this may result in it feeling like it's slipping gears. Well, it does. Constantly. The entire time we were driving, it felt and sounded like the car was struggling to get in gear. D: Not fun! It really put me on edge driving because it was just such an annoying feeling (and sound!). Also because with a normal car, I'm used to if I'm going uphill or whatever, it eventually getting in gear and stopping the straining feel/sound. Only here that never happens. Gah! Who thought this was a good idea!?

There were other little things, too, such as the bucket seats which come up so high on the side that it made it awkward for me to get out of the car, and the fact that I felt like I was sitting up too high in relation to the window/mirror placement.

There were some cool things, though. Literally, in one case. The glove compartment doubles as a cold drink storage! It has a a ridged shelf for cans or bottles and while I doubt it would keep them as cold as a cooler, it would still be nice and cool if you had nothing else. Very handy for a long trip, except that I would never want to take a long trip in this horrible car! It also had a thing in the middle that flipped up so you could put a phone or iPod (but only a narrow one, so...) and there was a second glove compartment on top of the regular one, which I thought was pretty neat.

But really, bad car overall.

Also since I'm here and complaining about cars, I don't like the Chevy HHR, either. This is what my mom got recently and while I haven't driven it, from a passenger perspective, I really don't like it at all. It is very cramped, for one thing. And the back seats are very stiff and straight and just felt uncomfortable to sit against.


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