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Except for the M&Ms and Kit Kats, these were all generously donated by [personal profile] pulchritude. Thanks, again! :D

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I have had these collecting for months and months (at least since late last year sometime) and just never felt like editing and uploading photos. So 3W4DW seeemed like a good time to get off my ass and do that.

It's almost all US stuff this time, except for some chips from the British import shop and one Japanese Kit Kat. Oh, and some cookies Julie sent me from New Zealand. I think the bulk of these are from the 99 Cent Store, which always seems to have some interesting snacks.

I also decided to upload the photos to flickr this time instead of my website, and created a set for them (and future reviews).

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Candy post

Sep. 14th, 2009 12:45 am
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I've been writing reviews and photographing stuff as I buy it lately, since I noticed I was really unlikely to review anything unless I bought a whole bunch of candy/snacks at one time, which doesn't happen that often. So tonight I got a few more things from the 99 Cent Store and it seemed like I had more than enough for a post. Doing it little by little made it all seem like a lot less work, too, which was nice. :D

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So we went to Cost Plus today and ended up buying $20 worth of candy and snacks (not as much as it sounds like, since most of it was pretty pricey), only one of which (Tim Tams!) I'd had before, so I figured I'd do another candy post. :D

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Our new phones came today, huzzah! They're wider and taller than our old ones, but nearly half as thin. I've been playing around with the camera and even IMed myself, though when I responded from my other account, it wasn't showing up on the phone, so I'm not sure what's going on with that. I doubt I will use the feature, though, because typing is such a pain. The camera is fun, though.

There's a problem with the voicemail, though. Neither of our phones came with it programmed in, so we have no idea what the number is. I suppose I'll have to call Cingular tomorrow, or see if I can get customer service online or something.


Also in the mail today was a package of stuff from [ profile] helens78. A surprise package! With a bag of the Canadian Turkish Delight I loved so much, and a handful of British candy as well, including these awesomely awesome Giant Parma Violets (photo courtesy of the new phone). They're like Sweetarts in terms of consistency, and are, as the name suggests, violet flavored. It's weird, because, well, violet. But very tasty! Also there were some wine gums, which I have already devoured.


So. As it turns out, I am going to Indiana for Thanksgiving. But! I am only going for four days (Bruce is staying a week and a half), leaving Tuesday afternoon and coming back Friday afternoon. His parents are reimbursing us for my ticket (but not his, of course, because they know he'd come anyway, so there's no incentive for them to do so), and we tacked on $50 to the price we told them so that I could park at the airport and not have to worry about getting someone to take me and pick me up.

Hopefully I will have some work I can work on there. There's no good place to work from the TV, so I hope I'll either have some scripts to do, or can transcribe a video before I leave and just work on the translation there.


We might be getting a kitten! A friend of Bruce's from work has a friend with kittens, and there's one that didn't have a home yet, so she put in Bruce's name. They're still too young right now, but we should have it in a few weeks. And it's free, too, though we have to pay for shots and all that, too. But that's still cheaper than it would be for a pet shop.

We are already anticipating putting lots of stuff on it.


I posted fic for [ profile] summer_flinging, but can't repost here until the 28th. It's Dom/Lij, ~1400 words, and is the hotel one you may or may not have heard me mention before.

Because I suck, I still haven't had a chance to work much on the rentboy!Dom one. :( But Thursday is my last [ profile] summer_flinging deadline, and I should be able to get back on track after that.


Sep. 1st, 2006 03:35 am
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I had See's for the first time today in ages. Went to the post office and stopped in to buy a box to send to Bruce's parents while I was there. Of course I got a few pieces for myself, too: milk chocolate buttercream, dark chocolate pineapple truffle, dark chocolate almond toffee, dark chocolate scotchmallow, and a dark chocolate bordeaux. I've eaten them all already. ^_^;;

And hey, since I'm looking for ways of procrastinating on all sorts of stuff, how about I do that candy post I've been meaning to do for months? *looks through pictures* Damn, I have a shitload of stuff and it's all from April.

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Speaking of candy, I mailed your package today, Julie. I also managed to stuff in a roll of the aforementioned pink grapefruit Mentos, as Bruce bought some more today. Shipping came to $38 and change. The girl at the post office was like, "Wow, expensive chips..." I'm amused that it comes out to exactly the same price as Bruce's CDs if you include shipping, yet the amounts of shipping and product are exactly the opposite.
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Not really. Not a single one of these candies is Valentine's Day-specific, but it's a candy holiday, so I figured might as well do this candy post I've had building up, especially since I got another package from Julie today. :D

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Dec. 6th, 2005 11:29 pm
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Okay, so I've actually had all of this sitting around (or rather, the photos; most of the candy has long since been eaten) and haven't felt like writing it up.

Candy reviews with pics )

I didn't take pictures, but since I'm talking about food, I'll tell you I got some delicious ginger cookies (not snaps and not gingerbread, just large, soft ginger cookies) from Star Market in Berkeley. They were pricey, but I'm wishing I'd bought two packs. So good! From the same place, I got two packs of homemade scones, apricot/cranberry and peach. Both types are really tasty. :)

And speaking of candy exchanges, [ profile] helens78, I've started getting together some Japanese stuff for you, and [ profile] kakeochi_umai, I picked up a few things here and there for you, too. Am not ready to send either out, but am working on it.
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Bruce and I went to Sainsbury's today and I decided to do a little mini review post of some of the stuff I've tried so far.

Reviews with pictures! )

We got a few more things, but I haven't tried them yet, so that will be another post. I'm also expecting stuff from Cori, Julie, and now Helens, who's sending me stuff from a local British market in exchange for Japanese stuff.


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