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So here's pics and reviews of the stuff [ profile] kakeochi_umai sent us, as well as some other stuff I had around the house. I think I sized my pictures smaller than usual this time, oops.

A bunch of wacky Japanese KitKats and some other stuff. )

I am also doing some giveaways along with the usual reviews, as 1. I am trying not to eat as much candy these days, and 2. some of it was not to my tastes. If you are interested in the Tropical Fruit Aero and/or the Kinako KitKat, just email me at with your address and I will send you a couple pieces (specify which you want, or if you want both, that's fine, too). I also have a limited number of Salt & Caramel KitKats I will be giving away (I liked those quite a bit, but I don't think I want the whole bag of them around), so if you want one of the other two and are also interested these, lemme know and I'll add one in. Last but not least, although I love them to death, there's the whole trying not to eat as much candy thing, so I am giving away one Cherry Mash. I am willing to ship outside of the US, since they're small and shipping won't be that much, except for the Cherry Mash, which is heavier, so US only for that. First come, first served.

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