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Wow, there was so much awesome candy in my package from [ profile] tardis80. I am almost thinking of braving Koreatown to see if I can find any of it here. Or maybe I'll google and see if I can find some Korean markets that are not actually in Koreatown. (It is in Mid-Wilshire, which is pretty much the worst location ever, traffic-wise, and I'm not sure even delicious candy can lure me there.)

Details on the deliciousness behind the cut!! )


In other news, I had to go over to my mom's yet again today. *sigh* I think this is the last of it... They got the new version of WordPerfect today that I ordered for them last Friday, and Tom installed it and forgot that I'd told them it needed an update patch from the website. So my mom called me saying it wouldn't work. I emailed her the link to the update patch on the website and told her to have Tom download it and run it. She calls me back a bit later and says it's still not letting them copy and paste anything and can I please come over and fix it. So I did.

Turns out the problem? Is that Tom was still clicking on the shortcut for the ancient version of WordPerfect, not the new one. *headdesk* So I deleted all the shortcuts to the old version (I could not for the life of me find where in Vista to uninstall programs, and they have a 500 GB hard drive, of which they are not going to use even a tiny fraction of, so no hurry to get it off, so long as they can't access it) and put a shortcut in the toolbar for the new one and now they are good to go. Of course the new WordPerfect automatically opens the window to a new directory instead of the old My Files it used before, so I also had to move all their files from My Files to this new directory... (You can supposedly change the default directory, but it was not working for me, so whatever. I moved them.)

But man, I would really like to go over there at some time and clean things up. Vista makes things even messier and weirder than XP out of the box and while it doesn't bother them because they use just a few specific things that they know exactly where they are, it is a pain trying to find stuff when they want me to fix things.

Anyway, so yeah. Computer tip: if you install a new program because the old version wasn't working, it helps to actually USE THAT NEW PROGRAM or you will find you have the same problems as before... :p

Other than that, I have actually been productive, whoo! Got another Reborn! doujinshi translated. Might try to do a few pages of the Samurai Troopers manga or the BL novel I have on my to-do list, too.

Also look for a music post later tonight or tomorrow! I kind of want to do a Utada Hikaru favorites as I've been listening to her all afternoon. But if nothing else I'll do another of the alphabet posts. Any suggestions on what letter I should do next? Check the tag for which letters have already been done.

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