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Just a short one, but it includes a VIDEO. Because bacon mints deserve a video. Anyway, these are all Canadian candies from [ profile] glossing, except two of the three are not actually from Canada (Seattle is apparently to blame for the bacon mints).

Floral gum, banana chocolates, and BACON MINTS, oh my. )

Now I have all these bacon mints left! If any of you are brave enough to try them, just email me at and I'll send you a few. I'm going to have to limit this offer to folks in the US, though, as I'm not sure how customs would feel about baggies of strange white pills.
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I have new candy to review, thanks in part to [ profile] kakeochi_umai and [ profile] calliopepurple. :)

Coffee Crisp, KitKat, Hi Chew )
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I've been meaning to do another one of these for uh...ages. Let's see, I have stuff from Julie, stuff from the Japanese store, American Christmas stuff, plus some stuff from the huge bag o' candy [ profile] obscene_art gave me for Christmas.

Reviews with photos )


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