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I have had this written up for like a week (I've been writing each blurb as I eat the items so as not to forget what they were like) and have just been too lazy to get the photos off my phone. ^_^;;

But now, finally, I present you with the second batch of gift exchange snacks!

Chocolate Gingerbread Santa, Key Lime Coconut Patties, Chocolate Honeycomb, Now & Laters )
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The point of [personal profile] littlebutfierce's January gift exchange was not necessarily a candy/snack exchange, but there's not anything else I collect or am really interested in receiving, so I asked specifically for snacks, and the person I matched with (not a Secret Santa, since this wasn't a Christmas exchange and anyway it wasn't secret because people were matched with each other rather than A sending to B but receiving a gift from C), [personal profile] bibliofile, sent me a big box of snacky goodness!

Rather than save it all up and make one big post, since I don't know how long it will take me to eat this stuff, I decided to do a post after every few items. :)

Simply Snackin beef jerky, Candy Raisins, Salted Nut Roll, and Mini Cow Pie )
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[personal profile] st_aurafina asked about my favorite snacks of the year.

That's kind of tough because since I haven't been making regular snack posts or anything I don't remember what I had! XD So it's possible there was something really awesome that I'm just totally blanking on, but here are a few tasty snacks that instagram helped me remember. XD

Polinky Assari Corn: I think we carried this once years ago, but it's not something we've had for a long time, so if I had it before, I can't remember. We got a bunch in (in several different flavors, but the original corn one is what appealed to me most) earlier this year during our remodel and I got hooked on it. It's a sweet corn taste that vaguely reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it.

Happy Valley Farms Dried Chili Mango: Really tasty dried mango chunks with a dusting of chili powder. Sadly these are expensive and so I only bought them the once.

Purple Sweet Potato Pocky: I love purple sweet potato/taro/ube, so I was excited to see Pocky get in on it with this new addition to the Midi line (these ones have a higher coating to cookie ratio than regular Pocky).

And...that's it! I really wish I could do better on this question because I'm sure I ate a lot of really great stuff this year, but I have a crap memory. :( I guess I should instagram things more often!

And the last question is from [personal profile] mikotokun, who asked what I think about LGBT rights becoming a national political issue.

I think it's a good thing! There could definitely stand to be less of a laser focus on marriage and more of a focus on other aspects of the issue, but overall I'm glad that it's getting as much attention as it has been.
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What's this, three days in a row? (I have the tab with questions open so I'm less likely to forget! "Out of sight, out of mind" is a thing that is very much a thing with me.)

Anyway, [personal profile] troisroyaumes asked about latest new candy I've tried. The thing is, I actually can't remember the last time I tried a new candy. I probably have had something, but I'm just totally blanking.

I do try new snacks fairly often, though, so I will share some of those, including one I just had today! Today I tried Bourbon's Jaga Choco, which are chocolate-covered potato chips. They were tasty, but to be honest, I've had better. Koikeya has a chocolate-coated one in their Rich Cut line that I remember being nice and salty. I felt like these Bourbon ones were missing the salt.

I also tried Sanko Yuki no Yado Chestnut & Milk Cream yesterday. These, too, were not super wow great. I love the Yuki no Yado line, because it's such a perfect mix of sweet and salty, but so far other than the original, my favorite has been the green tea one. I like chestnut-flavored stuff all right, but this was just okay. (I didn't buy this one myself; my co-worker bought a bag and shared.)

...This is actually really difficult. D: Between me and my co-worker, we try a lot of new snacks all the time, but when I don't make a note of them I kind of tend to forget about it. :-/ Sorry if this was a disappointing topic! D: D: D:
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1. Did everything on my to-do list LIKE A BOSS.

2. A few days ago Irene noted that I sounded super quiet on Facetime and she could barely hear me. We assumed it was a bad connection or something, but tonight I randomly decided to play with the voice posts thingy and that was super quiet, too, so I was like ughhhhhh fuck is something wrong with my ipod??? Even though I bought it less than a year ago (though it's probably almost a year now, because it was an early birthday present), it was refurbished and not through Apple, so it didn't have a full year warranty, so if I have to take it to get fixed, it's not free. Bluh. Plus I don't want to waste time going to the Apple Store.

So I googled and after a lot of results that were not at all what I was looking for, finally found a thread that sounded similar and people suggested cleaning out the microphone hole with a toothbrush bristle or the round end of a needle. I tried poking at it with a toothbrush, but that did nothing, so I tried a needle and that got out quite a bit of stuff. I realised that the microphone hole is actually supposed to be quite a bit deeper than it was. Apparently it was filled almost to level with pocket grit. >_< Oops. So now it's better. I tested it with the voice memo.

3. I've gotten a lot accomplished and am tiredish, so hopefully if I go to bed now I can get to sleep without too much trouble. (I have work in the morning.) If not, I can always come home and nap afterwards.

4. I had a super delicious snack today! edamame cheese flavor Jagariko. *_* (Jagariko is a type of stick-shaped potato snack. Sort of like shoestring potatoes, but thicker than that.) Even on sale it's $1.98 for a tiny pack, though, so I probably won't be buying too many, but omg so good. SO GOOD. *_*

5. I got caught up on Korra!
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I saw these O'Zack Honey Mustard Onion potato chips on sale at work today and had to have them. I've seen O'Zack brand chips before, but never had any because they're not cheap. But they look so good, not just the flavor(s), but the texture of the chips. And I was right. They're very thin and crispy and super delicious. And the honey mustard onion flavor (an "American taste", according to the package) is really good.

Sadly the sale wasn't that great, a 2.4oz/68g bag for $1.98, so I doubt I'll be buying any more at this price, but it was a good choice.

I also tried out Koikeya's Chocolate Shitate Rich Cut Potato Chips. I've heard of chocolate potato chips before, and I like the salty/chocolate combination, like chocolate-covered pretzels, so I decided to try these even though they weren't on sale at all. They're tasty, but not something I'll buy again, and not just for the price. I found that I wanted both more chocolate and more saltiness. As you can see from the picture, they just have a couple lines of chocolate drizzled on (and only on one side of the chips), so there's not that much chocolate flavor.

They're also a smaller bag than the O'Zacks (2oz/58g) and were something like $2.48.
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Oishisa Hyakkei Shouga Senbei are the ginger senbei I mentioned the other day. I ended up buying another package of them so I could review them (and also because they are SO delicious).

Oishisa Hyakkei is a company that makes a ton of traditional snacks, and as such, their packaging is nothing exciting, relying on the fact that everybody already knows what these are and they don't need to sell the idea of them. But the package is also clear on the bottom half, so you can see exactly what's inside.

Whenever I see this sort of senbei in the store, I always think they look kind of like large, thick Frosted Flakes. The crackers are pretty much the same texture and flavor as fortune cookies, but coated with a strong ginger flavor. They're nice and crunchy and basically if you like ginger, you will like them.

The package claims there are three servings in it, but I have ended up eating the whole thing at once both times. ^_^;; Unlike the other snacks I've been buying, this wasn't on sale and at $1.98 for this small bag, it's really not something I should be buying often, so I will probably not get it again unless it goes on sale (alas).
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The back of the package claims that Karamucho Hot Chili Potato Sticks are the "no. 1 popular selling brand in the Spicy snack category in Japan". (Yes, in English. These are actually packaged for the US, so you might be able to find them more widely than just at import shops.)

The name is a combination of karai and mucho, meaning very spicy, and I definitely found them to be so. A bit too spicy for me, as I'm not that huge a fan of spicy chips. But they were tasty. Not sure I'd go out of my way to buy them again (I actually didn't buy these; Carla did), but I would eat them happily if I found myself with some.

This is a small bag (1.8oz/50g) and supposedly just one serving, but Carla and I each had half and that seemed like plenty to me. Shoestring potatoes are denser than if it were potato chips or something puffed, so I still felt like I was getting a lot. They were also on sale for 98 cents.
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I've decided to try something new at work at least once a week. The problem is it's often tempting to buy something and eat it there at work when I'm hungry, and then I can't review it. -_-;; Anyway, rather than doing them in batches as I usually do, I think I'll just post each review separately.

(Also I really need to change the tags from candy to snacks, because I definitely want to review things that are not today's!)

These Ikameshi Corn Snacks are made by Frito Lay, but alas, not something that will ever see the light of day in the US outside of import shops! People here don't seem to go for seafood-flavored snacks for some reason.

If you can't tell from the name or the packaging, these are squid-flavored crisps. They're not just plain squid-flavored, but squid with some sort of sauce (as seen in the picture), and the flavor is based on an ekiben (train lunch) from the town of Mori.

The crisps are made of puffed corn and are very crunchy. The flavor is, in a word, delicious. It's a strong squid flavor but I can also taste whatever the sauce is supposed to be. The package claims that compared to last year, they have 1.5 times as much squid powder to better approximate the flavor of the ekiben. I believe it! It's definitely not just a generic squid flavor. The one thing I don't like about them is they're very, very salty. I like salty things, but these are a bit on the too-salty side for me.

For an imported snack, they were pretty cheap. On sale for 98 cents. There are two servings per bag, but I ate a whole bag for lunch. :p After work, I bought another two bags (one of which I opened tonight to review) because I liked them so much.
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This box of twelve truffles is a little pricey for See's. Usually they charge by the pound, same price for any candy, but this was $18, which is $2 more than a pound box, yet you get way fewer chocolates (the size on the box says 11.2 oz). Still, I had a gift certificate for a one-pound box, so I only had to pay the $2 difference, so I figured it was a good chance to try them, since they don't sell any of these flavors separately.

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Except for the M&Ms and Kit Kats, these were all generously donated by [personal profile] pulchritude. Thanks, again! :D

All chocolate stuff this time! )
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I have had these collecting for months and months (at least since late last year sometime) and just never felt like editing and uploading photos. So 3W4DW seeemed like a good time to get off my ass and do that.

It's almost all US stuff this time, except for some chips from the British import shop and one Japanese Kit Kat. Oh, and some cookies Julie sent me from New Zealand. I think the bulk of these are from the 99 Cent Store, which always seems to have some interesting snacks.

I also decided to upload the photos to flickr this time instead of my website, and created a set for them (and future reviews).

Cut for lots of pics )

Candy post

Sep. 14th, 2009 12:45 am
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I've been writing reviews and photographing stuff as I buy it lately, since I noticed I was really unlikely to review anything unless I bought a whole bunch of candy/snacks at one time, which doesn't happen that often. So tonight I got a few more things from the 99 Cent Store and it seemed like I had more than enough for a post. Doing it little by little made it all seem like a lot less work, too, which was nice. :D

A random collection of things, mainly from Japanese shops and the 99 Cent Store )
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So we went to Cost Plus today and ended up buying $20 worth of candy and snacks (not as much as it sounds like, since most of it was pretty pricey), only one of which (Tim Tams!) I'd had before, so I figured I'd do another candy post. :D

om nom nom )

Candy post

Jul. 25th, 2009 11:14 pm
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It's been ages since I've done a candy post. I've had a couple new things recently, so today when we went to the 99 Cent Store, I deliberately looked for anything else that might be fun to review (they always seem to have an oddball selection), and found several things.

Mostly US stuff, but one Japanese one! )

Candy post

Mar. 9th, 2009 05:14 pm
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I have a whole drawer full of candy here piling up! Today I got yet another package from [ profile] kakeochi_umai, so I'm taking that as a sign to finally write it all up. Most of this stuff is Japanese, those there are a few American candies in there, too.

KitKat, Hi-Chew, 3 Musketeers, Reese's, and more )

So. Now we have a ton of stuff here, and I'm giving some away! I'm just going to give a few pieces to anyone who asks (everything is individually wrapped), so I can take quite a few requests. Here's what's on offer:

Soysauce KitKats
Muscat KitKats
Ume Hi-Chew
Strawberry cheesecake Hi-Chew
Aloe yogurt Hi-Chew
Brown sugar/umeboshi hard candy
Dark chocolate/cherry 3 Musketeers

Comment or email me at and let me know which you'd like (feel free to ask for some of each).
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So the other day when we went to the 99 Cent Store, they had a bunch of limited edition stuff, including some I had tried and loved, such as the Elvis Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (I didn't buy the one I saw only because I'm pretty sure it's been over a year since they stopped making those and I hate the crumbly way Reese's gets when they're old) and cherry M&Ms. But there were also two I'd never heard of, Twix Java and 3 Musketeers S'mores Brownie Bar (which I misremembered as being rocky road when I posted about it the other day).

On to the reviews! )
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When I was editing the photos from our walk, I finally decided to edit all the candy photos I had sitting around, too. This is mainly stuff from Germany and Australia, with one lone Japanese one we got recently at Mitsuwa.

Australian candy! )

German candy! )

Japanese candy! )


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