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Title: Everything Asian
Author: Sung J. Woo
Number of Pages: 328 pages
Book Number/Goal: 21/30 for 2010
My Rating: 5/5

When he was seven, Dae Joon's father left Korea for America, leaving Dae Joon, his mom, and his older sister In Sook behind. Now he is twelve and they are finally joining their father in New Jersey, where he owns a shop that sells "everything Asian". It should be a joyful reunion, but it's just awkward, especially since Dae Joon doesn't even remember his father.

I really enjoyed this. The POV alternates one chapter in Dae Joon's POV, one in the POV of one of the other characters, who each get one chapter that expands on whatever happened in Dae Joon's previous chapter. It was an interesting way to do things and I thought it worked well.


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