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Title: Blueback
Author: Tim Winton
Number of Pages: 151 pages
Book Number/Goal: 46/40 for 2010
My Rating: 3/5

Jacket Summary: Abel Jackson loves to dive. He's a natural in the water. He can't remember a time when he couldn't use a mask and snorkel to glide down into the clear deep. Life is tough out at Longboat Bay. Every day the boy helps his mother earn their living from the sea and the land. It's hard work but Abel has the bush and the sky and the bay to himself. Until the day he meets Blueback, the fish that changes his life.

Review: I read a couple books of his short stories a few years ago and really liked them (especially The Turning, which has some of my favorite short stories ever) and so I put a bunch of his other stuff on my wishlist just at random. Not sure I would have chosen this book by the summary, but it turned out to be interesting and I enjoyed it. The summary makes it sound like it's a story of a boy and his BFF (Best Fish Friend), but it's really more just about the story of Abel's life and his love for the ocean in general.


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