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What are you currently reading?
I'm almost halfway done with Theater People and enjoying it quite a lot. When I first cracked it open, I couldn't really remember who everyone was and what had happened in the first book, so I was a bit meh on it, but it sucked me in once it got going (even though I'm still hazy on some of the details, even though it's only a couple years ago that I read the first book).

I also finally started reading The Big Picture: Murals of Los Angeles, despite having put it on my "currently reading" list on Goodreads a couple weeks ago when I first got it. This book was published in 1988, so obviously a lot has changed between now and then, but I recognise a lot of the murals, so it's a fun read.

I also started the other Sarah Schulman book I had on my shelf, Rat Bohemia. I only read a few chapters so far, but I'm enjoying it.

What did you recently finish reading?
The other day I finished Schulman's People in Trouble. I remember liking the previous books of Schulman's that I read, but barely remember anything about them. It took a few chapters of this one for me to warm up to it, but I ended up liking it a lot and got sucked in and then really zipped through it in just a couple days.

But wow, what a book to read now. I bought this several years ago when I got a bunch of Sarah Schulman books, and for some reason I read all but this and Rat Bohemia, and these two just sat on my shelf until the other day when I picked it at random when looking for something new to read. If I had read it back when I bought it, I'm not sure I would have even recognised the character of Ronald Horne as being based on a real person. If only the real Donald Trump had died in the late 80s like Ronald Horne does in this book.

What do you think you'll read next?
Mainly just want to get through the books I have in progress, and then I'm not sure after that.
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Title: The Sophie Horowitz Story
Author: Sarah Schulman
Number of Pages: 158 pages
Book Number/Goal: 35/75 for 2009
My Rating: 3.5/5

Sophie is a reporter caught up in a story about radical feminists Germaine Covington and Laura Wolf. The more she tries to get to the bottom of things, the more she finds herself tangled up in everything.

This is Schulman's first novel and it's very obvious. It's not nearly as well-written as the other books I've read by her and the plot's a little muddled and everyone but Sophie feels more like a prop than an actual person, but I still enjoyed it quite a lot. I'm glad this wasn't the first book I read by her, though.

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Title: Empathy
Author: Sarah Schulman
Number of Pages: 182 pages
Book Number/Goal: 33/75 for 2009
My Rating: 4.5/5

It's hard to summarise this book without spoiling it. It's about Anna and Doc and psychology and...stuff. Really, I have no idea how to summarise, so that will have to do. It's about a woman coming to terms with being a lesbian and what that means to her. (But not in a "coming out" sort of way.)

Anyway! This is very experimental, with some scenes written in script format, and it took me a little longer to get into than After Delores did, but it did hook me and I ended up really enjoying it. (As for the spoiler, I totally called it.)

I still have three more of Schulman's books here to read and I'm very excited about them.
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Title: After Delores
Author: Sarah Schulman
Number of Pages: 158 pages
Book Number/Goal: 32/75 for 2009
My Rating: 5/5

The narrator is broken-hearted after her lover Delores left her for another woman. As she tries to get over Delores, she gets involved in several other relationships and a murder or two.

I really liked this a lot. The characters are all totally over-the-top and everything's a bit unreal, but that's part of its charm. I found it really hard to put down. Every time I did, I'd pick it up again a few minutes later for just one more chapter.

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