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I'm not doing a proper review post for these because I've already posted reviews for the later ones in the past and I just don't feel like it! But I wanted to make a note, since my count is going to skip a bunch. :p

Anyway, I really enjoyed rereading these. The series has a lot of problems, but I do like it a lot, and while books 1-4 were somewhat fresh in my mind from playing Lego Harry Potter, it had been long enough since I'd read the last three books that I really couldn't remember much at all, so it was almost as good as reading them for the first time.

And now I will probably be reading HP fic for a while...
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Finished it!

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Okay, now I'm gonna try and go back and read everyone else's reactions. If you posted about the book and want to be nice and leave me a link, that would be great. If I'd been thinking I would have bookmarked the posts as they came across my flist, but...
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Almost to the end! I'm pretty tired, though, so I think I'm going to take a nap before finishing it up.

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Okay, I lied about saving all my comments for the end. Here's the first ten chapters.

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