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Title: Keeping You a Secret
Author: Julie Anne Peters
Number of Pages: 250 pages
Book Number/Goal: 70/75 for 2009
My Rating: 5/5

Holland is the student body president, on the swim team, a straight-A student, and has a great boyfriend who's also one of her best friends. Everyone thinks her life is perfect. But when she falls in love with Cece, a new girl at school, that all starts to change.

I read another book by Peters earlier this year and liked it a lot, so I was hoping this would be as good and it definitely was. It felt a little less textbooky than Luna, which I think has to do with the fact that the author is writing from personal experience here, where she wasn't with Luna. There's a subplot in this with Holland's stepsister Faith, who's a goth, and that part has the same "let me show you my research" feel to it that all the transgender stuff in Luna did.

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Jun. 13th, 2009 04:04 am
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Today was the last day of my first week of reccing for [ profile] lgbtq_recs so I thought I'd post a round-up over here. I have recced all of these on my journal at some point or other, so to long-time readers they may not be anything new.

Graphic Novel: Skim by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki
Author: Ali Smith
Manga: Hourou Musuko by Shimura Takako
Movie: Imagine Me & You
Book: Luna by Julie Anne Peters
Music: The Cliks
Book: City of Night by John Rechy

I'll be doing a second week at the end of the month. :)
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Title: Luna
Author: Julie Anne Peters
Number of Pages: 248 pages
Book Number/Goal: 29/75 for 2009
My Rating: 5/5

Regan's life is complicated. There's family problems and high school problems and then there's Luna, her brother. Or rather, the girl her brother wants to be.

Though the book is titled Luna, this is really Regan's story. It's about her living with this secret all her life and finally accepting what it really means. I liked Regan a lot. Her conflicted feelings felt very realistic.

The portrayal of Luna was really good, too, though I cringed at the mention of Harry Benjamin Syndrome. Yes, Luna is just a teenager googling stuff on the internet, but I wish the author had not gone there. I doubt she even realised that HBS is a rather fraught subject, not just another name for transgender/transsexual.

Overall I really enjoyed this, though I wish there were more young adult books about being trans, rather than just being the sister of someone trans.

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