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Title: Tell-All
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Number of Pages: 179 pages
Book Number/Goal: 37/40 for 2010
My Rating: 1/5

Jacket Summary: Soaked, nay marinated in the world of vintage Hollywood, Tell-All is a Sunset Boylevard-inflected homage to Old Hollywood when Bette Davis and Joan Crawford ruled the roost. Our Thelma Ritter-ish narrator is Hazie Coogan, who for decades has tended to the outsized needs of Katherine "Miss Kathie" Kenton--veteran of multiple marriages, career comebacks, and cosmetic surgeries. But dangers arrives with gentleman caller Webster Carlton Westward III, who worms his way into Miss Kathie's heart (and boudoir). Hazie discovers that this bounder has already written a celebrity tell-all memoir foretelling Miss Kathie's death. As the body count mounts, Hazie must execute a plan to save Katherine Kenton for her fans--and for posterity.

Review: I never did read Pygmy and I don't know that I ever will, and while I enjoyed Snuff okay, I found it really disappointing after the awesomeness of Rant, so while I grabbed this because it's a new Palahniuk book and I still consider myself a fan, I wasn't really excited about it. I...guess that's good? Because if I'd been excited, I would have been really disappointed. As it is, I'm just meh, whatever.

As for the supposed plot (you know the real plot is always not what it seems), my first thought was wasn't that a Simpson's episode? The book was not that interesting, and the twist was predictable, but what really annoyed me was the last few chapters where it's all about Hazie the ugly girl who befriends Kathie the pretty girl and blah blah blah, women! Crazy, amirite? This is definitely one to skip. Hopefully he'll get back on track and do something cool again at some point.
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Definitely not my favorite Palahniuk book, but better than I was expecting. It must be the shortest of his books (though none of them are very long) and I zipped through it very quickly. As usual, his writing style is engaging and easy to read.

I really wish he'd stick to one POV character per book, though. His narration is so quirky and distinctive that while I can believe one person per book sounds like that (though really, it's stretching things considering how vastly different the people he writes about are), but having four POV characters, totally different people, all of whom sound exactly the same? Really doesn't work that well. 3rd person POV or a single narrator would have been much better. (This is not a new problem of his by any means, but I think I noticed it most here than any previous novel, though I'm not sure why.)

For the most part, if you like Palahniuk, you'll probably like this, and if you don't, it certainly won't change your mind. It's pretty much just more of the same. The quirky writing style, the extreme gross-outs, the way things are never what they seem. Different setting, but same type of story.

Also, wasn't he going to be writing more stories like Rant? I was looking forward to more cyberpunk from him.

For more details, I really liked what this review had to say.
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Okay, three weeks after I started it, I finally finished Chuck Palahniuk's new book, Rant. Um, WOW. How is it possible that he just keeps getting better and better and more incredibly fucking AWESOME?

Spoilers, natch )

I like all his books so much, it's hard to rank them, but I think this is up there in the top three.


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