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Title: Scott Pilgrim
Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley
Number of Pages: ~200 pages per volume
Book Number/Goal: 15-20/30 for 2010
My Rating: 5/5

I had heard people mention Scott Pilgrim before, especially recently, what with the final volume just released and the movie coming up, but I had always assumed it was a superhero comic, for some reason, so I wasn't really interested. But then at some point I realised it wasn't, and decided to give it a shot and omg it is the best thing ever! Now I'm so eager to see the movie next month!

So the basic story. Scott Pilgrim is a slacker in his early '20s. He has a band and a seventeen-year-old girlfriend and shares a bed with his gay best friend (who also pretty much supports him, seeing as Scott doesn't have a job) in their one-room apartment. Then one day he starts to notice a girl he's never met before appearing in his dreams. He does finally meet her at a party, and it turns out she's a delivery person for and uses "subspace" to make her deliveries. Oh, and subspace happens to run right through Scott's head, thus her appearance in his dreams. They start going out, but she tells him he'll have to defeat her six or seven evil exes.

As you can guess from the subspace thing and the defeating the evil exes, this is not a totally realistic story. It's got a lot of wacky elements and a very video game/manga feel to it, and that's done in a way that felt very organic to the story.

The characters are great. I love Knives Chau, Scott's seventeen-year-old (ex-)girlfriend, who ends up becoming part of their group even after he dumps her. I love Scott himself, stupid and useless and utterly ridiculous as he is (yet somehow in a totally charming way). I especially love Wallace Wells, Scott's gay best friend. (Who I always thought was Asian for some reason, but is played by Kieran Culkin in the movie. I don't know why I thought that, maybe because he has black hair and the white characters seem to all have light hair, idk.) I love Kim and Julie and Stephen Stills and Ramona and all the minor characters. Oh, and of the villains, I especially loved Todd and his veganism. XD

I have to say, I think the last volume was the least well done. Everything with Gideon just didn't really come together that well. (Speaking of Gideon, though, I'm super excited that he is going to be played by Jason Schwartzman! ♥) But overall I really loved the whole series and am so, so sad that I have read it and now it's over. D: I want more!


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