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No, not my girlfriend. I haven't got one. This is a book, based on a website (sort of).

I don't know how I found out about this book, except that it was through the wonders of Amazon. I was looking at one book, and it recommended me this one, or something of the sort. And this one looked good, and it was on the cheap, so I bought it.

Anyway, it's a very funny book. The website is just this guy writing down humorous stories about arguments he's had with his girlfriend, but the book is an actual novel with fictionalised versions of them. It reads like your typical wacky Brit comedy. My mom would probably love it, actually. I should give it to her.

Anyway (again), I started reading this um, on the plane back from Indiana, actually, which was at Thanksgiving. Then when I got home, I set it aside and read other stuff, like manga and fanfic, and only just picked it up again a couple of days ago, for reasons I can't quite remember.

Obviously the fact that I put it down for several months means it wasn't hugely compelling. Well, that was true around the beginning (I think I'd read about a third of it at the time), but once I picked it up again, it picked up as well and I was hooked. In typical wacky comedy fashion, the closer it got to the end, the more horrible things were happening all at once, and I didn't really want to put it down.

As a warning, those who don't like reading/watching people get embarrassed will want to stay away from this book, as that is pretty much The Point of much of the humor.

I do have one complaint, which is that Ursula, the girlfriend, is written in such a way that you (or I, at least) really can't understand what he sees in her at all. Pel is obnoxious sometimes, so some of her complaints you can sympathise with, but most of the time she's just completely bitchily insane.

I also didn't like the ending. I won't go into specifics as I don't want to be spoilery, but basically everything that's happened doesn't get resolved at all. Well, I guess I will go into specifics. So I'd better cut. ) Anyway, it was a bit irksome. Still, the whole thing was hilarious and I do recommend it.

It's kind of sad that this is only like the third book I've read all year so far and part of it was started last year. But those stacks of manga aren't going to read themselves, are they? No, they're not. Which is why FMA 16 is next up on my list.


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