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This is one of the books I got off BookMooch. Definitely a good choice.

I started reading it a week or so ago, got about ten pages in and then set it aside and didn't have time for any reading. Then last night I couldn't sleep because I was coughing, so I just lay on the sofa and read for several hours, and ended up getting about two thirds of the way through, then finished the last hundred pages just now.

I really enjoyed it, but wow. This has got to be the bleakest post-apocalyptic book I've ever read. (Spoilery Wikipedia page is spoilery.) And apparently it's being made into a movie starring Viggo Mortensen. Huh. I'll want to see that.

Some more thoughts with spoilers )

There was an interesting stylistic choice having no apostrophes for contractions. Dont, wont, cant, etc. I actually didn't even notice it at first, and then was like, wait, what? and had to go back and check to see if it had been that way all along. I thought it added to the feel that this was not our world anymore. The wikipedia article also mentions lack of quotation marks under stylistic quirks, but that's pretty much all literary fiction these days, it seems. It did work well with the story, but felt less to me like a choice made for the story rather than just following a current trend. I liked that the man and boy remained unnamed throughout, too. Names are no longer particularly important in this world, at least not to the two of them, travelling alone.

One thing I found odd, which I can't really figure out the point of, was that out of three hundred pages of third person narration, most of which was from the man's POV, there's one tiny paragraph in first person, and I'm not sure whose POV it was.

Anyway, definitely highly recced. And I'm pleased I finally managed to read another book. Maybe I can break ten before the end of the year. :p


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